a compilation of things I have tried to make about Thorin's trust issues

#ahahaha Thorin  #Gandalf you’re actually entirely wrong about him  #his fatal flaw is not pride  #it’s trust issues  #it’s a willingness to believe that people will betray you at the slightest opportunity  #it looks a lot like pride from the outside a lot of the time  #it’s all ‘oh he’s too proud to let them help’  #but it isn’t pride  #it’s not expecting anyone else to be invested in helping him ever  #aghghghg Thoriiiinnnn  #fuck  #my first love  #there is one who I could follow; there is one I could call king

#Ahahaha… yeah  #hey there hobbit AU  #whatcha doin  #oh nothing  #just getting completely stuck on problems of military strategy  #shit Thorin you need some allies  #allies with an actual standing army  #allies who don’t live an entire continent away  #WHAT WAS YOUR FUCKING PLAN THORIN  #BECAUSE I CANNOT FIND A WAY TO MAKE THIS TURN OUT WELL FOR YOU #I realize that not thinking past 'killing the dragon’ makes a lot of sense  #from the standpoint of… well… it’s super-unlikely that you guys would succeed at killing a dragon and living to tell the tale  #but like  #shit  #now what?  #Dain maybe  #can we trust Dain?  #because like  #Thorin canonically has some trust issues  #to be fair they are 99.99999% justified  #in that even his closest allies don’t seem to mind screwing him over to get what they want  #but still dude  #you don’t have a lot of options I’m sorry

and also, here is what I have meta’d about the film’s timeline/Thorin vs. Azog and why it goes so badly

5.) The thunder battle takes place at night: Thorin tells the Company, upon finding the cave, that they’ll leave at first light, and that Bofur has the first watch.  A watch is not long, surely, not with fourteen people to divide the night among.  Which means they get captured near the beginning of the night.  Yet by the time they get out from underground, the sun is already setting.  Even if they only got to the cave relatively close to dawn— though it doesn’t make sense for that to be the case, not if Thorin’s expecting them to march over dangerous mountainous terrain on the amount of sleep they can catch before dawn, or I dunno, maybe Bofur decides not to wake them for their watches or a watch is longer than I thought— but that’s still a full day that they’re underground, and even if we’re already seeing the beginning of autumn, days should be pretty long.  Yeah it’s easy to lose track of time underground but seriously, what took so much time?

6.) And by the time the eagles drop them off at the Carrock, the sun is rising.  Even if summer nights are short, the eagles flew them all night long?  Thorin was just dangling from an eagle’s claw, unconscious and probably bleeding internally (dwarves may be super-tough but you cannot tell me his ribs are okay after Snowbell chomped on him like that, the wargs resemble hyenas more than anything else and hyenas crunch bones like it’s going out of style), for a good seven or eight hours?

7.) (Which means that Thorin has not gotten any rest at all in between hiking on a teeny narrow ledge on a mountain in a pouring rainy thunderstorm/thunder battle in which he thinks he is helplessly watching his nephew and another half-dozen of his company killed/being captured by goblins who intend to torture and kill them, starting with the youngest dwarves/fighting for their lives past hordes of goblins/falling down a chasm/running for their lives through caves/running for their lives from a warg-pack/climbing for their lives and jumping through trees/fighting Azog within twenty-four hours, so I don’t really blame him for going down so easily.  Bilbo at least got to hang out unconscious in mushrooms for a while.)

5.) I was going to complain about Thorin not getting in a single hit during the final fight, aside from whatever he did to make Snowbell let go of him, but this last time I saw it I… think I like it this way better, no matter how much I always want Thorin to be the hero.  Because holy fuck, you guys, I know we’re veering into headcanon territory here but listen to me, Thorin has nightmares all the time and a hugely significant portion of them involve Azog.  Involve watching Azog kill Thror, or Thrain, or Balin or Dwalin or Frerin or Dis, and now that the line of Durin continues in his nephews it almost always consists of Azog beheading Fili and Kili.  And Thorin’s fighting him, but no matter what he’s always too slow and he can’t get in any strikes and the mace is coming at him and the Oakenshield shatters like glass and he can’t move and Azog laughs and raises it one more time and Fili and Kili are screaming in the background and he can’t move and

Adrenaline has crashed through Thorin’s system so many time in the past twenty-four hours he can’t even anything anymore, and then he turns around in the tree and sees Azog coming towards him and the entire world tilts heavily into the surreal because he’d thought he was awake this is not supposed to happen when he’s awake he can’t think he can’t breathe it feels like he’s underwater and the only thing crashing through his brain is WHY ISN’T HE DEAD, I KILLED HIM, WHY ISN’T HE DEAD, HE’S SUPPOSED TO BE DEAD, I KILLED HIM, WHY ISN’T HE DEAD and he doesn’t even notice Ori and Dori about to fall because Azog is here and he knows how this goes, he turns and snarls and faces him down but his limbs aren’t responding and he can’t focus on anything but the pale orc and completely forgets to worry about the white warg and everything seems to be going in slow motion and the pain is really bad and he can’t move and– no, no, the halfling’s not even supposed to be in this dream, Thorin doesn’t want to watch him die too, not defending Thorin like he has any reason to be loyal, not like this– 

anyway.  Bilbo standing between apparently-dead-Thorin and a whole pack of wargs and orcs including Azog and Snowbell, alone, armed with a letter opener he doesn’t know how to use, is something that gets me right here.  *thumps chest*  Right there.

ravensrising replied to your post: I seem to be over a year behi…

there’s some really good stuff, but there’s also some… really not so good stuff. and i’m a couple months behind myself.

Luckily, I managed to catch up a few hours after I posted, and… ok there are still some deaths that I’m not happy about, but the ones I thought had happened (and was dreading) turned out to be near-death encounters, so I’m a little happier.

ravensrising replied to your postI thought about asking your top 5 books, but that would just be mean. And I am never mean. ;) So instead I will ask what your top 5 foods (to eat or to make, whichever) are.

no no ew pesto! (i’m allergic to pine nuts and we discovered this when i ate something with pesto and had to be rushed to the hospital)

oh no oh dear that is not good!  Huh, I wonder what it’d be like without the pine nuts, actually.  Basil and olive oil and garlic and parmesan seems like it’d still make a pretty good sauce for pasta & tomatoes.

For some reason, XKit wouldn't let me reply to this, so I had to copy/paste it in. My life is really hard, you guys.

 ravensrising said: I keep telling myself “NO YOU DON’T LIKE THINGS WITH A LOT OF CHARACTER DEATH AND BETRAYAL AND EVERYTHING IS PROBABLY GOING TO END BADLY” but SnK gifsets keep tempting me on my dash.

Betrayal?? I’ve been fine with the character death so far (although I’m only done with episode 16, and haven’t started the manga yet), but betrayal is much harder to deal with. 

I wasn’t expecting to like it as much as I did when I started watching, but… there is random German in both the opening songs. I’m a sucker for German. Also for people flying (or as close as they can get). I like wings, what can I say.