raven waves

Cordial Constellations

Pairing: Draco x reader

Requested by an anon: Hi ☺️, It would be amazing if you could make an imagine DracoXreader and you have a soft spot for each other. Draco tries to act all tough, cliche Draco stuff BUT one day the two of get into a fight because he’s being an ass or something and he tries to intimidate you by coming really close and suddenly he notices the hundreds of freckles across your face, he goes silent and just traces them with his hand and starts talking about how they look like stars and you end up sharing your first kiss?x

The waves of ravenous teens erupt from every available entrance and spill into the, only moments ago, blissfully barren corridors. Your persistent attempts to thwart them deem tediously unsuccessful. The swarms of students are the viciuos vices of seaweed which your mere diver cannot pass through.

Tripping over the countless limbs and thwacking into just as many lethal walls, you push past the last barrier of people and into a desolate corridor. With the suffocating and treacherous areas thankfully passed, you begin to wonder how you’ve managed to survive all these years of three sessions of that each day; not including the numerous lesson changes. It’s a good thing you’ve become accoustomed to going to the kitchens whenever your stomach decides to create a percussion every few hours.

The desired feeling of relief seeps into your tense body once the fear of another stampede has dissipated and it seems as though a certain blonde-haired Slytherin prick hasn’t made his “grandeur” entrance, as of yet. 

“Ah, well If it isn’t (Y/L/N)!” an infuriating, yet infinitly pulse-raising voice calls out from behind you.

Halting to a stop, you curse quietly for misleading yourself into thinking he wouldn’t appear. Your heart beat which had only just begun to calm has an unceremonious fit. 

“Is there something you required, Malfoy?” you ask through clenched teeth.

“I require only to torment you, Potter, Weasels and Mudbloods of course.” he chirps tantalisingly. 

You whirl around and march over to him. Whatever feelings you may harbour for him are unimportant when he insults one of your friends. His swoon-inducing smirk falters a little as your intimidating aura becomes present. 

“What pleasure do you acquire by doing shit like this?” you demand furiously. Shots of fierce anger and adrelanine pulse through your veins.

His lip curls maliciously as he backs you against the wall closest to you. “It’s remarkably entertaining getting a reaction out of you, (Y/N).” he smirks snidely.

“You’re an arsehole.” you growl. You find your lack of control in keeping your heart in check increasingly more difficult as your proximity to him increases.

“What was that?” he snaps and in a blink of an eye he’s inches apart. His usually stoic coblat eyes are ablaze with anger. You feel yourself start to panic and fear clenches your heart in a tight grip. But before you can think to do something, his eyes have changed. Where only moments ago there was anger, is now replaced with marvelling wonder.

You can’t comprehend the sudden drastic change in emotion. He cocks his head to the side sightly as he examines your face closely. An embarrassed blush spreads across your freckled cheeks. “What’re-” you begin before being cut off.

Almost as though he’s under a compelling trance, Draco lifts his hand and gently cups your face. His large thumb caresses your cheek slowly. “What I love most about the night is getting to see the stars.” he mutters ever so quietly. “They remind me, in a weird way, that I won’t be alone. That despite all that I’ve done, they’ll never leave. But now, i get to be reminded of that all the time.”

Time becomes that of irrational length as his face inches closer to yours. Strenuous lapses of unquestioned seconds pass between you both as his lips perfectly enlign with your own. Both of your breaths ragged and shaky. 

Some point during his compassionate monologue, you began to fall for him harder than ever before. And with one inch closer, your lips finally met his; in what is your first kiss. Your eyes flutter shut and your hand tentatively finds its way into his silky hair. His other hand rests against your lower back and pulls you closer. The feeling can only be described as utter bliss.

I swear I have seen this scene from the DCSHG graphic novel, Hits and Myths, a thousand times but it got my shipper fangirl brain thinking. Clearly in this scene Beast Boy is nervously waving at Raven while having a bashful expression on his face. From what I’m drawing here is he may have a crush on her that may be put into affect for later like when Raven finally makes a debut in the show.

Right now I have a headcannon that Beast Boy will have a very obvious and I do mean a obvious crush on Raven. Hear me out. Like for example of Beast Boy being obvious; Beast Boy stuttering over his own words when he tries to talk to her or…trying to act all cool to impress her but ends up in disaster because he trips over his own two feet or something which it embarrasses himself, etc.

