raven's prophecy

you know what pisses me the fuck off with the raven cycle? the prophecy was that blue would kill her one true love when they kissed but everytime they referred to her one true love it was a “he” why couldn’t it be a she smh,,,,


IMDB’s top ten highest voted episodes of Teen Titans [insp]

In this photo I’m one happy and lucky human!
Starring Luna, the kitten of my lovely and cute friend that had me sleep at her house last weekend.
I was reading for her and the kitty walked all ove my celtic cross and decided I was cool enough to be her pillow.
In the photo I’m sending her kisses and she’s like ”yes human, love me!”.
@intuitive-rose she’s called Luna like your beautiful, adorable kitty!


Deck: The Raven’s Prophecy
Date: 2/6/2017
Card: Knight Of Swords

The Message:
The time for holding your tung isn’t here. Protecting the other person’s emotions is no longer the noble nor right nor logical move to make. It’s time to use your voice for once and put your foot down. The Goddess taught you better than to be a door mat, Witchlings.