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No More: Suicide Commando (1982)


The Real Ghostbusters

Marvel UK (1988-1992:193 Issues)

The cartoon was great but like a lot of cartoons of that era, the stories stuck to a formula that became tiresome after a while. The comic however, I grew to love. Each issue contained three or four short strips, so there was a bit more variety and they would even tape free gifts to the cover,on occasion.

The character style was excellent and I remember it always being one of the most colourful books out at the time. I especially liked Egon’s light blue-grey boiler suit and yellow-blond quiff.

What really pulled me in though were the covers. Always bold with the characters often drawn-in oversized with little or no background and bold lettering. I found most comic covers of the time to be overcrowded or unimaginative, so these were pretty stylish by comparison.

One tale really sticks out from across the years. It involved a vampire working undercover at a blood bank who then went stole all the blood (of course!). The team had to both give blood to replenish the supply and stop the vamp before he made another withdrawal. Unfortunately for the Ghostbusters though, proton streams don’t work on Vampires…

The cover for the story (included in the pics) is a simple drawing of the an old style finger-dial phone against some big red lettering on yellow, telling us that the phone is ringing and the slime is hitting the fan!


Peter Cushing as Dr.Van Helsing defeats Christopher Lee’s Dracula in spectacular style.

Dracula  (1958)

Hammer Horror

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Bauhaus: Bela Lugosi’s Dead (1979)