raven's queue

  • Noah Czerny: *smiles and is happy*
  • Me: my skin is clear, my crops are flourishing, the sun is shining, I have 20/20 vision, I have straight A's, I'm properly hydrated-

get to know me meme >> favorite characters [3/16] - raven reyes (the 100)

“That bridge has survived a nuclear war and 97 years of weather.” 

“I t  w o n ’ t  s u r v i v e  m e.”

[image caption: 9 square gifs of raven reyes. 4 out of 9 are variations of her face. 5 out of 9 are quoting her, saying (from top to bottom/left to right), Finn: “Raven, I love you.” Raven: “Not the way that I wanna be loved.”, “All we have to do is reverse it and then we can send an energy pulse into my brain.”, Jasper: “I thought Jaha destroyed all the wristbands.” Raven: “So did he. Then I came home.”, “Maintenance accident that didn’t cause any damage? That’s a lie. And you know it.”, and “I’m so scared.”]