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LADIES: Merritt Patterson

“I kind of just fell into acting. I did a little modeling when I was younger. I’m from Whistler and my mom has a production company up there that deals with catalogue shoots or car commercials that come into town. So, I kind of had an in, and I would know when auditions were for modeling. So I tried to pursue that, but I was told I wasn’t going to be tall enough for it. So I thought, okay, I’ve danced, I’ve done some modeling, and acting just seemed like the next logical step. So, I went into it fully green. I found an agent with my mom’s help and just started going out for auditions.“

“It is sad being that I have invested time and emotion as well. The funny thing about acting, is the fantasy versus reality. I can’t escape those little emotions that start to build as you’re creating a relationship and character. It’ s hard to completely leave it.” - Tyler Blackburn on Haleb breakup