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Pairing: Emily x Reader

Requested by anon: Heya I would like to request a Domme!Prentis x Reader fic, please :)

I definitely see Prentiss being this naughty in the bedroom. Major smut ahead you guys, so be warned (or just be pleased i mean).  

I’m going to start linking my masterlist, because I see a lot of people messaging me for the link after I post something, so I hope this will just be easier for everyone, as it sure will be easier for me.  Anyways, back to Emily and some fun smutty activities with our fave unit chief who is totally a freak in the sheets hehe

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Y/N sighed as she stepped into her apartment that she shared with her girlfriend.  Emily was already home, no doubt.

“Em!” she shouted into the apartment, throwing her bag onto the ground and hanging up her coat.  “I’m home!”

When there was no reply, Y/N’s brows furrowed.  Emily’s car was in its spot in the parking garage, she was definitely home.

Walking towards the kitchen, Y/N hummed to herself, thankful it was the weekend and she didn’t have to go back to her stressful job until Monday.  She worked as a temp at the Bureau, basically as an intern for everyone at the bottom of the food chain in the FBI.  Once her temporary internship was over, though, she’d be able to work her way up towards where she wanted to be: with Emily at the BAU.  But good things come to those who work hard and have patience.

She opened the fridge,  getting out a bottle of beer and cocking it open against the edge of the counter and taking a large swig into her mouth.

“Emily?” she asked towards the bedroom, wondering where the heck she was.  Usually when she was forced to stay later at the Bureau, Emily would wait on her, but today, her girlfriend was quick to get the heck out, leaving her behind in a rush for some reason.

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Rachel’s Pond, Jump City. May 15th, 2023. 11:45 AM.

“God in heaven, Jon, why can’t I stop shaking?”

“Don’t tell me you’re getting cold feet, Batboy.”

“Jonathan, I’m serious! I’ve gone toe-to-toe with criminal psychopaths before, why am I so nervous?”

“Because this is bigger than that, Damian! Come on, this is gonna affect the rest of your life!”

“Look, just… Jon, I need to know something right now, before it’s too late.”

“Anything, Damian.”

“… Are you sure my tie’s on straight?”

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anonymous asked:

Braven; I made a mistake with falling in love with you in the apocalypse. And my punishment is seeing you turned into a pale man eating monster.- The same anon that requests sad stuff.

fuvk i had this almost doen and then my computer crashed so i had to re-write it

1. Bellamy sees the end before it comes. He packs a duffel bag with a handgun, a butcher’s knife, and a few changes of clothes, just starts driving. He remembers his ex-girlfriend told him he was a selfish ass, screamed it at him like an insult, but maybe his selfish streak would save him.

Bellamy goes east towards the mountains. He’ll be okay if everything goes to plan.

2. It’s been two days and a pretty girl shoved Bellamy against the wall of a gas station, her small body pressing against him, a knife angled against his jugular. “take me with you,” she says, and Bellamy lets her. 

3. Her name is Raven and doesn’t speak, just stares out the window at the empty farmhouses and miles of colorless farmland. Every once in a while Bellamy will glance over at her, noticing the loose strands of hair that frame her face, noticing the edge of a tattoo peeking out from beneath her shorts. 

4. They get out of the car to raid a grocery store. They think the town is abandoned, until the doors are blocked by half a dozen walkers and he sees Raven’s eyes go flat. She hefts Bellamy’s butcher knife in her hand and she lunges at them, slashing quickly and efficiently, gore splattering across her shirt. 

Raven saves them. 

5. On the eighth day they’re parked on top of a hill overlooking a valley and there’s something in Raven’s eyes that he can’t place. Something between hunger and adoration. Bellamy isn’t suprised when Raven reaches over and puts her hands around his neck, pulling him down to kiss her. 

They fuck in the backseat of his car. Raven is warm and soft and stronger than he thought. She says she wants to feel something, she leaves long red scratches down his bare back. Bellamy can’t bring himself to be anything but gentle.

6. It’s been a month and Raven leaves a trail of hickeys down his neck, like she’s marking him as hers. There’s no one to hide them from. Bellamy wonders if she’d still love him if the world was intact.

7. They’re cornered again, in the parking lot of an old Wal-Mart, and they fight their way out of it, Raven with her knives and snarling mouth, Bellamy with his handgun. 

