ravenclaw common room

Ravenclaw Headcanon

The Ravenclaw common room is either really loud or really quiet. No inbetween.

Shit you hear in the Ravenclaw common room at 3am:

How do spells even work since we can do magic without using incantations or even wands? How do you create a spell? Incantations are probably 100% bullshit since wizarding communities from each country all have their own. So like, are incantations even necessary? Or have we just been conditioned to believe they are? Spells are fake, Susan. What’s stopping me from creating a spell that can maim people and have the incantation be “pygmy puff”? WHAT’S STOPPING ME SUSAN? Imagine creating a spell that can, like, blow up people or whatever, and making the incantation “Dumbledore’s Hairy Dick”. Hell yes I fucking would, Susan! Imagine Death Eaters running around just shouting “Dumbledore’s Hairy Dick” at people. It would be hilarious Susan. Anyway nothing is real and I’m going to bed. ‘night, Susan.

What’s REALLY inside the Ravenclaw Common Room

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  • Seriously, do you realize how aesthetically pleasing the common room is?
  • I mean, like the blues and bronze made you feel like freakin’ royalty once you walk in
  • the most musical of the the common rooms - there’s soft sound of choir singing because of the magic, and the blue hues really calms you down REAL fast
  • I am 100% SURE that there’s AROMATHERAPY going on inside the common room:

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Luna Lovegood

“Don’t worry. You’re just as sane as I am“

@quidditchleaguenet february challenge: favorite locations - ravenclaw team - ravenclaw common room 

  • i imagine the ravenclaw common room to be the most open of all the common rooms.
  • what i mean by open is that the ceiling of the tower is full of windows. so during the day, all the natural light comes in, and during the night, you can easily look up and see all the stars.
  • there is a lot of stargazing every night, and a lot of the ravenclaw students will fall asleep together out in the main area with books in their lap and quills in their hands. 
  • there is also constant music playing in the background. depending on who settled in the common room first that day, that’s what determines the genre.
  • some days it is classical, some days it is muggle alternative, and some days it is even rap. 
  • ravenclaws welcome all different preferences, and there are rarely any arguments regarding the music playing. as long as it is quiet enough in the background for people to study, read, or socialize. 
  • ravenclaws also do not fear students from other houses finding a way into their common room and solving a riddle, because if they are smart or creative enough to figure it out, they consider that person one of them. 
  • they welcome all chances for growth and intellectual discussion, and they don’t care who it is. they love to broaden their perspectives. so occasionally throughout the day, some gryffindors, hufflepuffs, or slytherins will pop in and spice things up and to see their friends. they just have to solve the riddle themselves first.
  • I also see all the wood in the common room being white, which makes it even brighter. 
  • there would also be dark blue tapestries with bronze and silver constellations etched onto them. 
  • they would have their own personal library in there organized by genre, and they would have an art center where students could set up canvases and paint/draw. 
  • in the library, students could trade and swap out books with each other at any time, and in the art area, it was even encouraged that students could paint on the walls there until inspiration came to them.
  • basically, the ravenclaw common room is a place where ravenclaws are free to completely be themselves. all their eccentricities are accepted, and there is a place in the common room to support all interests.

At one time when a Ravenclaw enters the room, the guardian, instead of a riddle, asked a Muggle Math question: Find 9x + 20 when x=2. The pure/half-blood was confused, until a Muggle-born enters the room, was asked the same question, and answered calmly, The answer is 38, then walks inside.

Things happening in the Ravenclaw common room

1. Someone is doing inappropriate cross-stitching in the corner

2. One group is studying, but they’ve fallen down some kind of research rabbit hole and have completely lost track of their assignment and have not written those 11″ on the Goblin Rebellion

3. One group arguing over the boundaries of what counts as a “blow job.” (Person A: “Is it a ‘blow job’ if the person doesn’t ejaculate? Or is it just sucking cock?” Person B: “Yes, any mouth-penis contact counts as a blow job.” Person A: “But is the job done?” Person B: “Look, the person performing the act is doing the job whether or not the other person ejaculates. That’s out of their hands.” Person A: “But jobs are traditionally done for money, and often hand ‘jobs’ and blow ‘jobs’ are performed by women, or perceived as being performed by women, so in a way the language is really derogatory to women.” Person B: “That’s a good point, and what about the fact that sex acts performed on people with vaginas are never referred to with ‘job’ terminology?” Person A: “Probably because giving sexual pleasure to people who don’t have penises is not seen as an obligation, which is why sex acts performed on penises get to be called jobs.” Person C: “What about the inclusion of the word ‘off’? Get off? Wank off? That means they’ve climaxed, right?”……….)

