raven tudor

You have no idea how much I think a modern day Henry Tudor would run a tumblr blog called bisexualproblems and ninety nine percent of the pictures are just of his husband and wife (in the Anne/Henry/Frain!Cromwell OT3 context) with tags like *lies down on floor in an overwhelmed fashion* *once again I am sexiled by Rachel Maddow talking policy* 

@towyns @ophelia-ascendant and with special thanks to @boleynqueens who makes way better and funnier posts like these but inspires me

Another fact: that I think from Parks & Rec quote about (I think) ‘youth and their relationships’ is modern day AU H7 & Thomas Boleyn to each other after the Anne/Henry/Frain!Cromwell explain their relationship.

Aren’t you all glad I’m in this fandom? (I am so sorry)