raven vs terra

Justice League vs. Teen Titans! Spoilers!!! Bring it, DC. I dare you! And don’t puss out like the CN Teen Titans. Make her a sociopath! 


Raven x Beast Boy x Terra // Better Than Revenge (by Camila Rodriguez)

Wonderful vid! I highly recommend ;]

Raven Vs Terra - Crack Flash Fiction


Warning: This fan fiction is on crack - even though the author is not. It’s meant to be funny and amusing. Please keep your jimmies unrustled and enjoy.


“Boo Bear is mine!” Raven shouted.

“What? Haven’t you heard him talking all day? He’s completely obsessed with me. If I didn’t like having a devoted slave, I’d think about getting a retraining order,” Terra said and took a sip of her cola.

“Whatever. You won’t even let him touch you. I’ve had him in my mouth,” Raven exaggerated the story by leaving out the details.

“From what I heard you had the whole team in your mouth,” Terra said with a wicked smile. She was glad that Starfire and Cyborg had shared the little story about the meatball and Raven’s cracked tooth.

“I hate you. Anyway, I’ve seen him naked and he’s dressed in my clothes before.” Raven figured Terra wouldn’t be able to top that.

“Just your cloak!” the blonde shot back.

“That’s all he needed,” Raven replied with a wry smile.

“You’re creepy and weird,” Terra said sharply.

“You’re a manipulative villain,” Raven replied with venom dripping off her words.

“Whatever, you’re just mad because I took away your favorite chew toy,” the blonde taunted the sorceress.

“You’re right. He is MY favorite chew toy. And what do you think I’ll do about you messing with him?” Raven asked coldly.

“I don’t think you’ll do anything,” Terra said, trying to sound calm and unworried.

“Wrong,” Raven said as she smiled wickedly.

Raven snapped her fingers and a pitch black portal opened beneath Terra’s feet. The blonde villain hung in the air just long enough to scream before falling into the void.

“Hope you enjoy being banished to a dimension full of squid!” Raven called out after Terra and then closed the portal.


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