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quests for glory countdown | day [6/7] favourite relationship ➵ the three witches of coven 66

❝go find sophie!“ anadil barked at agatha, huddling against hester and dot.

“i’m fighting with you!” agatha shot back.

“agatha, go!” said dot, boys twenty feet away.“sophie needs you before it’s too late!”

“no! i can’t leave you to die!” agatha cried—

“don’t you get it!” hester spun to her, eyes aflame.“a coven isn’t four! we don’t want you!❞


character bannershester of ravenswood

hester turned, eyes on fire. “and let them laugh at us? let them remind us what we are? ugly. unworthy. losers.“

“that’s not what you are!”

but hester had returned to the dangerous girl she once knew. “you know nothing about us,” she snarled.

LADIES: Merritt Patterson

“I kind of just fell into acting. I did a little modeling when I was younger. I’m from Whistler and my mom has a production company up there that deals with catalogue shoots or car commercials that come into town. So, I kind of had an in, and I would know when auditions were for modeling. So I tried to pursue that, but I was told I wasn’t going to be tall enough for it. So I thought, okay, I’ve danced, I’ve done some modeling, and acting just seemed like the next logical step. So, I went into it fully green. I found an agent with my mom’s help and just started going out for auditions.“