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Honestly I would pay money for a TRUE bottle episode, with the original adventure squad / delinquents (Clarke, Bellamy, Octavia, Raven, Monty, Murphy, Miller, Harper) trapped in a room in the bunker forced to WORK THEIR CRAP OUT

With Emori, Kane, Abby, Jackson and Indra on the outside making bets on who makes it out alive

United We Stand (Part 1)

Prompt: This was inspired by 2 imagines! Reader and Raven have a sordid past that Charles is always caught in the middle of.

Pairing: Charles X Reader

Warnings: language, hostility, violence, angst,

Word Count: 1203

Notes: This is based around X-Men Apocalypse. The imagines were combined: Imagine instead of Jean, you went into Charles’s mind to fight Apocalypse for him. “Y/N! Please! I need you!” & Imagine having powers like Scarlet Witch and Charles being VERY interested in them. @marvel-imagines-marvel-fandoms

Also was beta’d by @like-a-bag-of-potatoes and @amarvelouswritings


“Charles, why didn’t she recognize me, she knew me in this form,” Raven questioned as Moira, Hank, and Alex left the room.

“Well after you left me on the beach in Cuba, I took her memories of that time. Have a seat,” Charles offered to her as you stood behind his desk. When he wheeled in front of you, you put your hand on his shoulder.

“Lucky girl,” Raven commented, her blood boiling. Before she had left with Erik on the beach in Cuba, you had been good friends- in fact, you’d go as far to say you were best friends. You’d dated Charles for five years when all of the havoc with Erik and Shaw broke out. But when she left, when she broke Charles heart, you hated her. Your relationship had forever been altered with her.

“It’s good to see you Raven. Welcome home,” Charles said warmly.

“This isn’t my home,” she spat.

Instantly, your insides boiled and you saw red. “How dare you?” you questioned, your hand leaving Charles’s shoulder as you stepped forward. “How dare you say that to him? He was nothing but kind to you.”

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BUILD 2: CHERCHE - the flying Effie

hi guys, mod Raven back at it again! Time for another DAMAGE BUILD (we will do other ones too, no worries). This time with Cherche, the unit with one of the highest atk stat ingame! so lets get started!

1. IV: atk+ … the rest mostly doesnt matter. atk+ res- is probably the best

2. Team?: boosts and dancers? nothing specific as long as you can get her out of the dangerzone (which we will do well with b skill) some atk would helps (makes 10 more match ups winable)

3. Playstayle: Kill and run! she kills most units but gets killed when atked herself! so be cautious on the killling streaks!

NOW the spicy part: BUILD

a) BRAVE AXE+: Cherche has INCREDIBLE high base atk! she is a flying Effie. With the BRAVE AXE+ the opponent will get crushed easily!

b) REPOSITION: utiltity! Cherche is a flying unit so she can fly over mountains and lava. With reposition she can help other units (especially generals) to get to the oher side and maybe even start a surprise atk!

c) BONFIRE: DAMAGE! Cherche has high def too so Bonfire gives her a good burst of extra dmg! Why bonfire over Ignis? Bonfire would proc every 2nd atk initiation while Ignus would need a 3rd initiation! Cherche would have to 2 kill units before to use it on a 3rd unit! not impossible but in arena there just 4 units anyway. Until Ignus is ready our other units probably killed the  opponents left … If you want you can still go Ignus but i dont suggest it de to practical use.


a) DEATH BLOW: we want to to deal damage as we inititate and deathblow gives us the most power without and pre requirements or drawbacks!

b) DRAG BACK (TY mod Clive XD) : A NON DAMAGE SKILL? one could go Axe breaker to win 3 more match ups.. but it isnt needed most of the time so we want to play with drag back. if we kill the opponent we move back without dragging someone with us. That means we can go in kill and get out of the danger zone

c) THR DEF: we want dmg! with drag back we flee and the opponetns follow  us and come into the threaten range. this way she wins with a +4 atk buff from an hone skill from other units 20 (!) more match ups

d) sacred seal: +1 ATK: Simple: DAMAGE

ALL IN ALL: Cherche wins ~ 90 match ups without ANY BUFFS or DEBUFFS. with thr def and hone atk it comes up to 106 (!!!) WITHOUT bonfire! 113 with bonfire or 118 with ignis( only 5 match ups … but taking anoher turn to proc… preferance)

MY OPNINION: Skill inheritance transformed Cherche from lower mid tier unit to a solid high tier one! Her damage output potential is unbelievable and makes most maps and arena figths much easier. Drag back ( mod clives idea) gives her some safety while wrecking teams!

That was it guys. Have fun wrecking heros !

- mod Raven


Ravens at Natural Bridge (Bryce Canyon National Park) by Mark Stevens
Via Flickr:
These two ravens were curious explorers of the people in the parking area. I’d read in many places how one had to be ever watchful as ravens are known for their “trickster” like behavior. These two did not disappoint as they wandered around…

This is a picture of my friend Kari and I. She’s one of the sweetest people I know and she ships Bellarke!! Happy Bellarke Fam Selfie Night. I’m so excited!! @ginalou16 @ravensluna @forgivenessishardforus @dalebozzio @the100boston @iam-dollparts @the-ships-to-rule-them-all @sammasterpiece @clarkegryphus @bellamyblakesprotectionsquad2k17 @ohitsgrace @joybirds @emcri

Titans’ Diet Rant

Okay, so, ~10 years ago, I read a fic in which the mayor of Jump City rewarded the Teen Titans with a set of personal assistants. The set included a nutritionist. The author had clearly not done the research on this subject, because the diet plan the nutritionist set for the Titans consisted of… a cup of peanut butter and a softgel fish oil pill. Per day.