Bellamy doesn’t notice the bite mark until it’s too late – Raven writhes on the ground, and he cradles her head in his lap, tells her it’s okay, it’s okay, it’s okay. 

But it isn’t, and she knows that.

“Hey Bellamy?” she said, a trail of blood trickling from the corner of her mouth, “I think I love you.”

“I love you too.” 

 She smiles, once. 

  He puts the barrel of the gun to Raven’s head. Click, boom, and she’s gone. 


How They Turn You On (Preference);

Q turns you on by taking a more rough approach. When he’s in the mood to be intimate with you - and this is by no means a rare thing - he will all but slam you against the nearest surface and kiss you so hard you forget how to breathe, his lips curving into a perfect smirk you as cling to his shirt, material balled up in your fists. He’ll marvel at the way your knees shake as he pushes himself closer to you and will begin to assault your neck, leaving visible marks behind.

Sal turns you on by taking you by surprise. You’ll be cooking and he will sneak up behind you, so smoothly you don’t even realise he’s there, before pressing feather light kisses to the back of your neck whilst his hands slip down your sides and tease the edges of your hips. Or you’ll be cuddling on the couch and he’ll suddenly turn so that his lips graze your ear and you’re left shuddering in anticipation as he murmurs ‘I can’t concentrate on the film, baby… wanna go upstairs with me?’.

Joe turns you on by being forward. He has such a personality that whenever he goes for something, it’s never quite demanding, just aggressive enough to make you weak in the knees. He’ll nibble on your ear lobe and you’ll mumble ‘Joe, not now…’ because you’re never willing to admit how desperate he makes you feel - and he’ll persist, hot breath by your ear as he murmurs ‘But I want to. And I know with some persuasion you will too, [Y/N]…’ before trailing ravenous kisses from your jaw to your throat, hands fluttering all over your body as you’re left to slowly melt into him.

Murr turns you on by being overtly dominant. Being rather sweet in nature, you love it when his conniving side comes out; nothing turns you on more than when he tricks you into coming into the kitchen, only to leave you confused when you don’t see him immediately. He takes advantage of your disorientation, pinning you to the kitchen counter with your back against his chest, groin pushing forwards into your rear in a way that just makes you push back against him. When you moan softly, he makes raunchy comments about how good you sound beneath him

hanabiira replied to your post “I want the K”

She blinked at him, speechless. Her eyes searched for a second, but there wasn’t anything exactly that she could say aside from, “Well, maybe you should try it again”

Smiling as he nodded “Gladly…” Leaning back in mimicking his prior kiss, slow to build at first but soon spilling over into a ravenous desire. Hands trailed down from her back wrapping around to glide down over her sides resting at her hips.

Kisses broke off from her lips, now trailing along her jawline and down her neck. Curiousness exploring her body, kissing along his path.


Clexa Prompt: Finger guns

‘Finger Guns and All” by dreamersdeservebetter

“Hey, bad luck to see the bride before the ceremony and all but I-”

Clarke stops at the door, stunned by the vision before her. The bridesmaids smile and quickly excuse themselves to give the couple some privacy, squeezing past Clarke, who stands frozen in the doorway. Lexa’s in front of a long oval mirror, a bouquet of wildflowers clutched in her hands, and she smiles timidly at Clarke’s reflection.

“Hi.” Her voice is soft and it brightens the already-sunlit room. Clarke finally snaps out of her trance and enters the room, seeing nothing but Lexa. Lexa in white. Lexa with her hair swept over her shoulder. Lexa with green eyes shining. Lexa, her bride.

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bob-morley  asked:

Random prompt, smutty or not (but smutty is always better) Bellamy is the nerdy sneaky hot (glee reference there) captain of the high schools debate team who is secretly seeing Clarke who is the captain of the cheerleading squad

warning: smut under the cut
(this is rather short, but I hope I do it justice I AM SUCH A LIAR; I wrote that before I started and now I’m 1k in because I am such trash and have no chill)

Four years fly by and here are the things they don’t tell each other:

It’s number one in the cheer handbook to smile while you strut, but there’s a permanent crinkle that etches into Clarke’s brow when she’s at the top of the pyramid, pearly white smiles and all you can see is the damn princess frowning like she’s assessing the wind’s direction as she flails her arms in earnest. 

