raver girl outfits


I find a certain kind of balance in making one kandi single design that matches each of my rave outfits. I love holding each bracelet and remembering all the hard work I put into making each experience special and unique, and how, somewhere out there, a select number of people have the exact same bracelet that matches their own memory of me. It’s my signature, and I can’t wait to make new memories with you guys at EDC Las Vegas, HARD Summer, and Mad Decent Block Party: San Diego this summer. Get ready for it, guys! We’re almost there…


So Monique T. sent us some pictures of her awesome hair for this festival/rave season. We’re basically in love with it! She’s killing the game and it looks so good. Love seeing creativity and other black ravers!! Go on with your bad self. Welcome to Rage Babes love!!

https://itsmoniquet.tumblr.com **Her blog**

**Always feel free to send in pics too**