This diet would 1) be extremely disrespectful of Beast Boy’s veganism (which actual nutritionists would have accounted for), 2) fail to cover the full spectrum of vitamins, minerals, and proteins a human needs to thrive, and 3) only provide about 130 Calories per day. As I’m sure you can recall, the average human being needs about 2000 Calories a day for maintenance and daily tasks. The Titans are far from average in this regard, and should probably be compared to Olympic athletes, who often reach daily Caloric requirements of ~8000.

I can easily see Robin having this kind of energy demand, what with all the acrobatic stunts he does, and the training regimen he has to maintain his abilities.

Beast Boy, while less consistent with the training, does often morph large mammals in combat. Did you know horses need 17,000 Calories per day, just for maintenance? I imagine Beast Boy’s weight fluctuates a lot, as he builds up a fat reserve in his down time, and burns through it in seconds when he morphs something large.

Cyborg’s Caloric requirements are probably closer to the ~4000 range, as, while he’s a big, active dude, not much of him requires food for maintenance.

As for Raven, I’ll have to elaborate on a headcanon of mine, and my reasons for it, for this to make any sense. So, I just read through the entire Teen Titans Go! comics archive, in which Raven does not once eat on-panel. In the cartoon series, she eats precisely twice on-screen: an apple in Spellbound, and multiple fruitpies in Mother Mae-Eye. This is significant, because we see the other Titans eat all the time, and Raven’s either not present, or just sitting in their general vicinity. On the other hand, we have frequently seen her substitute herbal tea for meals. Therefore, I propose that, as a human-demon hybrid, Raven can’t actually metabolize any molecules larger than a complex carbohydrate, and is an obligate emotivore (the herbal tea is a personal blend, and works as a sort of “digestive aid” for this). Peanut butter, being high in protein, and proteins being larger than complex carbohydrates, would do bad things to her.

And as for Starfire… hoo boy. So, real quick, let’s do a rundown of her canon-confirmed anatomical traits, and what they indicate: forward-facing eyes (depth perception) on a species that is no longer brachiating, if it ever was, and a slender torso (high-energy per digestive expense food) indicate a predator of some kind; nine stomachs (lots of processing power) and a 3-foot-long, prehensile tongue indicate a browser. So, we have a predatory omnivore, whose plant matter portion of her diet requires lots of digesting? That, or a recently non-brachiating herbivore adapted to eating food that has a high-energy yeild once you get past the super-tough husk. And that’s before you get into the chemistry of a species that can have chromium allergies - which no human could without suffering some major health effects, due to chromium being an important trace element for us - and eat glue without suffering an intestinal blockage - which, again, no human could, due to not producing anything that can break down that kind of adhesive. In conclusion, no well-meaning nutritionist in their right mind is going to touch Starfire’s diet, because the only person regularly on Earth who is remotely knowledgable about Starfire’s nutritional needs… is Starfire.

Kavinsky is leaving the bed with someone still whispering your name, slamming doors, destruction. He’s the slow base of a song played at four am. He’s artwork, a masterpiece; heartbreak and bleeding knuckles and broken mirrors. He’s the thing you never see coming, the breath before the crash, screaming metal, screaming lungs. He’s wet tarmac and grey mornings, surface water. He’s finding ways to hate yourself, blowing smoke into shaking knuckles, clenched tight so you don’t lash out. He’s slowly drowning- in drink, in thoughts, yourself. He’s vapour. He’s obsession. He’s wondering why they left when you did nothing but give. He’s hooded eyes, biting remarks, irresistible. He’s all the reasons you should walk away, the only reason to stay. He’s tracing the path to hell with your fingertips. He’s burning up in flames and taking the whole world with you. 

The Dream Pack are slow motion videos, hooded eyes, twisted smiles. Steady. Steady. Steady hands lighting a match, watching the flames take hold. They’re the thing standing behind you, the stuff of nightmares. They’re narrowing your eyes before the fall, before you do it, before you change. They’re throwing yourself across a room, rage and pain and guilt and sorrow. They’re kissing against a wall, knee between your thighs, hands in your hair, down your spine. They’re bruises and ripped jeans- pitied but not pitiful. They’re the tilt of your head when you’re contemplating how best to approach a situation, toeing the line between right and wrong. They’re nightmares where all you can see is darkness, claws at your back, your face, your heart. They’re tattoos over scars, dreaming of something you can never have. They’re confidence and awareness and all consuming anger. They’re not real. They’re a dream- they’re dream things. They’re dream things that bleed. They’re humans that don’t know how to be people. They’re people that haven’t figured out how to live in a life made for leaving. 

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jaune-refaire-arc replied to your post: For the yelling insulting things into a crowd:…

Lmao. Jaune’s angry mob uniting with Raven’s, drowning the world in salt.

Oh my god, I know right?  At least Raven deserve the salt she gets, cannonly.  Only for the reason of abandoning the Yang.  I haven’t seen her get much shit for being a Bandit Leader who you know…  causes Grimm attacks outside the kingdom with the result of her actions or…  I don’t know…  refusing to tell Qrow what she knows about Spring….

But that’s water under the bridge it seems!  Hate on her for abandoning the main character as a child!  Yeah!

and Jaune…  It’s nonsense why he gets the hate!