From one of my Beast Boy being obvious examples, Beast Boy is shy every time he’s around her (I draw that from his expression from my badly edited image from the novel) and everyone is aware of his crush on her: Wonder Woman, Lady Shiva, Star Sapphire, The Flash, everyone! Except…for Raven herself. Lmafo.

I dunno it’s kind of lame but I just think it’s an adorable idea if everyone at Super Hero High knows about Beast Boy’s adorable obvious crush on the cute new girl while she’s the only one who is completely unaware of it.


Y/N: Raven! *waves her over*

Raven: What is it?

Y/N: *smirks* Wanna have some fun? *shifts into Raven*

Raven: *grins* Who are we gonna get first?

Y/N: Hmm…Hank seems to be a good start.

Raven: He’s in the lab…Let’s go.

Raven: *walks through lab* Hey Hank!

Hank: Hi Raven.

Y/N: *seconds later as Raven* *walks in* Hank! My man, what’s up?

Hank: *takes a double take* Uh, just some testing…Weren’t you just here?

Y/N: Nope. Seeya Hank. *leaves*

Raven: *hurries back from other side* Oh yeah, I almost forgot. Charles wants to see you.

Hank: *blinks* O-Okay.

Y/N: *shifts to themselves* Okay, let’s try this on Alex.

Raven: *shifts into Y/N* After you.

Y/N: Hey Alex.

Alex: *nods*

Y/N: Could you grab me a water from the fridge?

Alex: Sure. *turns, grabs water* Here you go.

Y/N: Thanks. *drinks some water* Refreshing. Later Havok!

Raven: *from other door* Did you grab the water?

Alex: What do you mean? I just gave it to you.

Raven: *rolls eyes* *grabs one* You could’ve just said no. *leaves*

Alex: *yells* But I gave you one!

Raven: *laughing* We’ve gotta do that more often.

Y/N: You’re telling me! The look on their faces was priceless.

Charles: Ah, so you two are the ones causing confusion. *smirks*

Y/N: *shifts into Charles* Please, it’s hardly confusing.

Charles: Do I really talk like that?

Raven: *snickers* *shifts into Erik* Almost always, Charles.

Charles: *grabs head* This is quite strange.

Both: *shift back* *laughs*

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Not A Pet ~ Part 1 ~ Kitten

Originally posted by buckycamehome

Warnings: None Really

Pairings: Bucky X Reader

Word count: 2972



It’s been three months since then and I am now a glorified housecat. Well sort of. Well I guess you could call me a housecat/bodyguard since Pierce makes me follow him everywhere. After he pulled me from my cell he made his ‘people’ clean me up with a bath, new clothes, and even a haircut. Where as it used to drag on the ground behind me as a tangled mess; it was now cascading down to the middle of my back like waves of raven silk. I was always to dress in suits when he left for work and when we were at his home, were I also live unfortunately, I was supposed to wear these skimpy outfits but I quickly tore them to shreds the first night.

Today we were at his office at the SHIELD headquarters where he was in the middle of a meeting so naturally I was in the hallway fidgeting from boredom. I didn’t like my job; but thanks to the collar around my neck I couldn’t refuse. To the naked eye it looked like just any regular choker but if you got close you could tell there was more to it. I reach up and unconsciously start to scratch at it sending a slight jolt of electricity through my body making me shiver all over.

“Jesus I need to quit forgetting that.” I say as I reach up and scratch my head. I hear the elevator door open and I turn to see Pierce’s favorite goon Rumlow walk out of it and I feel a growl emanate from within me.

“Easy there Kitty,” He says with a confident smirk on his lips.

“Don’t call me that.” I reply furrowing my brow.

“Don’t be like that; I have a surprise for you.” He replies as he closes the distance between us. I take a step back as I narrow my eyes at him.

“I don’t want it.” I reply as I hold my head high.

“Shame,” He retorts stopping just inches from me. His hand reaches up and gently tilts my chin up as a scent that I’ve become far too aware of over the years flows from him. It was desire. I grit my teeth as my anger rises in my chest. “You would have liked him.”

Huh? Him?

“Oh well, too late to change your mind now.” He pats my cheek and I growl as I shove him away from me earning me a slight shock from my collar. I wince in pain but I keep my eyes focused angrily on him.

“Do not ever touch me.” I state feeling that familiar animal instinct fills my body.

