ravenal bridge

she was a queen
with neither crown nor kingdom,
the most powerful piece on the board
with no moves left to make,
so she overturned the table.
—  l.s.CHRYSALIS © 2016

I constantly see people going on and on about how Clarke and Bellamy are basically the be-all and end-all of the hundred/Sky People, how they are the reason any of the hundred has survived, and how they are responsible for getting the hundred through every obstacle they’ve faced, and so on.

And I’m always sitting here like okay, they’re important and great, yes, but um …


isys777  asked:

If it's not too much of a bother, what are your top rasper/javen moments?

It’s not a bother at all! I love asks. This will be very stream-of-thought and I’m not including episode numbers, but I’m sure you’ll know what scenes I’m talking about.

Jasper telling Raven she’s not alone while she’s struggling because of Finn.

Jasper believing in Raven regarding the bridge.

Raven giving Jasper his goggles after Mount Weather (after everything that happened that season, and going through what she did, to pick them up and make sure he got them is really sweet and sincere).

Raven going to Jasper for help when she was first under ALIE’s influence (implicitly acknowledging his capabilities even while he’s in an alcoholic pit of despair).

Jasper helping Raven while still devastated from Mount Weather and struggling to function, because she asked.

Raven telling Jasper right out that she knows he’s not worthless, no matter what he and others might think (and that smile).

Jasper doing whatever he needed to to save Raven while the rest of Arkadia was being zombified. Not letting Clarke distract him from doing so when she came back with her mission lol.

Raven knowing how to hurt Jasper while under ALIE’s influence.

Jasper being worried then so relieved when Raven was OK.

The hug before they separated (from Raven’s body language she noticed Monty rebuffing Jasper, and she was just like ‘come here’).

I’m sure I missed some but these are the ones that I thought of right away.

To be completely honest I don’t ship Rasper/Javen, but that’s more a function of shipping being rare for me, because I do like them together. They know each other’s pain, to a degree I didn’t quite realize until I saw a gifset that shows how strongly their journey’s are paralleled, even down to someone they love being killed by someone they trust and their experiences with grounders. If they do become a romantic pairing, I think they have a strong foundation of support and trust that’s been in play since season 1. But I would be just as happy if they remained friends. I just really like them on screen together.

I promised I’d post pictures I took during vacation, and, while I’m quite late as usual, here they are.

This is one of the Ravenal Bridge support arches. The Ravenal Bridge, also known as the Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge, and the New Cooper River Bridge, spans between Charleston and Mt. Pleasant over the Cooper River.

It isn’t the prettiest thing, but i thought is was a very neat picture. I thought it also demonstrated just how LARGE these support arches are. We had just reached where the cables of the last arch stopped when this was taken. It was at least 30 feet, or 10 yards, away. There was quite the large storm coming in which we somehow kept dodging until we got to Boon Hall Plantation, which stopped after 10 or so minutes, and until the ride home.

Charleston is also a very nice town to visit if you’re in South Carolina. A very nice place with a lot of good looking restaurants and shops. Not to mention all the beautiful buildings and houses. There are tons of carriage tours and the like as well.

It had taken Raven two minutes to disable the electric fence for the day, it was easy. The hard part was getting to her spot. The trek had taken her almost three hours with a number of times she had to stop to fix her crutches. ‘These are pieces of shit.’  she repeated it each time she had to fix them. She made a mental note of sketching up something easier to use once she got back. Once she got to the bridge Raven heard the snap of twigs behind her, spinning around she raised the gun she had originally slung around her back. “What the hell are you following me for?” Her voice came out raspy and much softer than she intended.