(Bellamy fantasizes about that very same face while he’s sleeping sometimes, imagines it’s the same frown she’ll make when he’s touching her someday, and fuck he’ll murmur under a sleepy groan when he wakes up too soon, pulls his polka dot boxers down his toned hips and gets the shower running.)

Clarke’s memorized the gruff undertones of his voice through half-open doorways, reverberating down empty hallways when she’s late to cheer and he’s got a debate meeting after school. She remembers stopping once, squeaky white sneakers halting on the linoleum as Bellamy, all impassioned and infuriatingly snarky, made his final point about rehabilitation versus incarceration. 

With the dark overgrown curls that tickle his face and black framed specs on the bridge of his nose, he should be like all the rest of the debate geeks. But those damn white tees he wears under his open shirts, the toned biceps, the clenched jaw he gets when his opponent tries to outsmart him, it just doesn’t match.

God of the nerds, as Raven so kindly put it.

That day, Bellamy’d caught her staring through the gated glass window, smirked through his words, eyes set on her as he finished off his speech, a gaze so intense that it would have hauled a Clean Teen out of celibacy.

(And no, Clarke did not skip practice shortly afterwards, all flushed and heated, to run the locker room showers all at the same time, hoping to drown out some of her moans as she shoved her hand between her thighs.)

Of course not.

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I Don’t Care (A Bellamy Blake Imagine)

could you do a bellamy imagine where you’re kane’s daughter so when you land on Earth he’s an ass with you because you’re a privileged but with time you liked each others and then your dad came to Earth and he truly disaproved your friendship but bellamy let you know that he’s in love with you. cute bellamy blake and over protective papa kane ?


I love your writing OMG! Can you do an imagine where reader is Kane’s daughter and she likes Bellamy and Kane argues with her about it please and thank you :)

I combined these two requests because I thought that they were really similar. I hope that you don’t mind. I hope that you like it! :)


Kane watches on with disapproving eyes as you giggle at whatever it was that Bellamy had said. You push his shoulder playfully. The loving smile on his face as he looks at you doesn’t go unnoticed either.

You look over and catch Kane watching you. You say goodbye to Bellamy and rush over to your father.

“Hey dad. What’s up?”

“I don’t approve of that Bellamy boy.”

Your heart sinks. “Why not? He hasn’t done anything wrong.”

“He shot Chancellor Jaha!”

“Yeah, and I paralyzed a guard. What’s the difference?” you shrug defiantly. “Jaha survived, it’s not like he killed him.”

“He still tried.” Kane insists.

“Yes, but that doesn’t mean that he wanted to. He only did it because it would get him on the drop ship so that he could protect his sister, who you arrested just for being born!”

“Didn’t you tell me before that he was horrible to you because you’re my daughter?”

“Yes, but then we got to know and understand each other. He’s actually really sweet.” you say with a small smile.

Kane’s face softens for a moment, but then returns to a hard stare. “I don’t care! I’m only thinking about what’s best for you, okay?”

“Where you ‘thinking about what’s best for me’ when you sent me down to Earth in the dropship?”

“Now that’s not fair, Y/N…” he sighs.

“And what you did to me is?” you scoff. “No offense, dad, but you stopped having the right to tell me what to do the day that you sent me down here to die.” And with that, you stalk away, ignoring his calls for you to come back.

A tear slides down your cheek. You quickly brush it away, but another one soon follows. You try to make it back to your tent without completely breaking down - or worse someone noticing that you’re about to break down - but unfortunately luck does not seem to be on your side. Raven is approaching you from where she was standing working on the radio tower.

“Are you okay?” she asks, a worried look on her face.

“Could we maybe not talk about this here?” you ask looking around, hoping that Bellamy isn’t anywhere near you. Luckily, you can’t see him.

“Sure. We can go talk in engineering. No one should be there.” she pauses, and then adds, “Except maybe Wick, but I can get him to leave.”

You nod, and you both begin walking in that direction.

Once you reach engineering (luckily Wick is nowhere to be seen) you completely lose it. You sit down on the nearest stool, sobbing uncontrollably. Raven stands next to you, rubbing your back.