“Your ears are showing.” He says and I freeze. My hand instantly shoots up and instead of the smooth flesh of my human ears I fill soft fur. Remembering Pierce’s warning to never let anyone see me in my half form fills my mind and I shudder. As soon as they appeared they disappeared again. “You know, the research they did when they first brought you in said that your tail was super sensitive. I have to admit, I’d love to test that out.”

“No, leave me alone.” I cry panic filling my body causing my body to shake uncontrollably. I reach up and wrap my arms around myself in an attempt to calm myself.

Then before he had a chance to say anything else the elevator doors open and the room fills with a sweet smell of shampoo mixed with a flowery scent. This smells was all to familiar considering how many times he had been to Pierce’s office. Hope fills my chest as I look up into the handsome face of Captain America. Composing myself I move away from Rumlow and walk over to him. “Good Morning, Captain Rogers.” I say as a soft smile, that I never had to force, covers my lips.

“Good Morning Kitten, was I interrupting something?” He asks his Sea blue eyes flitting back and forth between me and Rumlow.

“No, he’s just waiting for Mr. Pierce’s meeting to end. What brings you by?”

“Pierce said he wanted to meet with me about the op the Strike Team just did.”

“Ah, then please have a seat and he’ll be with you in a moment.” I reply motioning him over to sit near my desk. I glare at Rumlow as I use my eyes to tell him to vamoose. He smirks as he shakes his head and says, “Tell him I’ll be in the basement when he’s done will ya Kitty?”

“That’s not my name, but I will tell him.” I reply dryly.

The mention of the basement sends chills up my spine as a vague memory of a man with a metal arm and dark hair fills my mind. I couldn’t remember much about the mystery man, only that when he was alone with me he was kind; but once Pierce showed up he would disappear and I wouldn’t see him for years. Each time I saw him again he never remembered me. I couldn’t remember his face just the metal arm with the red star painting on his shoulder, his shaggy brown hair that was always soft to the touch, and His hands. He hands the softest hands that would always console me when they threw me back into my cell.

‘It’ll be okay, come here.’ I hear his deep voice say in my memory and my body suddenly remembers the way he used to gently smooth my fur back.

“Kitten?” Captain Rogers says and I am quickly brought back to the present.

“Huh? Oh sorry, I was stuck in a memory.” I reply honestly.

“Your face was flushed, must have been a good memory.” He replies a soft smile covering his lips.

“One of the only happy ones I have.” I reply smiling at him.

“You still can’t remember your childhood or even your name?” He asks his smile turning into a look of concern.

“Unfortunately no,” I say as my heart clenches. All the memories I had from before I was brought to the basement were fuzzy and broken. I just figured it was because of how young I was. “When I remember, you’ll be the first one to know.” I reply happily as I think about how he would help me find my family like he had promised when we first met.

The intercom ringing out immediately brings me back to the present and I quickly press the button. “Yes Sir?”

“Is Captain Rogers here?” Peirce asks and I smile softly at Steve.

“Yes sir, shall I send him in?”

“Yes, can you join us too?” He asks and I fight the urge to feel scared.

“Yes, yes sir.” I say as I end the conversation. I smile at the Captain as I stand and lead him down the hallway to Pierce’s office. Opening the door I am met with the familiar smell of hand creams and aftershave, typical to a man of older age. “Sir Agent Rumlow asked me to tell you he’d be in the basement.”

“Thank you Kitten,” He replies and I nod as I move to his side facing Captain Rogers as the two men start to have a conversation. I let my mind wander as I half listen to their conversation. The same questions fill my mind just like they did when I was younger. Who was I? Where was my family? Did I have any family to begin with? Were there others like me? ‘You know, just because you’re stuck here like me, doesn’t mean that you’re alone.’ That familiar voice says again and I subconsciously nod. He was right. Somewhere out there I had a family, and one day I would find them again.

“That’s all Captain, thank you for your time.” Pierce says bringing me back and I quickly act like I have been listening this whole time. Captain Rogers stands and after giving me a friendly smile heads toward out the door and to the elevator. “You were somewhere else, where did you go?” He asks and I gulp down a breath of air.

“A memory of the Basement sir,” I reply not giving him any more explanation.

“Oh is that all?” He replies as he picks up his cell phone and sends a text to Rumlow.

“Yes sir,” I answer as I stand at attention.

