The Wrong House.

Nonnie Ask: Could you write and imagine where the reader really wishes to be in Slytherin. Her family doesn’t put any pressure on her. But she’s sorted into Ravenclaw. She becomes friends with Cho and Luna. (Even though she’s older. Same year as the twins) And George helps her get through this “being sorted into Ravenclaw” crisis and they get together? (Additional note: I have nothing against Ravenclaws or any house. It just came to me because I’m in Slytherin but Ravenclaw is my 2nd favorite house)

Sorry Nonnie it took so long to complete, but this turned out so much longer than expected! This got 2 030 words (whaatt really) and George really save the day! Hope you’ll like it!! :))

Things in life don’t always go as planned. The sorting ceremony was one of them. All your life you had expected to be sorted into Slytherin. After all, your parents had been Slytherins and your big brother was one too. But it wasn’t what happens. Despite your bedroom being painted bright green, despite the Slytherin banners you have stolen from your brother’s room, despite the little snake you had drawn in all your books, you were sorted into Ravenclaw.

Your parents were very proud of you, Ravenclaw was, after all, the house of knowledge, wisdom and practical mind. It wasn’t bad at all, but it’s not what you have expected and you were even more bitter with it because the Sorting Hat had not even hesitated a bit to put you in Ravenclaw. Not even a single, thought of, maybe Slytherin, no, nothing. Professor McGonagall had put it on your head and he hadn’t said nothing at all, nothing expect it muttering to you, I know just what to do with you, before shooting Ravenclaw.

You had stayed sat on the three legged stall, frozen in disbelief as Professor McGonagall had encouraged you to move towards the table that was cheering you. As life doesn’t always go as planned, you had, to make matters worst, some difficulty in making friends. You had always found your fellow Ravenclaw a bit too brainy for you and you were wondering sometimes if they could enjoy something else besides reading and studying.

You couldn’t hang out with your brother, anyway, people would have probably taken this on the wrong side of you, to hang out with some older Slytherin, but it was all you had always wished. You had tried to make friends amongst them, but it had failed. They were a very closed pack and you needed to earn their recognitions to enter the group, which you have obviously not.  

You had tried to see this positively, but it was hard, and even though you were now in your sixth year, the Sorting Hat decision was still hunting you. You could still stay awake late at night, wondering what was wrong with this decision, trying to persuade yourself that the Sorting Hat surely had some flaws and that he had been wrong for you.

You had found some comfort and a good friend when the little Cho Chang, one year younger than you, had been sorted into Ravenclaw. She was a vivacious, strong head girl and you had always wondered why Ravenclaw for her when she had typical Gryffindor traits. But everyone out there seems to think that the Sorting Hat could not be mistaken.

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*Class 101*: How to take notes at Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry!

Hullo everyone! The Winter semester starts very soon (January 5th here) and I want to help all my fellow witches and wizards by giving you all some of my hacks when it comes to taking notes. You need something easy, meaningful and that you will remember for sure.. and I’ve got it! Plus, it’s colourful, fun and super magical and it is good for house unity (and proves that the four houses are necessary for the sake of this world, you know). Let’s start.

- GREEN: things that will be at the exam or that you know you will need to succeed. For example, if my teacher says THIS will be at the exam, I will colour it green. If I know what are going to be my tests for the semester (example: oral presentation = 25%, essay = 40%, etc.) then I will colour evaluations (above all the %) in green so I can find the scale easily.
- SILVER: Your homework and assignments, stuff that you need to do for or by the next class, etc. Constant vigilance! Just be resourceful and cunning, you know. You have something to achieve, here: your bloody merlin studies!

- RED: Everything that is challenging and needs you to think more. For example, you can colour a debate question in red (or just the word debate + :), or stuff such as: we will talk about “issues(in red)” related to blah blah blah. In brief, think further, be brave!
- GOLD: This is for when your teacher suggests you something, e.g. to read a book.. You’re not obligated to read that book, but you can and it can help you understand your subject more. If you feel brave, or if you have time, then you will easily find all your teacher suggestions (books, movies, tasks, people to talk with, etc.)

- BLUE: Well, Ravenclaw students love to learn, so colour in blue when you see a fact or a definition. For example, if you have a Transfiguration class, you might want to colour transfiguration in blue and follow the word with its definition. Don’t colour the whole definition.. you don’t want your textbook or word document to be a mess!
- BRONZE: Dates, numbers, years, periods of times, chronologies, etc. If you’re in History of Magic, this will help you remember when a certain event occurs (you won’t have to reread ten paragraphs if you’re unsure of when it takes place) and it will help you find your time scales.

- YELLOW: Various facts / comical facts. Sometimes, you’re just interested in something, you think it’s funny or whatever. Just colour it to brighten your day! And one day, it could be useful when in needs for examples during homework and tests to explain a theory.
- BLACK: Colour in black your checklists, reminders, summaries.. Black is the new friend! Of course, if you’re using a computer and highlight in black, make sure to change your font colour to white so you can still read what you wrote! In brief, whenever you see black, you know you have to read it again. So if you didn’t understand something in class, you can draw a simple black star (or a badger if you’re good at drawing badgers) and at the end of the class you can go ask your teacher about it or read it again to make sure you do understand. It’s your new friend, I swear. Just like in “friendly reminder”.

If you don’t have all the colours (when you’re not using a computer), then you can simply use the primary house colour, it will do just as well. You will know if what you coloured is: important for exams, homework and your grades in general, OR challenging and need you to think more, OR facts or definitions OR just school friendly, super cute and making you happier at the end of the day.

I hope this was useful.. HAVE A NICE SEMESTER! :D