“Okay, what’s going on? I have never seen you like this.” Raven moves to stand in front of you, her hand resting on your shoulder. “And that’s saying something, because I’ve known you since we were seven.”

You chuckle slightly, swiping at your eyes. “It’s just my dad. He-“

“Does this have anything to do with Bellamy?” Raven asks, a knowing look crossing her features. You nod. She sighs, looking down. “What happened?”

“My dad saw us together and he got really pissed and over protective and started yelling at me about how he doesn’t approve of our friendship because Bellamy shot Jaha and was an ass to me when we first got here because I’m privileged. And then I told him that he lost the right to tell me what to do the second that he sent me down here, and just the look on his face when I said it…” you trail off. Raven pulls you into a hug.

“I just love him so much, Rae.” you cry into her shoulder.

“I know.” she says softly, rubbing your back.

“Hey Raven, Wick is-” Bellamy rushes in, but stops short when he sees the scene in front of him. “Y/N? What’s wrong?”

You pull back from Raven, wiping furiously at your face. “Nothing. Nothing. I’m fine.” You attempt a smile, but it comes out as more of a grimace.

“Y/N…” Bellamy gives you a pointed look.

“I’ll just go see what Wick wanted…” Raven says, hurrying out of the room.

“Now will you tell me what’s wrong?”

You hesitate. You don’t want to give in. That would mean admitting your feelings. But there’s something about the desperate look on his face that makes you cave. Ironically, you do what your dad always told you to do in situations that make you anxious. Deep breath. Exhale.

You close your eyes. “My dad…”

That’s all it takes for him to wrap his arms around you and pull you into his chest.

“It’s okay,” he whispers into your ear. “Take your time.”

You cut to the chase. “He doesn’t approve of our friendship.”

You can feel Bellamy stiffen. He hugs you tighter.

“Is it because of what I did to get sent down to Earth?”

You nod. You can feel your eyes tearing up again, but you refuse to shed another tear over this situation.

You pull back from his embrace. “I don’t care.”

“What are you talking about?” His eyes are searching yours.

“I’m done with letting him tell me what to do. He lost that right the day he sent me down here to die.”

He looks into your eyes for a few seconds, searching. Finally, he says, without a shadow of a doubt, “I love you.”

And then his lips are on yours. You don’t respond at first, but Bellamy doesn’t give up. He presses on, pushing his lips more forcefully on yours, begging you to respond, to do anything but just stand there frozen. And, once your head catches up with you, you do. Your arms wrap around his neck, and his are around your waist. You can feel him smile into the kiss. Once you’ve reached the point that you have to pull away for air, you look directly into his eyes and without a trace of doubt in your mind, you say, “I love you, too.”

And the smile on his face makes it all worth it.

anonymous asked:

29 raphael, idk if you write for him

Little Baddie | Raphael Santiago

You coughed loudly, grabbing the vampire’s attention, waiting for a ‘thank you’ or anything similar to that sorts. Raphael Santiago seemed to be extremely surprised, still even after you’d killed all those demons for him. You weren’t exactly fond of the shadowhunters in your Institute, but that was the reason why you went on missions by yourself.

A horde a Ravener demons had followed a mundane to the Hotel Dumort. Not necessarily to the Hotel Dumort, near the hotel. There, you found yourself fending for that mundane before the mundane could run off and escape, therefore leading the Raveners to trail into the hotel. Normally, shadowhunters would just leave considering this was now the vampires’ problem, but you were actually quite fond of them so you let yourself in and helped them. It was a big lot as well, you were surprised you had gotten them all. You were a little, what the mundanes would call, a ‘baddie’, disregarding the fact that the angel blood in you was quite a contradiction.

Still waiting for the token of appreciation, you whistled, grabbing your stele from your back pocket, tracing over the iratze, not exactly reacting to the burning feel.

“I um, I don’t know how to thank you, shadowhunter.” Raphael seemed puzzled. He’d heard of your legendary skills, why would you stop by just to kill a few demons that attacked a few vampires, it wasn’t like you. You were quite the celebrity in the downworld, even if you were an angel and Raphael had been dying to meet you (no pun intended).

Now, don’t tell me you’ve fallen in love with me already,” you laughed to yourself, “actually, you know what? I’m not surprised, happens quite often. But I’ll see you around, vampire.” You flashed him your teeth before backing out of the Hotel Dumort, leaving him standing there astonished.