“Okay, well we are needed there. Come along Kitten.” He says and I shudder at the thought. I didn’t want to go back down there, but I knew I couldn’t argue with him.

“Yes sir,” I reply as he stands and I follow him to the elevator. He tells the AI the secret password for the Basement and I suddenly start to shiver. Memories of all the tests they ran on me fill my mind and I shiver uncontrollably. I was scared. As the doors open a suddenly scent fills my senses and my body relaxes. He was here. After all these years he was back. I would get to see him again. Hope filling my chest I follow closely behind Pierce as he walks down the corridor toward where the scent was emanating from.

He’s here, I can see him again.

As we reach the door it opens instantly revealing Rumlow first before a herd of men in lab coats rush around the room. “Is he awake?” Pierce asks and Rumlow nods.

“He woke up about thirty minutes ago.” He replies as he walks into the room side by side with Pierce. I follow closely behind them as my heart starts to race. I couldn’t see him yet but I knew he was here. I wanted to see the one person who was there for me when I was younger. I needed to see him. He was probably much older looking now but I didn’t care. He was my friend. I needed to see him.

As if to answer my wish the lab techs part and as my eyes land on him my heart clenches in my chest. I couldn’t see his face yet but his hair was the same length. His metal arm made me certain that it was him. He was hooked up to an IV as his arms and legs were bound by metal restraints.

Look at me, please turn toward me.

“Kitten!” I hear Pierce shout and I am instantly pulled back. I look around to see that I had unconsciously started moving toward him. Clenching my jaw I reluctantly take a step back toward Pierce. I fought with myself to turn back toward the mystery man as I move to Pierce’s side. “Please try to control yourself.” He warns and I nod. “Now back to more pressing matters,” He walks past me and my eyes follow after him as he approaches my old friend. “It’s good to see you again soldier.” Pierce says and I watch as slowly the dark haired man turns toward Pierce.

As his eyes meet mine my heart tightens. All those years ago, all those memories were now completely clear. This was that man. I feel tears sting my eyes but I fight against them. I wasn’t going to cry. No matter how happy I was that I was seeing him again I couldn’t let it show. If I did, there was no telling what Pierce would do. However I couldn’t help myself as my eyes wouldn’t leave his. His eyes had a cold feeling to them, like they had every time he would come back. He didn’t remember me and I knew why. It was common knowledge among Rumlow and the Top HYDRA agents that Pierce liked to use a machine that erased memories which forced men and women to comply with his wishes.

I smile softly at him causing his eyes to twitch as if he remembered something; but he quickly recomposes himself as to not let anyone know. “I have a new mission for you.” Pierce starts and I glance around the room. I knew full well what the mission was and I was not in the least bit happy about it. Reaching up I once again unconsciously scratch my neck and once again just like before I receive a slight jolt of electricity. I jump slightly at the suddenness before silently groaning to myself.

Stupid collar.

“Kitten!” Pierce calls and I snap to attention.

“Yes Sir!” I reply loudly looking from my friend to my master.

“I want you to help the Asset prepare for his mission.”


“No questions, I’ll expect you to be back in my office as soon as you’re done.”

“Yes sir,” I reply slowly nodding my head in agreement.

“Good, now Rumlow I have another mission for you. If you’ll follow me.”

As they leave the room I slowly look up at my friend. Taking a deep breath I walk over to him; right before I reach him one of the techs step between us and firmly hold me back. Quicker than lightning my friend snaps to his feet and jerks the tech away from me. He stares angrily at the tech who is now cowering in fear. “It’s okay.” I say as I gently touch his arm. His blue eyes glance over to me and I smile softly again. He instantly releases the tech, who scampers away as fast as possible. “You probably don’t remem-”

“You’ve gotten older.” He says before his eyes fall to my collar.

“I would say that it’s rude to call me old after all these years, but you’re right; I have gotten older.” I gently pat his arm before I continue, “You haven’t aged a day though. Come on, I’ll lead you where you need to go.” I motion ahead with my hand and he nods curtly before following after me.

“You… you seem different from when I last saw you.” He says after a few steps.

“Didn’t you just say I got older?” I reply as a giggle leaves my lips. Suddenly I feel a hand touch my hair and I freeze. A memory of when he used to pat my head and smile softly at me fills my mind and my heart clenches.

“It’s still soft.” He says bringing me back from my memory. I quickly start moving again causing my hair to slip through his fingers.