4. Someone is making some kind of Charms-run Rube Goldberg machine just for fun

5. One group is actually studying but has gotten into a heated argument over the tiniest, most obscure detail, and each side is running around to the rest of the people in the room arguing their case and trying to get more people on their side

6. A trio by the window is trying to write out a dick joke in runes

7. A Jane Austen fanclub

8. A heated argument over the most strategic way to protest something to the Hogwarts Board of Governors

9. A sports enthusiast is trying to figure out how to Charm the Quidditch team’s kits to be more wind resistant without running afoul of any rules

10. A planning meeting about the ongoing campaign to attack Hogwarts bigots with glitter bombs in the Great Hall

11. Madlibs

12. Someone intently learning a skill (like computer programming) because they have a very specific and ridiculous plan in mind (like creating a Hogwarts dating site)

13. All nighters before exams

A Day in the Life: Ravenclaw

o   5 am: Accidentally wakes up. Gets really angry because they think the day is starting already. Rolls over and sees they have more time to sleep. Cries real Jesus tears in relief when they realize they have another three hours

o   8 am: Slowly wakes up (again). Writes dream down in dream journal (usually something crazy and Oscar-worthy), Tries really hard not to fall back asleep

o   8:30 am: Rolls out of bed (finally) and gets dressed. Hums theme song from Indiana Jones for motivation.

o   9:00 am: Goes for breakfast which they have to eat really fast because they took too long to wake up and get ready. Makes sure they 100% have everything for the day because they don’t want to get stuck outside the common room for an hour thinking of the answer to a riddle.

o   9:30 am: First class starts. Transfiguration. Has a minor heart attack when they can’t find their homework in their bag to turn in, panic attack intensifies when they realize they didn’t do their homework, lies to the professor saying they forgot it (the professor believes them, holla @ reputations)

o   11:00 am: First lesson finishes, rushes to lunch. Furiously shovels food into their mouth while intensely focusing on finishing the homework they forgot to do, runs back to the professor to hand it in, saying they went and got it before their next lesson (professor is impressed—reputation upheld)

o   12:00 pm: Next lesson begins. Potions. Executes first potion flawlessly and turns it in, has extra time and begin experimenting with their leftover ingredients,  accidentally invents a hair growth serum, which they figure out the hard way by spilling on their arm. Has to go to Madame Pomfrey.

o   1:30 pm: Mid-Day break, which is usually spent in the courtyard with friends. However, that day they are in the hospital wing getting emergency hair removal.

o   2:00 pm: Third lesson of the day. Charms, is working on confundus charm, . partners up with their friend and keeps “accidentally” casting it too strong because they can’t “seem to get the hang of it.” Friend eventually catches on and hexes them with a freezing charm so their hand gets stuck to their wand. Both get into trouble and are assigned detention.

o   4:00 pm: Classes are let out for the day. Ravenclaw and friend stay behind to serve their detention, hand is still frozen to their wand. Professor quietly acknowledges that both charms, the confundus and freezing charm, were executed flawlessly. Their time gets cut in half and they only have to re-organize cabinets for an hour.

o   5:00 pm: Heads down to supper. The freezing charm finally wears off and they are able to eat. Days get recounted, dreams get told, human interactions get analyzed, homework gets discussed, books get shared. As an afterthought, food gets eaten.

o   6:30 pm: Heads back up to the common room. Ten other students are stuck outside the door: this riddle is difficult. A fight breaks out, a piece of pie is ruined, someone cries, the knocker opens the door. Students spread out immediately, claiming the best chairs and floor space for homework.

o   7:00 pm: Homework and ensuing experiments begin. One seventh year wants to test what would happen if they put the hair-growing serum that Ravenclaw developed on a rat.

o   7:30 pm: A funeral is held for Cheese, the best rat a House could ask for. He is honored with a full memorial and whatever flowers they could manage to conjure. Everyone in the house attends. Music is provided by the piano someone enchanted to play the theme from Ratatouille. They plan on burying him by the lake tomorrow

o   8:00 pm: The house gets quiet as everyone goes back to doing homework. This lasts for approximately thirty minutes until someone asks what would happen if they put the hair-growing serum on a dead rat. Cheese gets taken out of his coffin. He is re-buried with a lot more hair than originally.

o   9:00 pm: Ravenclaw crawls into bed with a book. Ends up staying way past when they should go to sleep.

o   12:00 am: Finally decides to sleep. Dreams about rats cooking up potions to make hair grow.

maybe the reason the door knocker leading to the Ravenclaw common room is a door knocker is so that if you can’t figure out the riddle, all you have to do… is use it to knock on the door… and someone will let you in

Bored of being told to listen to classical music? Here is a list of great study music from your favorite video games, movies and more. 

aesthetics and smooth

video games

ambient sounds

from the screen

acoustics / bands (with lyrics)

* personal favorites 


The Ravenclaw common room and dormitories are located in Ravenclaw Tower on the west side of the castle. The common room is circular, with arched windows that provide incredible views of the Hogwarts grounds, and a domed ceiling painted with stars like the night sky. 

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  • Slytherin: Hey, what time is it?
  • Ravenclaw: Time is an illusion, purely relative. There is no true past or future, there is only now. The earth doesn’t even have a structure of time. Months, days, hours, seconds, they don’t exist at all, they’re a human construct. Humans have created time in order to help organize this vast infinite universe into easy compactible bits of information that we’re capable of processing.
  • Slytherin: ...Hey, what time is it?
  • Ravenclaw: 3:45 a.m.