Ravenclaw dating a Slytherin would include...

  • witty comebacks and discussions with the other one
  • a lot of dates in the library
  • taking on traits of each other i.a the Ravenclaw getting a bit more cunning and the Slytherin starting to read up on random things
  • star gazing until the sun comes up in the morning
  • going to fancy balls and events
  • visits to museums and art galleries
  • sitting in coffe shops for hours, talking a lot at times and staying equally quiet for thr rest
  • holding hands when they’re alone
  • kisses on the forhead
  • the Slytherin always trying to figure out the password for the Ravenlaw dormitory

Pisces Sun
Aries Moon
Taurus Rising
Requested by: Anon

So since the little poll voted in favor of a slytherin!Gilbert there we go. :D (But I think that he would have found a good place in ravenlaw and hufflepuff too for a lot of reasons too so wait for another pottertalia doodle tomorow.)

And Matthew in hufflepuff this time.XD

This is actually a remake of this pic!

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