Rhys sighed, shaking his head. He had learned a bit of deductional thinking from his friend Idina. Best friend, actually, who was a bit mad and out of self lately for she had found out she was with child. The angel was certainly not a parental material and her boyfriend Hastur wasn’t either… but they will deal with it somehow. “Your roommates had been getting under your skin, eh?” The demon tilted his head. Not everybody in Norway were nice. @nixie-ravenwillow

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Chance Meeting

Baal wasn’t usually the type to get into bar fights. He preferred to win with words, as a poet should. He was rather thin and fragile, so he really wouldn’t do well in a fight anyway, which was why he always carried a knife on his person. Not only was it for self defense but it wasn’t out of his character to use it to rob someone or even kill somebody that had done him wrong.

Tonight however, he may have messed with the wrong people because one knife against four pairs of fists wasn’t going to help him very much. He had a big mouth and it sometimes got into trouble. He’d made a rather uncouth insult directed towards another patron at the bar and the next thing he knew, he was waking up in a hospital bed.


✘ fighting had become and every day routine. trusting people seemed to be harder and harder for dean winchester. that’s what happens when a hunter becomes the hunted. dean had wanted to be saved at first because of sammy but, now he was beginning to like this curse blessing in disguise.

“–i’m not sure who you are but, if you’re here to try and kill me, then let’s get on with it. i have a meeting in an hour.”

Improtant Note Volks

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Sometimes, Ruby really wanted to just shove her knife into Dean’s gut and let it be over with. She thought she had done enough to earn a little trust from the eldest Winchester but apparently, she was wrong. The downfall to ending Dean is it would stop her plan instantly. Sam wouldn’t work with the demon that killed his brother. But oh the temptation was there constantly.  

Of course the boys were looking into research about the 66 seals. She didn’t think such a book existed so it didn’t worry her. Until Dean found a book with exactly that in it. The boys didn’t know it was a book uncovering the seals because it wasn’t in English or even in Latin. It was in Arabic. Them not knowing the language really helped her out. Ruby offered to translate the passages since she knew the language, mainly to help herself. Upon reading the text, she was very thankful the boys didn’t know the language. It would out her right then that killing Lilith was the final seal.  

“It just explains what some of the seals are. The first seal being a righteous man shedding bleed in Hell. The next seal that could be broken is the raising of a Samhain, since we already experienced the rise of the Witnesses.” Ruby explained, with a little tweaking to keep herself protected.  

Unbeknownst to her, someone else spoke Arabic. Nixie. The moment Dean asked her to confirm Ruby’s words, she figured this was it. Her cover was defiantly blown. The boys would kill her right there for being a traitor. She instantly crossed her arms, putting her hands in close range to the knife in her jacket. If she was going out, it wouldn’t be without a fight

Muses & Now With A Cheat Sheet:



1. Michael (Heaven)
2. Phanuel (Germany)
3. Samael (Hell)
4. Raphael (Heaven)
5. Gabriel (France)
7. Zadikel (Heaven)
8. Meshabber (Under The Spire)
9. Amitiel (Human, Unknown)


1. Abraxiel (Heaven)
2. Kazbiel (Hell)
3. Metatron (Heaven)
4. Sandalphon (Heaven)

The Cherubim:

1. Peniel (Phanuel/Daniel)
2. Ramiel & Raziel (Raphael/Azazel)
3. Azrael (Amitiel/Tabbris)
4. Noriel (Jeremiel/Nathaniel)
5. Malchediel, Radueriel, & Naamah (Ridwan/Malik)

Michael’s Powers: {Strategists & Trainers}

1. Kushiel (California)
2. Tabbris (Earth)
3. Omniel (Heaven)
4. Temeluchus (Heaven)
5. Naamah (Heaven)
6. Raziel (Heaven)

Phanuel’s Thrones: {Guardians & Counselors}

1. Nathaniel (Demon, Hell)
2. Malik (Hell)
3. Cassiel (Heaven)
4. Peniel (Earth)
5. Radueriel (Heaven)

Samael’s Watchers: {Scouts & Musicians}

1. Samyaza (Appellation Mountains)
2. Azazel (United States)
3. Daniel (Maine)
4. Gadreel (Heaven’s Jail - A.K.A. The Spire)
5. Amazyrack (Earth)
6. Ramiel (Heaven)

Raphael’s Principalities: {Healers & Gardeners}

1. Jeremiel (Heaven)
2. Behemiel (Catskills)
3. Zofiel (NYC)
4. Harviel (France)
5. Azrael (Heaven)
6. Noriel (Hell)

Gabriel’s Virtues: {Messengers & Teachers}

1. Ithuriel (California)
2. Wezynna (Earth)
3. Levianael (Greece)
4. Yahoel (NYC)
5. Fraciel (Earth)

Zadikel Dominions: {Protectors & Caretakers)

1. Asmodel (Demon, Earth)
2. Damael (Human, Berlin)
3. Ridwan (Heaven)
5. Malchediel (Heaven)

Angels That Fell Before The Rebellion:
1. Amitiel
2. Malik

Angel The Fell During The Rebellion:

