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Trains on opposite sides of the track
remind me of the distance between our hands.
I long to interlace your fingers with mine in a harmony
of long distance togetherness.

Nights like these,
I try to hold onto the memory of your warmth
and the sound of your laughter.

I wonder if you can feel my heart
beating for you ten thousand miles away.

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Title: Long Distance
Copyright:  © Ivan Ambrose 2017
Deck: Raven’s Prophecy Tarot
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you know what pisses me the fuck off with the raven cycle? the prophecy was that blue would kill her one true love when they kissed but everytime they referred to her one true love it was a “he” why couldn’t it be a she smh,,,,

Tarot Cards

IM SO FREAKING EXCITED! I just got my first official deck of Tarot Cards. It’s The Ravens Prophecy Deck, 78 Cards, and omg they are so pretty. I went to the flea market to buy some, but alas, the lady who sold some wasn’t there today and neither was the lady I got my crystals from so we went home dropped off my friend and waited for my great uncle to leave. My mama and I had to go to the store to buy Bun(my rabbit btw) some fresh food and I was talking to her about it and she said Barnes and Nobles should sell some so we went there first and I got several Wicca and Spell Books there too. I love my mom. She’s one strong Christian but she still has her original roots. I just looked through them and I’ll be cleansing them tomorrow before I actually use them. I’ll also charge them in the sun for awhile once I clean them. ANYWAYS! I procrastinate. I have another post I meant to finish today but I decided I wanted to throughly clean my room. So that is also happening. I rambled too much. Blessed Be! ~Seb

mntague-deactivated20170420  asked:

hey maggie, about the tarot cards, are you going to talk about some of the symbolism regarding the art/suits in the book or are you leaving it mostly up to interpretation? thank you!

Dear repiner,

Please allow these pictures to each stand for one thousand words:

Because it is my tarot deck and no one is the boss of me, I allowed it to be ridiculously biased toward the creative life.