ravenswood: believe

i believe in forever. i believe that tomorrow isn’t just another day. i believe in childish kisses. i believe in flowers. i believe in stars. i believe in sunsets. i believe in sunrises. i believe in waves. i believe in rain. i believe in laughs. i believe in tears. i believe in words. i believe in silence. i believe in red. i believe in every color. i believe in the past. i believe in hope. i believe in dogs. cats are so ethereal. i believe in revolutions. i believe in love. i believe in you. i believe
—  where do you believe? / k.m
What happened to Gillovny AF?

I’ve been wondering all day what has happened to all the Gillovny love? A sighting of a person that G shows no emotion for shows up at a book launch in a town he lives in, for a book written by someone he knows at an unknown level and we throw up our hands and say, that’s it, Gillovny us dead. Come on! How can that sway anyone. Have you seen David and Gillian? Together? Talking about one another when they are apart? Listened to how they manage to bring each other up even when it’s not prompted? Lived through coincidence after coincidence of their ‘non’ relationship?
I can not believe that it has come to this. How can 24yrs of their friendship, love and outright glowing does it take to right this SHIP?
For those of us that want them happy, I say show me when G has been as happy as she seems alongside D and the same for him.
I will not buy it until I have proof otherwise.