“I probably can’t stop you from meeting him anyway,” Maura said. “I mean, if Neeve is right about why you saw him. You’re fated to meet him.”

“Fate,” Blue replied, glowering at her mother, “is a very weighty word to throw around before breakfast.”

Books with gay protagonists

So, I'mean searching for books with gay protagonists but most of what I found doesn’t seem to be exactly what I'mean looking for.

 I read  carry on and the all for the game series so far and really liked that the books had a great story and the love story was there and important, but not overly so ( I hope you somehow get what I mean).

So if you read good books with gay protagonists please recommend them to me?

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book recs

hey guys!! I’m going to be on a rlly long flight and I want to have a good book to read except I have no idea what to read. I’m open to any genre of books! please message me with any book recommendations, I would really appreciate it!! (I’ll tag the books I’ve recently read if that helps?)

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Would you recommend the Raven boys or six of crows as a better book?

They’re both wonderful - definitely read them both! 👍🏻 But maybe get to Six of Crows first since the sequel comes out soon?

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1) The easiest and yummiest recipe you love?

this cheesecake recipe is my fave: http://domacica.com.hr/cheesecake-iz-torte-i-to/  (it’s in croatian tough)

also this one for peanutbutter choclate chip cookies: https://www.verybestbaking.com/recipes/30357/old-fashioned-peanut-butter-chocolate-chip-cookies/

2) The funniest movie/tv show/anime that comes to mind?

Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun and Brooklyn Nine Nine

3) Any book recommendation?

The Raven Cycle!!!  The summary sounds really ehhh, but if you like books about ghosts, magic and friendship which feature well written lgbt characters it’s definatley worth checking out

4) Is there something you’re very hyped about?

Not really, my life’s pretty boring

5) Favourite songs at the moment?

FEMM - Pow!

Sistar - I like that

Faky - Candy

6) The happiest/cutest thing that happened to you today?

well i pretty much just got up so nothing happend yet

7) What is you favourite element?


8) And your favourite book(s) when you were a child?

I loved the Harry Potter books as a kid, but my interest in them faded after the fourth one. And i don’t know what you count as a child, but around fifht grade i started reading the replica series and the fear street series and i was obssesed whit them

9) Favourite sailor senshi?

Usagi is my girl :D

10) How many pets did you ever had?

Like in my whole life? Let’s see, two cats when we still lived in a house, hamster #1, hamster #2, a turtle, a parakeet, a degu and a bunnie. So 8 total but we only still have the turtle.

My questions are:

1) top 3 fictional characters

2) do you have any hobbies?  

3) which languages do you speak?

4) do you finish shows/books/games you start no matter what or do you drop them if you start disliking them? 

5) favourite color? 

6) do you have any pets? 

7) favourite type of videogames (rpg, shooter…)?

8) tropes you never get tired of?

9) do you know how to cook?

10) countries/cities you’d like to visit

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hey! i'm kinda interested in the raven cycle and i was wondering if and why you would recommend it? (btw i really enjoy your blog!:)

thank you! i would HIGHLY recommend the raven cycle. it’s a beautiful series, and thought im not always the biggest fan of certain aspects of the writing/plot, it constructs such a wonderful, visceral universe that its hard not to fall in love with it. it also has in my opinion some of the best characters in any young adult novel ever.