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Why do you think hufflepuffs get so much hate among potter heads? I don't get what's wrong with hard work, loyalty, kindness and patience? (Granted, I'm a little biased, being a hufflepuff myself) Love your blog btw

As the HP wiki says about Hufflepuff’s reputation, “According to Minerva McGonagall, all four of the houses have produced exceptional witches and wizards in their time, but due to Helga Hufflepuff’s policy of accepting any student and its usually poor performance in the House Cup, Hufflepuff is often thought to be the house of less talented wizards. However, this is merely a misunderstanding of the Sorting Hat’s poem.”

The line of the poem they’re referencing probably being: Good Hufflepuff, she took the rest.

So yeah I agree with the wiki, there’s this idea that Hufflepuffs were too mediocre to belong to the other houses so they were just lumped somewhere else. That’s why it became “insulting” to be called a Hufflepuff, because you’re supposedly lame and not really good at anything except finding. I’ve recently noticed more acceptance and Hufflepuff pride though so we must be making progress!

I’m sinking into the Prisoner of Azkaban and I’ve found the perfect donegal yarn to fuse my two houses into the perfect scarf. Can you guess which ones? Sparkly knitting needles to enhance the magic! I’d also love to knit something inspired by #beaxbatons (because that truly is my other house as well lol).

1. Because some people feel like they fit the qualities represented by not one but two houses just as well and they cannot place themselves just in a single one?
I’d say I’m a Ravenpuff according to all the tests I’ve taken but I also associate myself with Slytherin a lot too, but that just makes it all complicated. So I claim to be 100% Hufflepuff because those are the qualities I value the most so that’s why I’m in this house :) Others maybe cannot decide… :) Idk

2. There’s always Dramione art coming up, one day or another :)

3. Is that a threat????
(I love you)

4. I just pick a color that I think would work and fill in the lines where the skin is supposed to be :D haha but no really I don’t know, there’s no magic involved or anything :D But if you really want to know what I do: I fill in the lines, then add blush with an airbrush on a separate layer, then, usually if it’s a portrait or just a more detailed drawing, I add another layer set on mode “luminosty” and add some very very mild highlights with white airbrush (sometimes marker) :)

5. Hm… I don’t think so :) But you never know! (I still don’t think so, though) :D

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((OOC Wit beyond measure and unafraid of toil pretty much sums up enfps if I do say so myself. Intuitive but filled with rainbows. It makes sense. ))

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hi! I was wondering if you could describe me, a hufflepuff horned serpent? it feels a little weird to me because i don't really view myself as somebody who enjoys studying, but at the same time i like learning little fun facts and i am logical in the way i think. also, i'm not very hardworking, but when i do start something, i make sure to finish it. i just can't find the connection between a hufflepuff and a horned serpent and i wanted to know your thoughts?

Hello there! With regards to Hogwarts, I’m such a Ravenpuff. Honestly, I think I only lean towards the Raven because I absolutely love blue. I’m so very split, it takes something that trivial to lean me haha Then I was sorted into Horned Serpent for Ilvermorny, so I hope I can give you a spot on perspective for this one.
What you’re saying about yourself does make a lot of sense for your pairing. Hogwarts house speak about what you value most, this is why you are a Hufflepuff rather than a Ravenclaw (who typical enjoy and value studying). It is likely your values are more about kindness, fairness, and other awesome Hufflepuff things. A Horned Serpent Hufflepuff still has those same values, what it tells you though is how the person makes their decision and lives their life. For example, Hermione is a Gryffindor because she values friendship and bravery over her skills with learning and logic. She thinks, plans, and absorbs information first. At Ilvermorny, she would be in Horned Serpent and would not have been in the same house as Harry and Ron. This doesn’t make her less of a Gryffindor! Just as Horned Serpent doesn’t make you less of a Hufflepuff. But this also means that you are a very different Horned Serpent than she is, and maybe you were sorted there not because of a love for studying, but for many other Horned Serpent attributes. Typically this means that you tend to think first, act second. With your decisions in life, you’re likely to plan, communicate, and/or brainstorm as your modus operandi. This doesn’t mean that you’re a Ravenclaw, this just means perhaps you’re lost in your head a lot. Maybe you over-think or even have anxiety, maybe you’re always inventing imaginative worlds. There are many ways that a Horned Serpent Hufflepuff can be in touch with their mind, this is actually an excellent pairing for a therapist, teacher, creator or decorator, or even a blogger. Horned Serpent Hufflepuffs are the most likely of the Hufflepuffs to have a harder time getting themselves to start a project as they struggle with the “what ifs” and the decision fatigue of too many options or ideas. They may also struggle with having too many interests, as Hufflepuffs are usually multi-talented and Horned Serpents have a plethora of ideas to add to the confusion. Horned Serpent Hufflepuffs are the calmer, maybe even quiet or eccentric, inventive Huffepuffs. Out of all the Horned Serpents, you’re a kind and considerate “scholar”, you put your mental energy into more moral and patient outlooks. You probably concentrate your intelligence and logic into more social or practical things, rather than book learning. I feel like it might be a stereotype that Horned Serpent Hufflepuffs would be the queens of enviable DIY projects.


