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books in 2017  19?the dream thieves

“Dream me the world. Something new for every night.”


Sorell : … How about we take the next flight back!

Raven : Agreed. Shit we’re broke.

Sorell : Damn… 


Raven by @ask-the-gothfamily

Sorell by @ivywolf777 

Geno by @loverofpiggies

Reaper by @renrink

Xahji by @azzyloraaandkanto

Goth by @nekophy


FFFFFFF- 7… 7 human souls 7 slides XD This was longer than expected. But I wanted to cram it in-. Hopefully future updates aren’t as long. But I had fun. Guys we need to take a moment to realize how adorable Naj!Raven and Naj!Sorell are. Like hell I love doodling em. Is this like my schedule now? An update once every two days… Maybe- maybe a might do more often sometimes or take a break somedays i dunno. Either way enjoy this part of le comic.

guys i need some blog recs bc i recently went on an unfollowing spree and my dash is super dead 

reblog if you post 

- the raven cycle (esp pynch i’d die for them)

- ya lit or lit in general (soc, aftg, aaddtsotu, carry on, vicious, tsoa, tsh, etc) 

- aesthetic / photography (particularly fashion, food, scenery, and flowers)

- poetry (i need more) 

if you participate in discourse about the raven cycle please don’t rb bc that stuff makes me anxious. thanks!! if you rb i’ll check out your blog. 

Me: this fan fic is shitty af.
Also me: well your other fanfics haven’t updated yet so this is the best you’re gonna get.
Me: this is the best fan fic ever. 💯💯👌good shit right there👌👌👀👀👀mmmhm 💯💯💯I’m weeping 😭😭👍👍 it’s perfect


He was dazedly shocked into a sensory memory of the night before. They rolled through his body like old film clips. The sweetness of the pleasure brought by being touched, just touched, by someone. By Ronan, specifically. The pressure and the release.

- JUST TO BE QUIET by @tadcarruthers