After finishing “Good Omens,” there must come from me a stupid, stupid headcanon skit about the side characters

At some point, War has entered the same room as Famine, who appears as though he’s about to eat a sandwich, and she groans, “I’m hungry. Practically starving.”

Famine oh-so-conveniently tells her, “It looks like you need this sandwich far more than I do.” And he offers it right up.

War is about to take a bite when she remembers just who exactly she’s accepted a sandwich from, and he seems altogether too happy that she’s about to eat the sandwich. “Raven. Is there actual food in this?”

“Would I offer anything that wasn’t actual food to YOU, Scarlett?”

At which point, Pollution happens to be walking by, and notices the sandwich just as War takes a bite out of it, and he remarks, “Oh, good! It’s the sandwich I helped make! War, do you like it - “

And War spits out the bite and screams “NOW I KNOW THERE’S NO FOOD IN THIS.”

I’m up way too late everybody


So remember like a billion years ago when I went to Dragon*con?

Yeah.  I never got around to posting my Four Horseperson’s shoot.

So here it is in all it’s glory.  I was Famine/ Raven Sable.  Then we’ve got Pollution, War and Death.  It was fun as hell, and I’d LOVE to wear it again.  Beard and all.

Pictures were taken by starexorcist

In other news, if you’ve never read Good Omens, please do yourself a favor and DO SO BECAUSE IT IS SUCH A GOOD BOOK.


fI saw a sign for a food drive the other day that said “Sable.”

I was immediately concerned, because if RAVEN SABLE is running a food drive then I DO NOT WANT TO GIVE FOOD TO HIM because he will THROW IT AWAY SO THAT STARVING PEOPLE DO /NOT/ GET IT.

And I looked closer at the sign to see what exactly in this context Sable was.

Under the word Sable appeared to be the word “Yclable.”

I was like YCLABLE WHAT IS THIS. Like is Sable Yclable someone’s name?

And then I realized something was covering the part of the sign that had the rest of the word, so instead of yclable it really said Recyclable.

So I was thinking Sable Recyclable? Does Famine own a recycling company now? Pollution will not be pleased. When suddenly it hit me.

The “Sable” was cut off too.

It really said “reusable recyclable.”

And I was like oh.

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    I think you look quite attractive as you are. Although I’m not really supposed to say things like that.

Raven: No, I suppose not. It’s rather nice to know that even you can appreciate a form like mine, though. :)

Crowley: What is that supposed to mean…?