Rose Weasley (x) / Rabastan Lestrange

Anonymous said: I’m an ISFJ-T Ravenpuff, who after long debate chose Hufflepuff as my house. I have wavy/curly blonde hair and bluish-grey eyes and am 5’7”. I have a couple of close friends, but trust no one more than my mom. I love to read, and can get really passionate about subjects I’m interested in and will talk your ear off about it if you are someone I am comfortable around. I enjoy using my laptop to take quizzes or look at pinterest and tumblr. I also enjoy singing, and my favorite subjects are history and choir. I love learning about different cultures, and am a self-professed Anglophile. I love to laugh as well, and often prefer shows and books that are comedies or fantasies. My favorite colors are turquoise and purple, and if it helps my wand would be made of Beech and have a unicorn core. Could I have a ship for both genders? Thanks! 

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name: salem!!!!
timezone: eastern.
pronouns: she + her(s)
house: ravenpuff and thunderbird bby!!!!
patronus: probably like a dragon or pegasus tbh
favorite tropes: too many to list atm so pass!!!!
one thing that you want to see: participation! above all else, my favorite thing in the WORLD is watching those around me exude their immense creativity, and some of the most phenomenal development opportunities are found when you actively try to be a part of things! so i’m very excited about the chance to really ~get into the ghost buzz challenges, and ofc drool over what you guys end up contributing as well!!! <3
favorite hp book: the order of the phoenix probably or the goblet of fire 
a song you think everyone should listen to: anything by lana del rey or the arctic monkeys
favorite food: probably seafood gumbo or stir fry 
preferred contact method: i’m astrophiles on aim & you can contact me on tumblr!
final notes: watching everyone allow their creativity (as mentioned above) to manifest in the form of graphics, drabbles, blurbs, and moodboards is BY FAR one of my favorite past times and… esfraef GOD i can’t wait to see this tag (and ofc the actual site) flourish!!!! i’ve always been painfully nervous about venturing into the potter genre in rp, but ghost has always been anti-elitist / ridiculously chill, and i think that it’s resurrection will be something we can all hold dear to our hearts very soon. (◕‿◕✿) 


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Nickname: Quorra, Q, Go’s, the egg, king egg, bike egg OMFG MY LIFE

Gender: GURLLL

Height: 5’ 2” AYYY

Hogwarts House: Ravenpuff Hufflepuff c8/

Favorite Color: fuckign RED

Average hours of sleep: 5-8? thats why i love the day after a con cuz its like 11 hours and i am concerned

Lucky Number: 23

Last thing I googled: Some Beirut chords, cuz I was practicing accordion for the first time in MONTHS

Favorite characters: Quorra, hai. –okay ill open up my clubhouse a lil bit: Ryuko Matoi, GoGo Tomago, Korra, Asami Sato, Faith Connors, Elizabeth, Brigid Tenenbaum, it goes on. AYYYY. 


Favorite Artists/Bands:  BORNS, Vampire Weekend, M83, Daft Punk, Cage the Elephant, Arcade Fire, Beirut, anything that hits my heart in that way, and it’s usually brought into my life by @shota-bootyshorts, who loves music so much and I absolutely love that, UGH.

Dream trip: San Fransokyocisco /gazes longingly out window

Dream job: whatever it is it better involve editing/creative writing/art, preferably with video gamez

Outfit right now: gingham collared shirt and black shorts cuz im a snazzy barista and my art was ON POINT AGAIN TODAY WUT

How many people I’m following: a fair few

How many posts I have:  lots, too many, but probably more on my RP blog cuz Q has done everything under the sunrise

When my blog hit its peak: what does that mean

Do I get asks on a daily basis: Pretty much! I love nerding out with you guys about Tron and I LOVE when you guys show me things you think I’d like/should see. I really love it. Thanks. c:

When my blog was made: Summer 2011 which is SO LONG AGO AND THAT’S WEIRD

Reason for my URL: Quorra c: <3

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Hello! I just wanted to say that I absolutely LOVE your blog soooooo much. You make me so happy when ever I see your posts and your rps and you are just so so so amazing!!❤️❤️❤️😘 ~a curious ravenpuff

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(( OOC : Aww, Thank you, hun. I’m glad my silly little blog could make someone happy <3 )) 

Gallifreyan chapter to Hogwarts Hybrid House conversion:

Slytherclaw/Raverin- Prydonian Chapter (with the Doctor and the Master- squeeeeeeeeeee)

Gryffinclaw/Ravendor- Arcalian Chapter (they conduct temporal research and were responsible for the last fortification left standing during the time war- good for you )

Huffleclaw/Ravenpuff- Cerulean Chapter (live near the Panopticon at the centre of the capitol, based on the Green Party in British politics)

Gryffinpuff/Huffledor- Dromeian Chapter (based on the lib dems)

