My Darren Criss Experience

I’m going to try and remember everything so bear with me!

We arrived at the venue a half hour before the call time for VIP and made our way to the line where we ended up meeting nachochang and some other Tumblr people who’s url’s I don’t know yet. We had an amazing time because we met up with these girls!

When they came up to check our ID’s and give us our bracelets, Corey Lubowich, took mine and I was holding a bunch of stuff in my hands, including the remains of my PB&J sandwich and as I shuffled stuff around attempted to find my Driver’s License, I jokingly offered Corey my sandwich and he said, “If it were a whole one, I would totally take you up on that!” So we all got a good chuckle out of that.

We continued to wait in line for what felt like forever, and the second I sat down on the sidewalk, they started letting the VIP in. We were shuffled into the show room only to be told they led us to the wrong place and we were doing the meet and greets before the show instead of after. So we all lined up in a hallway and were led in one by one to meet Darren.

I was pretty proud of myself for seeming calm (although the closer I got, the more I internally freaked out). The lady at the window asked us our names as we each took our turns and led us around a black curtain to meet Darren. As I walked around the corner and was introduced to Darren, he had his arms wide open, ready for a hug, which I, of course accepted! Lol

He thanked me for coming, and I think I was in such a star struck state that my manners automatically kicked in and I said, “Thanks for having me.” (Excuse me while I eternally kick myself for saying that to Darren!)

We did a side hug for the picture, which Corey was taking and he said he hoped I enjoyed the show!

As we flailed and worked through our star struck states and headed back to the show room, we found ourselves in the second row from the stage and ready to go. I took about 100 pictures of Theo, Darren, and the crazy keyboard guy we were standing beside.

Nachochang was beyond excited when Darren played “Categories” because she mentioned it to him during her meet and greet and it was really fun watching Darren try and remember the song, since he never performs it anymore!

He was dripping sweat pretty early on in the show, as was everyone else in that tiny room!

It was definitely an experience I will never forget!