Time For Pi equals 3

The Brew’s logo is of three crows. Originally, there were three crows. Spencer, Bethany and Twincer - or should I say, Tripencerany (sorry!)

In this, I will use Twincer until we know her name.

In 7x19, someone receives a note with the words “TIME FOR PIE. BE THERE.” with two crows at the top - The Two Crows.

Pie has been mentioned a lot during the show but the one that sticks out to me, is the episode “Gamma Zeta Die”. The “Die” replacing “Pi” in the Greek Alphabet. In this episode, Spencer is searching for the person Ali has been speaking to at Cicero College, Mrs Grunwald.

Later, Spencer and Toby head to Ravenswood to search for Grunwald, where there were crows circling above them and one smashes into the windshield and dies.

One of the 3 crows, Bethany died. Leaving only Two Crows left. Spencer and Twincer.

No one knew that Mary was expecting triplets. Spencer was born first and was handed over to Veronica when she was “less than 5 minutes old.” A few minutes later, another baby was born… And then another. Veronica had already left with Spencer, so Twincer and Bethany were put into the system and were fostered together.

In the last episode, we saw “Spencer” visit Toby. I got strong twin vibes from the way she was acting. When they got it on, he stroked her bullet wound scar BUT it wasn’t Spencer’s bullet wound. It was Twincer’s stab wound, inflicted on her by her sister, Bethany.

There are more triplet clues but I can only remember these off the top of my head - 3 skeletons in Wren’s apartment. 3 skeletons in the dollhouse.

Wren and Twincer either met in the foster system, were adopted together or he is Charles.

I also think Grunwald has more to do with the story. She was in Radley because of her power of sensing things and she has a strong link to Charles.


C&NW - Ravenswood by d.w.davidson on Flickr.

Chicago & North Western commuter train at Ravenswood. Note the old semaphore signals in the bottom photo.


December 1982

Photos by D.W. Davidson

Made with Flickr
3 Chicago Neighborhoods to Explore

Fun fact: as a student at DePaul, you receive a train pass (called the Ventra card) which allows you to go ANYWHERE in the city - for free. As long as you can access it via train or bus, the city is your playground.

With so many neighborhoods in Chicago, the task to see them all can be daunting. Luckily, I’ve created this handy list for you. The list is in no particular order, and everything will probably relate back to food. As it always does.

1. Lincoln Park: DePaul is located in the heart of Lincoln Park, but the neighborhood itself is quite large. My favorite area is on Halsted between Fullerton and Armitage, where there are endless restaurants and boutiques for you to explore. 

Favorite restaurant: Blue Door Farm Stand. A delicious cafe that features amazing salads (get the Kale one) and homemade desserts (get the carrot cake). 

2. Ravenswood: In my opinion, Ravenswood is quickly becoming one of the “it” neighborhoods. It is slightly more residential than Lincoln Park, which allows for a quieter feel. I love getting a coffee and walking around this area in the mornings, it’s quite relaxing and peaceful. 

Favorite restaurant(s): Baker Miller and Spacca Napoli. Baker Miller is the cutest restaurant that serves breakfast and brunch. They make their own bread, grind their own oats, and prepare fantastic breakfast dishes. Get the sourdough cinnamon roll, please.

Spacca Napoli is a classic Italian pizza restaurant. I’m not a huge fan of deep dish pizza (oops!), which is why I love this place so much. Not a deep dish pizza in sight. Instead, classic Italian pizzas with an authentic feel.

3. Wicker Park: This is the quintessential hipster area of Chicago. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but you will definitely see an insane number of indie record stores, thrift stores, and flip phones. It’s a great place to spend the day!

Favorite restaurant: Antique Taco. Probably the cutest restaurant I’ve been to in Chicago. I usually get the Mexican pop-tart for my birthday every year, and you can’t go wrong with any of their tacos. The menu is constantly changing, too! All the more reason to visit weekly. 

I might make another list if you guys enjoyed this. Make sure to explore the city while you’re a student here. Chicago is the greatest place in the world! :)