“Follow me please.” I say barely above a whisper as I walk from the room him closely behind me. I was overly aware of the fact that he was following me. My heart starts to race in my chest but I quickly block out the feeling. I glance over to see the room in which held all the materials he would need for his mission. When we enter the room I make all the people that are inside leave. After we are alone I turn back to him and instantly hug him. Tears fill my eyes as I grip tighter to him. “I missed you.”

“You always liked to cry.” He says softly as he pats the top of my head.

“When you didn’t come back that last time I thought I was really alone.”

“Easy Kitty,” He replies and I grip tighter. The animal instinct flows through me and my ears and tail appear. I feel his hand move from my hair to my ears and I jump slightly as he tugs on their soft fur. “You know, I really missed these things.”

“Ow, will you knock it off!!” I yell as I reach up and grab my ears. Turning away from him I walk over and grab his leather top.

“I remember this was really sensitive as well.” He says and I jump as he gently gives my tail a tug.

“Hey now!” I yell as I turn toward him and let out a small growl. “How many times do I have to tell you not to touch the tail?”

“But it’s so soft.” He says playfully and my heart jumps. He was returning to who he was before. “However,” he says his smile turning to a frown as he reaches up and touches my neck. “I don’t like the idea of you in a collar.” I quickly back away as I say, “Don’t!” He stares wide eyed at me for a moment before he lowers his hand.

“What happened after I left?” He asks softly and my heart tightens.

“I don’t wanna talk about it.” I reply as I hand him his vest. I didn’t want him to know what they did to me. Hell even I shuddered at the memory.

“I-I’m sorry,” He replies his eyes turning dark and I shake my head.

“There’s nothing to feel sorry for. What happened had nothing to do with you.”

“That doesn’t make me feel any better.”

“It’s not supposed to,”

“Did they…” He pauses and I feel a wave of fear shiver up my backside.

“I said I didn’t want to talk about it, so please stop asking.” I yell angrily making his eyes widen slightly. I grit my teeth as I force my anger away and turning back to him say, “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have yelled at you.” He reaches out and gently pulls me into his chest.

“I wasn’t able to help you and for that I am sorry.” He say as he buries his face in my hair. I nestle into his chest and smile as his scent fills my senses.

“Do you remember, when I was a cub I used to curl up on your lap and sleep.” I say as a smile covers my lips.

“It’s faint, but yes, I do remember it.”

“You must promise me not to let anyone know you remember me if you do…”

“I know what will happen.” He replies his grip becoming tighter. “I’m not going to leave you again. This time I will save you.”

Will Continue in ~ I Will Save You

Two's a Party but Four's a Blast

Summary: Raven gives a dismissive wave of her hand. “If we’re going to have a foursome, it’s not going to be in front of an audience.”
In which Bellamy, Clarke, Raven, and Murphy decide to hook up. Together. All of them. [Bellarke x Murven]
Rated: Explicit
Pairing(s): Bellamy x Clarke; Murphy x Raven; Bellarke x Murven
Chapter(s): 1/1.

Read it at AO3

Kylux sharing a bathroom
  • Hux: shampoo, shaving cream, razor, rexona men spray.
  • Kylo Ren: shampoo, conditioner, softening hair mask, mousse, hold shaping hair spray, raven black dye, beach wave hair drier, toner, serum, moisturizer with spf+500,a bag of 30 plus face care products, Chanel No.5, (secretly using Huxs shaving cream and razor).
Happy Birthday Mr. Hardy

She has been anticipating this since they met, his birthday.

She went all out and has many plans and this morning in the wee hours she was up early and showered using rose body scrub, she then lathered her body in rosy body cream, made her hair into silk raven waves, covered her body in glitter, painted gold liner under eye and black on top with glitter gold false lashes, painted dhrr lips in darker red to sort of match her panties, colored her cheeks the same color and her nails were done up nude.

Her chanel chain and pearl belt was around her naked waist and alone with her chain panties amd designer hand cuffs it was all she was wearing and her perfume was that lovely flowery sweet smell by Mariah Carey.

For his breakfast she made a gourmet version of steak and eggs, an apple turnover for birthday dessert and a specially made pumpkin latte.

When he will wake up she will be there on the bed like an offering with a silver tray of breakfast, a Papyrus card, and the gift was hiding somewhere.