1. Samael
2. Nathaniel
3. Kazbiel
4. Amazyarak
5. Zofiel
6. Damael
7. Levianael
8. Tabbris

Angels That Fell During The Purge:

1. Samyaza
2. Azazel
3. Daniel

Angels That Walked Away After The Purge:
1. Phanuel
2. Gabriel
3. Harviel
4. Fraciel
5. Behemiel
6. Yahoel
7. Wezynna

Angels That Are Put On Earth By Heaven:

1. Kushiel
2. Ithuriel

Angels Still In Heaven:
1. Michael
2. Raphael
3. Zadikel
4. Gadreel
5. Omniel
6. Jeremiel
7. Abraxiel
8. Metatron
9. Sandalphon
10. Ridwan
11. Cassiel
12. Malchediel
13. Radueriel
14. Temeluchus

Born Before Rebellion:
1. Azrael
2. Ramiel
3. Peniel
4. Malchediel
5. Radueriel
6. Naamah

Born After The Purge:
1. Noriel 2. Raziel


1. Nathaniel/Baal
2. Asmodel/Asmodeus


1. Damael/Damien
2. Amitiel/Amelia


1. Michael/Omniel
2. Phanuel/Daniel
3. Samael/Fraciel
4. Raphael/Azazel
5. Gabriel/Harviel
6. Meshabber/Temeluchus
7. Amitiel/Tabbris
8. Abraxiel/Kazbiel
9. Ridwan/Malik
10. Kushiel/Ithuriel
11. Nathaniel/Jeremiel
12. Yahoel/Zofiel
13. Damael/Cassiel
14. Behemiel/Levianael
15. Samyaza/Wezynna

Fair Folk {Cheat Sheet}:


The Women:

1. Tatiana | The Empress
2. Liliana | The Queen
3. Elissa | The Justice
4. Alva | The Priestess
5. Nysa | The Strength
6. Kiara | The Star
7. Siena | The World

The Men:

1. Rylan | The Chariot
2. Darin | The Fool
3. Kaiden | The Emperor
4. Eldon | The Death
5. Ian | The Hierophant
6. Sebastian | The Sun
7. Julian | The Hermit

Their positions in court: (In Rank Order)

1. Liliana - Queen’s half-sister
2. Nysa - Queen’s confidant
3. Alva - Queen’s healer
4. Kiara - Queen’s lady in waiting
5. Elissa - Queen’s handmaiden
6. Siena - Queen’s spy

The Powers (Women)

1. Tatiana - Ice
2. Liliana - Air
3. Nysa - Fire
4. Alva - Water/Vitakinesis
5. Elissa - Earth
6. Kiara - Air
7. Siena - Earth

The Powers (Men):

1. Rylan - Fire
2. Darin - Air/Potentiscinesis
3. Ian - Fire
4. Eldon - Air
5. Kaiden - Earth
6. Sebastian - Lightning
7. Julian - Air

Their betrayal:

1. Queen’s Pet - Darin (Liliana)
2. Queen’s King - Kaiden (Elissa)
3. Queen’s Royal Gaurd - Eldon (Alva)
4. Queen’s Advisor - Ian (Nysa)
5. Queen’s Brother - Sebastian (Kiara)
6. Queen’s Cousin - Julian (Siena)

Character Backstories



She was the youngest archangel and when God was thinking of making humanity she warned him against it, saying they’d turn away from him. In anger he ejected her from Heaven and erased her existence from everyone’s minds except those who’d grown up with her.

Her mate, Tabbris fell soon during The Rebellion. Once falling he searched for her for almost 1,000 years he couldn’t find her and eventually resigned himself to an existence of addiction of Opium. Leaving their son, Azrael alone and to be raised by Heaven.

Each time Amitiel dies she is reborn as another human. In this carnation she is a Prostitute/Escort and on the off days she is a Hunter a demon killed her parents and now she hunts any creatures she can find down and kills them, she prefers knives, they’re more personable than a gun and she wants the monsters to suffer.


He was content in Heaven but then he was sent to earth to observe, and during the course of it he fell for an gymnast and ripped his grace out to become human and be with her.

His best friend, and quasi mate Cassiel was never the same after. Some angels say he fell soon after that, others say he is still in Heaven but hidden away because he went mad with grief, few know the truth, that Cassiel is in fact still in Heaven. He weeps for the humans for he can’t understand why Damael fell to be one of these fragile, perpetually weak creatures who know nothing of the world they live in.

Like Amitiel Damael is reborn as a human each time he dies, in this in carnation he is the owner of a flower shop and does tattoos on the side. He’s a flirt and likes seducing tourists and is a bit of a daredevil.

A Note About Temeluchus


Unlike 99% of my other angels he is not one to be swayed by feelings. The only angel in existence who can stave him off is Michael.

He is a ruthless angel and unless given the order to hurt, he will simply watch and wait. Unless provoked too much, then he will snap.

While I won’t say he won’t kill muses, I am not going to say he never will. There’s a reason most of my angels are terrified of him. He was able to take out whole Garrisons during The Rebellion and The Purge. He’s a legendary fighter who has no qualms of hurting innocents if they get in the way.