ND Research Resources Pt. 2

Here’s part 1

The Phantom of Venice

Commedia Dell'arte characters

 The Haunting of Castle Malloy

A Brief History of Irish Castles

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Sunken Treasure: The search for Atocha

Warnings at Waverly Academy

The Mystery of Edgar Allen Poe

Six Creepy Tales by Edgar Allen Poe

The Raven (1915 silent film)

Trail of the Twister

Worlds Most Deadliest Tornado

Shadow at the Water’s Edge

Japanese Ryokans

How to Make an Easy Bento

The Captive Curse

Grimm’s Fairy Tales

Alibi in Ashes

He Walked By Night (1948 Noir film with subterranean tunnels)

Tomb of the Lost Queen

Nefertari, For Whom the Sun Shines

Journey Through the Valley of the Kings

The Deadly Device

The Life of Nikola Tesla

Binary Tutorial

Ghost of Thornton Hall

Oak Alley Tour (the plantation Thornton Hall is based on)

Ghost Hunting at Oak Alley

America’s Castles - Grand Plantations of the Old South

The Silent Spy

The 39 Steps (1935 Scottish spy movie)

The Shattered Medallion

History of the Shattered Medallion

Labyrinth of Lies

The Gods and Goddesses of Greek Mythology

Sea of Darkness

Aurora Borealis Time Lapse

Iceland’s Ice Caves

Midnight in Salem

Salem Witch Trials

The Crucible

Bellarke FanFic (Part1)

This fanfic picks up from where season 2 ended and begins it’s narration a few weeks after Clarke has elected to return to the 100 and the other Arkers. Enjoy!

(Also this is the first time I’ve written anything for me in over a year, apologies for the roughness of it!)


Clarke stepped through the run-down house; or at least what was left of it. Vines covered the crumbling walls, a tree had sprouted in one of the rooms and whatever furniture that used to exist had either been pillaged or decomposed long ago.


Clarke started at the sudden voice. After so long in the wilderness she still wasn’t used to being back with the rest of the Arkers. One of the members of the Guard moved out into the hallway next to her, his gun lowered after securing the room. Clarke shook her head and moved further into the house.  

“I’m still not sure about this location Markus,” Abby said in hushed tones, “maybe we should try to build our own outpost. What if this place is already in use by the grounders and we’re breaking the treaty being here?”

“It’s not in use.”

Markus and Abby whipped around to face Clarke.

“And you’re sure about this?” Markus asked.

“Pretty damn sure. I camped here a few months back, it’s definitely within our borders.”

A thick silence grew between the three leaders. Abby stared at her for a few seconds; Clarke knew she still hadn’t adjusted to having her daughter back with the group permanently, or accepted that Clarke had spent the last few months alone in the wilderness, or for that matter any of the decisions Clarke had made in the battle of Mount Weather. There was a lot they still had to talk about and neither of them were willing to start that particular conversation.

“Um, this would actually serve as a good miniature medical outpost,” Clarke said, breaking the tension. “See, there’s a hole in the foundation here, and there’s water down there. Clean water. Good enough for a drinking well and for washing out wounds.”

“Thank you Clarke,” Markus smiled. He was one of the few people that were on Clarke’s side. That understood her decision to come back.

“Hey! Blondie! Can I get a hand lifting some of this shit out of the Rover?”

Clarke turned to face Raven as she dropped a heavy box of supplies down onto the concrete floor. Her dark ponytail waved happily from side to side as she stiffly straightened upright. Her leg brace glinted meanly in the sunlight. 

Everyone knew her leg still gave her issues but she claimed it wasn’t anything that she couldn’t handle.

“Raven you really shouldn’t be lifting any thing on that leg,” Abby pursed her lips together.

“Yeah, well, that’s why I’ve asked Clarke here to help me.”

“It’s all right mom, I’ll make sure she doesn’t touch another box,” Clarke reassured Abby.

“She’d better not, or I’ll have to rethink my decision to let you come on this mission.”

“Don’t worry about me Abby,” Raven smirked as she strode confidently from the room, Clarke trailing close behind.