Slytherpuff/Hufferin- Patrex Chapter (the order of artists and aesthetes responsible for observing the distant future as far as possible)

Gryffinpuff/Huffledor- Scendles Chapter (accidentally bankrupted themselves while constructing their side of the Panopticon)

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name: Katherine 

nickname: Kat

gender: female(ish)

star sign: libra

height: 5′5″

sexual orientation: biromantic grey-asexual

hogwarts house: ravenpuff

favorite color: lilac

time right now: 2:07 PM

average hours of sleep: During the school year I probably get 7 on average.

lucky number: 3, 7, 13, 21

last thing i googled: Great Falls Park

favorite fictional character: Elizabeth Bennet or Major Kira Nerys

how many blankets i sleep with: 2 or 3

favorite band/artists: Girlyman

dream trip: Top three are Ireland, Israel, and Japan.

job: I currently don’t have a “real” job. I do art commission black and white portraits of people’s children and pets.  

when did you make this blog: March of this year.  

follower count: 138.

posts: 6,006

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when did your blog reach its peak: not yet, it’s really new.

when did you get tumblr: a couple of years ago.

why did you choose your url: It’s a reference to both my journey in Judaism and a Heather Dale song I really like.

do you get asks on a daily basis: no. please talk to me.

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Getting to know all about you! Getting to like you. Getting to hope you like me… *ahem*

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NICKNAMES: I don’t have a lot of nicknames… “Bard,” I guess…

GENDER: cis female

IF YOU HAD A CAT WHAT WOULD YOU CALL IT? My cat’s name IS Iris. If I had ANOTHER cat its name would be Hermes. They are the messengers of the gods.

HEIGHT: 5′7″

HOGWARTS HOUSE: Huffleclaw…no, wait, Ravenpuff…

FAVORITE COLOR: Black, lavender, silver




LAST THING I GOOGLED: Words that start with A and end with B (see below)

FICTIONAL CHARACTER YOU WOULD WANT AS A YOUNGER SIBLING: Kaylee (from Firefly/Serenity) or Tali (from Mass Effect) - an awesome adorable little sister who could be my best friend and fix my tech/mechanical stuff whenever I break it

BLANKETS I SLEEP WITH: One sheet, one cotton loose-knit, one quilt in the winter

FAVORITE BANDS/ARTISTS: Marc Cohn, Adam Pascal, Utada Hikaru, Matchbox Twenty, ALAN MENKEN

DREAM VACATION: (I know this is SO cliche but…) I really want to go to Disney World/Disney Land

WHAT I’M WEARING RIGHT NOW: Jean shorts and a Sailor Moon T-shirt

WHEN DID I MAKE THIS BLOG: Earlier this year? May, maybe?

HOW MANY BLOGS DO I FOLLOW: 206 at this moment

WHAT DO I POST ABOUT: Mass Effect, Disney, Mass Effect, writing, Mass Effect, Avatar: The Last Airbender/Legend of Korra, Mass Effect, Sailor Moon, MASS EFFECT



WHY DID I CHOOSE THE NAME: Because I am a Bard and HeartDive is an obscure fandom reference (to a fandom that I rarely post about)

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I'm an INFP, and a ravenpuff as well but you and I seem so different! I get that the Internet doesn't show the entirety of you personality, but I think it's so interesting!!

i find it fascinating how something like that can work~

how similar you can be to a person but yet so different. and i suppose that’s really a reason not to judge someone based on a perception you may have of them from something like personality types.

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Nicknames: I don’t really have any

Gender: Female

If you had a cat, what would you name it?: To be honest I’m more of a dog person but if I had a cat I’d probably call it either Macavity or Luna.

Height: 5"8

Hogwarts House: I think I’m predominantly Hufflepuff but I have gotten Ravenclaw a couple of times so I refer to myself as a Ravenpuff :D

Favourite Colours: Lilac & pastel colours (pink, blue especially)

Time Right Now: 23:49

Average amount of sleep: Varies from 4 to 10 hours depending on life but normally about 7.

Lucky Number: 26 because my birthday is 26th July (TOMORROW 😁😁🎉)

Last thing I googled: BBC casualty for the Cliffhanger trailer :’(

Fictional Character you would want as a younger sibling: oooh that’s tough… Probably Olivia from The Holiday because CUTENESS

Blankets I sleep with: Duvet and hand knitted blanket.

Favourite Bands/Artists: My music taste is so blooming varied that I cannot possible answer this XD

What I’m wearing right now: PJs

How many blogs do I follow: 514

What do I post about: Everything I love or find interesting which tends mainly to be Casualty/Holby City related.

Pick A Word That Starts With The First Letter of Your Real Name and Ends With the First Letter of your Tumblr Name:
I and F?! It’s going to be If I’m afraid as my brain can’t get much further than that XD

Do you get asks on a daily bases? Nope.

Why did I choose the name: Love of nature and I thought incorporating ice queen was quite good as any kind of character under that category always had a special place in my heart ❤️

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