You could say he ascribes to the motto: ‘For The Greater Good.’

As an angel of torture he tortures angels who deserve it in Heaven when he’s not on earth (*cough* Gadreel *cough*).

He also helps Sandalphon take care of infants, he has a soft spot for them. He also had a soft spot for Gabriel who raised him, but then Gabriel had disappeared and he ‘forgot’ about him.

Either way, the point I’m trying to make is this. He is powerful, he is fiercely loyal, and he won’t stop what he’s been assigned to do unless told to.

He is powerful, some angels think it is because he is so close to Michael, others think he was created to be the necessary darkness to Heaven’s brightness. Either way, his is powerful, on par with a Seraphim, he can bring people to their knees with merely a look, if provoked too much.

You’ve been warned.

Colors || Closed


It is said that once you touch your soulmate for the first time, you see color for the rest of your life. Castiel knew this, but he didn’t believe that he actually had one. Could angels even have soulmates? He wasn’t sure.

He walked down the street pondering this thought when he bumped into a young woman. “My apologies. I wasn’t watching-”

Then he saw it. Colors. How beautiful the earth was, and what God created with all of the colors. He blushed lightly. “…I suppose you are my soulmate then…”

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She sat patiently sipping her vodka cranberry, eyeing the plaid clad Adonis sing off key at the karaoke stage, smiling inwardly. Flagging down the bartender, she asked him to refill the man's drink, on her of course. Flipping her hair over her shoulder, she licked her lips and kept watching with hooded eyes.

Dean didn’t care if his singing was crap, if it annoyed the patriots of the bar, then that’s all he cared about. If it led to a brawl, even better. He was just simply having fun. More than he’d had in long time. Out the corner of his eye, he saw the bartender refilling his beverage. The bartender gestured to the blonde sitting at the bar, watching him. Catching her eye, he winked in a thanks.


OOC - Fanfiction

Type: Chapter Except from a larger story

Characters/ships: Sam, Dean, and Cas. Mentioned Destiel and Sabriel

Context: Chasing Dean, who’s chasing a dullahan.

Warnings - Minor: Vague violence, some swearing.

Word Count: 4,099

Special thanks to:

@classicrockcassettes for helping me get into Dean’s head in the last part.

@nixie-ravenwillow for inspiration and helping me past my writer’s block.

(And no, this does not mean either of you have to read this crappy story)


Sam still felt nervous about leaving Gabriel alone in the motel room but it was locked and warded, it should be safe. He had to force down the feeling as he followed Cas into the forest. It had not taken long for them to read Dean’s map; Sam’s frantic mental state had helped him decipher it.

They were currently heading for what they believed to be Dean’s starting point. It had been the only singularly marked place on the map. Its uniqueness marked its importance. He just hoped that they would get there in time.

Still, Sam was confused. This plan of Dean’s was far too well organized for a simple hunt, even for a Dullahan. It was set up more like a revenge plot but once again too organized for a Winchester. Just what was Dean planning to do?!


Dean crouched under the shadow of an alcove made of tree roots. He raised his beer to his lips, slowly taking a sip as he looked skyward. Keen green eyes tracked the sun’s progress through the canopy of the trees.

Nightfall was nearing. He would not need to wait much longer. He was nervous but prepared.

He swallowed down the rest of his drink and placed the bottle back in his bag. He reached past it and pulled forth the golden chain. He uncoiled it and rewound it into a circle before latching it to his belt.

Once that was set, he reached back into his bag. He snatched up his pistol. He checked the rounds quietly before slipping the weapon into the back of his jeans.

The last item he grabbed was his flashlight. He hid that in his pocket, leaving it so it was easy to reach. Afterwards, he hid his bag in the protection of the roots. His shotgun stayed with it, a weapon of last resort if his bullets did not do the job.

His preparations complete, he crawled out from under the root cave. He grimaced as he stretched out his limbs for the fifth time that day. He hated running but he had a lot of it planned for tonight.


Sam was nervous as he spread Dean’s map out on the flat ground that lay before the rooted alcove. It seemed like they always just missed Dean. His brother had not been this elusive in years, it was concerning. Though, at least he had found Dean’s shotgun with the golden shells. It just concerned him as to why his brother did not have it.

Beside him, Cas made a disheartened sound. The exhausted angel was getting anxious as he looked up. Sam knew what he was staring at because Sam could see it all around them.

The sun had fallen, bathing the forest in the bleak.


Dean smirked as he crouched on the forest path. His fingers played with the path’s loose earth as it shook with hard vibrations. The monster was drawing ever closer and Dean was ready for it.


Sam froze in his tracks. His eyes widened in the dark of the forest and his blood turned to ice. Panic clawed its way through his soul as a terrifying sound echoed through the trees.

The thunder of hooves pounding in a charge across hardpacked earth filled his ears. His heart hammered at the dreadful sound. He felt like he couldn’t breathe. That monster was so close.

He turned his gaze towards Cas, barely able to see him in the halo of light from their flashlights. He could see the fear in the angel’s eyes. He was just as worried about Dean as Sam was. They needed to find the older Winchester, fast!

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