Clarke stepped back out into the sunshine and breathed a sigh of relief. Being in closed quarters was still strange, the wilderness was still more of her home than anything with four walls. She trailed behind Raven as they walked towards the Rover, a beast of a truck they had salvaged from Mount Weather.

As they stepped behind the truck Raven suddenly whipped around peering back at the house. “Hey, do you think Abby can see us from here?”

“Uh, no? Why?”

“Thank God,” Raven gasped. Her knees suddenly buckled, her arms shooting out towards the truck for support.

“Oh my god! Raven are you okay?” Clarke wrapped one arm around the thin girl, helping her stay on her feet.

“It’s fine, I’m fine,” Raven panted between heavy breaths. “Sometimes, sometimes, it’s hard, walking, that’s, that’s all.”

“Raven you need to tell my mom if it’s this bad.” Clarke said sternly. “If you won’t I will.”

“No! She’ll put me back on bed rest. I can’t stand not being involved. Please, just,” Raven’s eyes searched Clarke’s own. Seeking the pity she so desperately needed by couldn’t admit to. “Just help me with this last box okay?”

Clarke released her grip on the girl and crossed her arms. “Okay. But only if you let me look at your leg when we get back. You can’t continue like this Raven.”

Raven clung to the side of the truck proudly before her shoulders slumped. “All right, but promise you won’t tell Abby just yet?”

“I promise.”

“I wouldn’t hold her to that Reyes.” Clarke looked up to see Octavia Blake standing before them. Her fierce blue eyes drilled defiantly into Clarke’s. “She’s been known to break promises before.”

“West wood cleared?” Raven asked, ignoring Octavia’s comments.

Octavia continued to stare at Clarke, expectantly.

“Do you need something Octavia?” Clarke snipped.

Octavia snorted and rolled her eyes before brushing past them, purposefully pretending Clarke didn’t exist.

“Ignore her, okay? She’ll get over it,” Raven put a hand on Clarke’s arm comfortingly.

“Have you ever known Octavia to let a grudge go?”

“Well, no. But she has to come around eventually right? She’s just still a little miffed about the whole TonDC incident.”

“A little?” Clarke laughed.

“All right, a lot. But she’s not that bad right? Besides, even a Blake has to forgive and forget eventually, right?”

Clarke sighed before looking out towards the eastern side of the forest surrounding the house. Another patrol party was wandering back in after securing the area. Even from this distance Clarke recognized the dark head of curls walking towards her.

“Unfortunately she’s not the only Blake who hates me.”

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Are You My Boyfriend?

Pairing: Bellamy Blake/Clarke Griffin
Summary: Clarke doesn’t like being told what to do, especially by some quack claiming she talks to ghosts, but she will do a lot to get her mother off her back, especially when it comes to dating. Bellamy just happens to get caught in the crossfire–his fault for wearing the wrong, or right, colored t-shirt–but Clarke may have just underestimated the power of the universe when it comes to her love life. 
wc: ~6.7k
a/n: Based on my life in the sense that my mother’s medium told her I was dating someone (I am very much single, and happily so) who wears a lot of white t-shirts (because that is a totally specific, non-vague detail, yes of course). The similarities end there, but it did make for great story inspiration. Title is a play on the title of the P.D. Eastman picture book Are You My Mother?

Mom – 8:28 pm

So when were you going to tell me you’re dating someone?

Clarke – 8:29 pm

Never? Because I’m not?

Mom – 8:29 pm

You can tell me, you know. If you are.

Clarke – 8:30 pm

Mom, I’m not dating anyone. I barely have time to do laundry or groceries. You do remember what med school is like?

Mom  - 8:30 pm

Well, I just had a feeling.

Clarke - 8:30 pm

A feeling.

Oh. The medium was tonight wasn’t she.

Mom - 8:31 pm


Clarke - 8:32 pm

So apparently some strange women knows more about my life that I do. Fabulous.

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But the Raven, sitting lonely on the placid bust, spoke only That one word, as if his soul in that one word he did outpour.     Nothing farther then he uttered—not a feather then he fluttered—     Till I scarcely more than muttered “Other friends have flown before— On the morrow he will leave me, as my Hopes have flown before.”             Then the bird said “Nevermore.”

ravabanks at Arabia Mountain, photo by Christian Zajicek