raven tales of vesperia


So one time I did the old “Gold Cat-Lightning Dog” trick to get some easy levels and it worked super well except   I    didn’t have Karol’s EXP Share skill on … … … … .

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Don’t know the Lightning Dog-Gold Cat trick? I explain it HERE!

I just found tales of festival 2016 the front cover book picture not really in HQ but this is looks so awesome hopefully someone can really scan this amazing book but in a high quality that would be great ^^. 


[Reprint] White Day Gacha 2015
Duration: 2/29 (Mon) 22:00 -  3/14 (Mon) 15:59

Chance to get 5☆ Leon (White Day), 5☆ Luke (White Day), 5☆ Yuri (White Day), 5☆ Jade (White Day), 5☆ Zelos (White Day), 5☆ Raven (White Day), 4☆ Ludger (White Day), 4☆ Asbel (White Day), 4☆ Hubert (White Day), and 4☆ Jude (White Day) from the special gacha.

※ The first spin for the event period will also only cost 3 Asteria Stones instead of 5.