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no but after Jon and Dany inevitably end up sleeping together, if Bran doesn’t reveal Jon’s parentage by telling him he looked beautiful the night he shagged his own aunt then what is the point of this trash show 

okay no offense but gansey was literally the first person to ever show adam uncomplicated, unabridged, true affection. gansey was the first person to recognize just how much adam longed for love, the first person to recognize that adam was too proud to ever ask for it. gansey was the first person to not only recognize the potential and abilities of adam, but tried to make adam recognize it himself as well. gansey was the first person to care that adam was unsafe, to care that adam was unhappy, to care about adam. from the moment they met, it felt real to both of them in a completely new way. gansey was adam’ best friend from nearly the moment they met, and has not ever stopped being it since. their relationship is one of simplicity, respect, honesty, obvious mutual admiration, and it is so evident that, on whatever level u chose to recognize it, they love each other !!!!!! that’s love, bicth !!!!! that’s it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


“Hello, Jane,” he said, and his voice was as bright and intense as his eyes. It was hard not to be captured by this Gansey; he was both powerful and worrisome in his tension.

Don’t stare – too late.

trc dudes as mcelroy Boy Quotes™

ronan: he’s a fun-havin’ fun-lookin’ dirty boy. like a really rowdy boy. just a dirty boy. just a rowdy, dirty boy. he’s a true rowdy boy.

adam: my perfect boy. my sweet boy let me show you the world! my sweet boy! MY BOY!

gansey: it’s a beautiful baby boy. there’s a good boy. hey! hey! hey there’s a, now that’s a boy that i could get into! that’s a perfect boy! let me see this perfect boy. justin’s special boy.

kavinsky: garbage boy. garbage boy boy stinkman. 

noah:  nervous little punk boy…

henry: i gotta say you’re starting with a sweet boy. he looks like a sweet boy. MY BEAUTIFUL BOY! oh my sweet boy! sweet boy.


greenmantle: very bad boy.

jesse dittley: VERY strong boy! a thick boy. oho yeah, i bet you can’t knock that boy over with a pail of water.

declan: oh god this is such a good wrestleboy.

matthew: you want a big boy or you want a little boy? a little boooy!

do you ever think about ronan and gansey’s burgeoning friendship as youngins and one night they’re sleeping over at the barns, and gansey doesn’t know that that’s an anomaly in itself, how much ronan has already shown him, even though the lynches are supposed to be their own separate kingdom– and gansey starts telling ronan about glendower and the ley line search, in earnest, not just the elevator speech that lets people know he’s eccentric and charming–  and to do this is always a risk, and generally results in disappointment, but he does it anyway, because he is gansey-on-fire around ronan before either of them recognize who gansey-on-fire is

but ronan doesn’t laugh it off or call him crazy or anything gansey’s expecting– instead, he says something like, “of course magic is fucking real. when do we start?” and it’s like gansey has been breathing shallowly for years and is just now able to take a deep breath

do you ever think about how ronan was the first puzzle piece in helping gansey become whole again because i do

honestly the biggest injustice is the fact that tetsuji moriyama is still alive.. like this middle aged man allowed and took part in the systematic abuse of a bunch of children, allowed riko mcpsychopath to set up the whole drake/proust thing, AND he helped riko set up the butcher thing with neil like ichirou should have fired more than one bullet in that room

U don't know who Riley is???

R u kidding me. Riley…. How do I even begin to explain Riley. Riley is flawless. He has two weed stashes and a hydrogenerator. I hear his hair’s insured for $10,000. I hear he does car commercials…On the Ground. One time he met Clarke in Farm Station…And she told him he was pretty. One time he punched me in the face. It was awesome.