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A Hufflepuff/Ravenclaw Relationship Would Include...

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  • Whenever the puff hears a riddle they immediately tell it to the ravenclaw to see if they know it
  • The raven knowing every single one which makes the puff extremely happy
  • The puff encouraging the ravenclaw to not sit inside all day reading 
  • The puff organizing and planning loads of adventures to take their raven on
  • The ravenclaw getting weirdly excited whenever they see their puff running towards them with some kind of map
  • The ravenclaw taking pretty pictures of their hufflepuff
  • the hufflepuff blushing so hard whenever the raven takes a pic 
  • “Why are you looking away? Look how beautiful you are!!”
  • the ravenclaw making pretty cupcakes for their puff on valentines day
  • the hufflpuff doing the exact same and them both dying laughing as they walk towards each other each holding a plate of cupcakes 
  • the raven taking the puff to all sorts of aquariums and zoos because they love to watch the hufflepuff watching the animals 
  • a very tired ravenclaw going up to the hufflepuff because they can’t work out the riddle 
  • the hufflepuff immediately getting it 
  • “How did you know that? Why aren’t you in ravenclaw?” 
  • “Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw are more similar than you realize’
  • The ravenclaw smiling every time someone mentions the puff and vice versa 
  • the puff getting their hands of a muggle polaroid and getting revenge on the ravenclaw by taking loads of pics of them
  • “This is what you get HAH”
  • But wow you look great”
  • “I hate you” “no you don’t” 

theshedevilwrites  asked:

The Diviners trilogy by Libba Bray is amazing! Anything by Libba Bray is amazing, really.

Going on the list! I haven’t heard of her, but I always feel confident reading something when someone says the author as a whole is wonderful.

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