raven zoids


Berserk Fury Shadow Edge
The BFSE is a powerful high-performance zoid, built for Raven to keep up with his high degree of piloting skill and withstand being fused with the organoid Shadow. This Fury has been outfitted with four blades on it’s back, and two energy blades connected to the boosters on its thighs. The Lucifer Blades are heavy broadsword like weapons that can can smash through nearly anything with their weight, but can also be used for defense, much like the Geno Breaker’s X-breakers. The Seraphim blades are smaller, faster attacking blades that have even further movement, able to curve inward like a scythe. To compensate for the extra weight this zoid has been fitted with two extra ion boosters on its thighs. In its ultimate attack the “Blade of the Fallen Angel” all of its blades will point forward as it rushes the enemy, similar to the Blade Liger or Zero Schneider. It is the final zoid given to Raven in the Zoids: Chaotic Century manga, rather than the Geno Breaker in the anime, to be pitted against Van’s Liger Zero Ceasar the King.

This is one of my longest running projects and I’m so glad to see it finally complete. I painted the base HMM Berserk Fury with flat black, and used Pearl black to give its armor a nice but menacing shine. After that I used metal flake blue to accent and give the zoid some contrast. I couldn’t find any official colored pictures of the BFSE but I knew it was black, and since Van’s Liger Zero is white and red, I thought blue would be a nice inverted color scheme. I replaced the standard fury claws with kotobukiya unite swords and also used the metal flake blue on them, I love how weird and icy it looks. I also added some little accenty bits to his head, it was supposed to look closer to Shadow after all. Anyway I love this zoid, definatly one of my favorites, I can’t wait to give it it’s own spot in the future, let me know what you think! :D