Sassy - Draco Malfoy Imagine

Request: Hi! Could you write something where Draco is teasing / being kinda shitty to the person he likes because he has no idea how to handle his feelings for them? But then, to his surprise, they just sass him and give him a kiss on the cheek just because they want to be an asshole, and it totally catches him off guard and their relationship kinda evolves from that? Thank you!

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“Hey there, little miss sunshine.” I hear Draco sneer down at me from his perch in a giant tree. I roll my eyes and attempt to walk past without acknowledging his existence, but he jumps down from the branch and lands directly in front of me, blocking my path and causing his goons, Crabbe and Goyle, to surround me. “Where do you think you’re going, mudblood? You think you can just walk away and ignore your superiors?” He taunts, making me laugh under my breath.

“Awe, does the little mummy’s boy need to be the center of attention?” I tease in baby talk, making his face contort into one of disgust and disbelief. His goons tried to grab both of my arms, but I pushed them off and took a step toward Draco, causing them to flip their shit.

“Stay away from him, you filthy mudblood!” Goyle growled, making me smirk and shoot him daggers with my piercing eyes.

“You always make yourself out to be such a tough guy, Draco.” I begin, my eyes darting to his lips. I see him glance down at mine, his eyebrows raising and a tiny smile forming on his lips. “I’m sure that if your really wanted to, you could push away a weak little mudblood like me.” I continue, getting closer to his face. I stare him in the eyes and smirk. “But you won’t, will you?” I whisper before placing a quick kiss on his cheek, his breath hitching in his throat and his back straightening immediately. I pull away quickly and right between Crabbe and Goyle, who are standing there, stunned, from what just happened. 

“I didn’t think so.” I quip before walking confidently through the courtyard and back into the castle, leaving a shocked Draco there with his jaw on the floor. 

- - - Later - - -

“Y/L/N!” I hear somebody shout in the background of the conversations taking place in the Hogwarts Great Hall during dinner. I turn around, rolling my eyes dramatically when I see Draco leaning over toward my table.

“What do you want, Malfoy?” I ask, annoyed that he’s interrupting my dinner, most likely to be an asshole about earlier. 

“About today…” He says with a nervous voice. My eyes widen and my lips part slightly before turning into a smirk. 

“Awe, is the poor baby tongue tied?” I tease in the same baby voice as before. He just rolls his eyes and turns back to me after glaring at Blaise, who is busy laughing his ass off.

He shuts his eyes tightly and takes a deep breath before speaking again. “Willyougooutwithme?” He says quickly, making the entire hall go silent in an instant. Everyone turns from looking at Draco to looking at me, waiting for my reply.

“Uh, well, I..” I trail off, not being able to think with everyone staring at me. I look around and suddenly get mad. “DON’T YOU IDIOTS HAVE ANYTHING BETTER TO DO THAN STARE AT ME?” I shout, making everyone jump or whisper, but they continue to watch intently. Draco’s face is bright red and he’s looking at me… with hope?

“Well..?” He persists, making me roll my eyes again. Instead of say yes or no, I get up from my seat and pointedly walk to Draco’s side, motioning for him to sit up. He does so, with surprise, and I take a seat on his lap, not bothering to pay attention to him as he sputters like a fish and looks me up and down, not sure where to put his hands. 

“Of course, you blotting idiot.” I say before wrapping my arms around his neck and placing my lips on his, which are incredibly soft. 

“Thank bloody god.” He mumbles against my lips as people exchange ‘woah’s and ‘holy crap’s. 

“It sure took you long enough.” I mumble as he stands up, scooping me up and carrying me bridal style down the path to the doors of the Great Hall. 

“Believe me, darling. I’m done with waiting.” 

harry potter au part 1 + obianidala

When headmaster Palpatine takes a special in Slytherin prefect Anakin Skywalker, the rest of the school must rush to figure out his intentions. Leave it to prefects Padmé and Obi-Wan from the houses Ravenclaw and Gryffindor to discover the ill-intent behind the man’s interest in their friend. House rivalry knows no bounds and Anakin has been misinformed by the headmaster, turned against his friends in their attempts to stop the headmaster and have him removed. With knowledge, creativity, bravery, and nerve the two will embark on a mission to restore Hogwarts to its former glory prior to the tyranny of Palpatine and set their friend free and back on the right path. Feat: Ravenclaw head of house Yoda who offers strong criticism and advice, badass defense against the dark arts teacher Mace, and Slytherin first year Ahsoka Tano who provides ample information on Skywalker. Oh and Hufflepuff prefect Bail who just wants to help honestly.

the obianidala can be seen as romantic or platonic, whatever floats your boat.

Taking Draco out on Muggle dates would include:

-“Yes, but how did they get those people on the big screen like that?”
-“What the hell is laser tag?”
-“Disney? That sounds like a disease.”
-“Muggle sports make no sense to me. Why are they running? That seems awfully exhausting.”
-“Fine. We’ll go to the beach. But I’m not taking my shirt off. Where’s my SPF 150?”
-“The carnival? Can’t we just go to a Weird Sisters concert?”
-*Drops bowling ball on foot and whines*
-“Okay, I’m ready to go clubbing!”
-“(Y/N), where’s your club?”
-“You mean we aren’t going to be hitting anyone with clubs tonight?”
-But he’ll still ask you what you want to do each time because no matter what you choose, he’ll be happy just to spend some time with you.