SO, something amazing happened recently. Not sure if I’m allowed to say, but it was AMAZING!!! So to celebrate, I’ve drawn this picture of Lucian and Johanna from Ravensgem. (Naturally, what else would I do for celebrating???) Not sure if these are accurate to what others would imagine, but yeah, they’re what I imagined while reading.The book was great, and since I love drawing other people’s characters more than my own, HERE YA GO. Also, Max Kirin, thank you, and you know what for. =) You’re awesome. 

Also, what a coincidence! It’s Friday. Well then. 

Currently editing the novel I wrote (just about) a year ago c:

After so long, and so many other stories, it’s so very pleasant to know that I can still hear the character’s voices~ yay

I was honestly very scared that I wouldnt be able to ‘feel’ their voices again, but– they are all still there. Lucian, Rafael, Johanna– it’s almost as though I never left them <3


Writing books is one thing, taking the ideas from said book and making them into visual art is another.

Plaguesworth is the man guilty for creating the amazing cover I have for Ravensgem. Working with him was a blast. He has talent unlike any other artist I’ve ever met– and if that was not enough he’s an incredibly silly and down-to-earth kind of guy.

This was a very interesting project, from the first rough ideas, to the very last step (seriously deciding on that gradient was HARD). Plague, being artsy when I am not, was always open-minded and very frank. I swear we must’ve spent at least a total of 10 hours at just place walking in circles, brainstorming ideas, colors, and concepts.

It was too much fun. I can’t wait to work with him again :D

If you want to check out some more of Plague’s art, follow him on tumblr!

The (Chibi) Cast of Ravensgem

So, as some of you may know I’m a novelist. Not so long ago I wrote a novelette titled “Ravensgem”. I think I was talking about it here, actually, when this really cool person Agnosis asked me if she could read the first draft.

Little known fact: Writers like people to read their stuff.

It turned out that Agnosis (or as I like to call her ’Mango’) really liked the story, so as a way to be nice to her I made Chibis of all the main characters~ including some special ones!

But more after the jump!

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So, I just came out of a meeting with my artist. He showed me some early concepts for the cover of my upcoming book~

In a few words, I can say that he never fails to amaze me and in more than a few words I would say that DAYUM his mind is even crazier than mine. SO MANY IDEAS. HOW DOES HE DO IT????

Expect a poll to come out some time in the following days c;

Stay tuned, and keep writing :D

Just about finished updating all the feedback I got from my Beta Readers. There were bits of feedback I was iffy about, some I agreed with, and a few I felt embarrassed about because – aarrgghgh – there were some silly mistakes that I know slipped by my radar during the revision process Dx

Well, at this is done =3=

I’ll do a re-read of the whole piece on Wednesday, since tomorrow I’ll be our Shadowriting with friends c;