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Since the sequel to As Dreamers Do requires much of the Vancouver crowd, I am compiling a list of headcanons for them. Here we go!

Henry Broadway/Cheng2: Very loud, with no filter between brain and mouth. A people-pleaser, and incredibly loveable. He wears his heart, and his crush on the other Henry, on his sleeve, no matter how inappropriate it is in the moment.

Koh: The most vain of the bunch, though he’s rather plain-looking. His clothes are always immaculate. He’s also the smallest, and the quietest. Despite this, he is fierce when it comes to protecting his friends.

Lee-squared: A theater kid through and through, though he can’t act to save his life. He’s so passionate about it that no one dares tell him how dreadful he is. His English isn’t the best,  but he tries. He’s the sort to try anything once.

Logan Rutherford: Born to a Korean nurse and an African-American soldier. Easily the most chill of the bunch, though his rare anger is a truly fearsome thing. He’s the only one who can keep Ryang calm, and he’s secretly very pleased about it.

Ryang: The most attractive of the group. Sent to live with his aunt because he’s a “problem child.” In reality, he just required more attention than his parents could give him. Living with the boys helps. Though they’ve calmed him a bit, he still fancies himself edgy.

SickSteve: His nickname isn’t as cool as it sounds. It, in fact, came from the fact that he’s too stubborn to miss class even when he’s terribly sick. He’s highly allergic to Mrs. Woo’s cat, too, and he spends most of his free time mildly high on Benadryl.

b/c im still working on content for them, here are some vancouver crowd headcanons, most of which are carried on from the captions on this post:


  • punk rock. absolutely punk rock.
  • the reason why there’s now a rule forbidding ‘unnatural and/or lurid colouring of hair’ circa 2014 in the aglionby rulebook.
  • he exclusively listens to alt-j, glass animals, and got7.
  • he takes all three sciences (chem, bio, phys) as well as both calculus and statistics, because he hates himself.
  • the angriest of petitioners. wrote a scathing letter to headmaster child protesting the limit on subjects, and as a result is currently the only aglionby student who takes fourteen (fourteen!) subjects.
  • buys gourmet sushi from across the aglionby dorms to feed his cat. she doesn’t appreciate it, he says, but is personally offended when one of the others suggests they just buy her normal cat food.
  • bitter.
  • he mans the official vancrewver instagram, and under him, over 80% of it is selfies of himself. occasionally, there’s a shot of the defaced aglionby billboard with henry cheng on it, or a picture of cialina with sicksteve’s personal instagram tagged in the caption, but it’s mostly selfies. ryang’s selfie game is pretty strong. litchfield house was renovated with wall-length windows to give him good selfie lighting.
  • along with chengtwo, ryang’s closest to henry.
  • definitely the angriest and most slouching of the crew, to the point that he’s gained a spot in the hall of fame at nino’s for simply the Worst Of The Worst At Aglionby.
  • champions the swim and lacrosse teams, and gets up at ungodly hours in the morning to train. 
  • he’s on pretty good terms with the mountain view kids. (tj takes joyrides on his motorcycle, confirmed) 
  • the friend who somehow convinces you to do shit you’d never consider sober, and who gets you to drink enough to gain advanced perception of the shadow people in your peripheral vision.
  • ryang’s a truly renowned drunk who made koh buy him alcohol before he could legally do so himself. sicksteve has a scrapbook of him doing dumb shit at parties. they pass it around every break to remind him to chill out a little.
  • he broke his lacrosse stick over another student’s (tad! carruthers!) head for calling him a ch!nk, and was not at all sorry for the fallout. 
  • there used to be a video on youtube of him doing shots at a party, and then proceeding to fistfight jiang, but it was taken down upon a teacher’s request. it’s been archived on the instagram page, though, and can be found between a picture of him and leesquared posing next to headmaster child’s porsche, and a video of rutherford doing his homework in the shower.
  • has little to no interest in advertising himself as a modest student, but has restricted himself to indulge only occasionally in his considered-radical political beliefs.
  • (ryang is a marxist.) (if you imply in any way that his beliefs reflect stalinist ideals, he will deck you.)
  • his instagram handle is unironically ryang.gosling, and has been since he was twelve.
  • he plans to go into law after aglionby, and has big plans for, in his words, revamping the justice system. the other boys relentlessly take the piss out of him for it.
  • in general, he’s not a fan of gansey, or who he perceives gansey to be, and he definitely isn’t a fan of ronan. he’s pretty fond of blue, though, and definitely dyes her hair to match her name when they get home from venezuela.
  • in general, he’s really, really, not sorry.

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songs from The 100: The Musical

Bellamy - “Responsibility” [a lament]

Clarke & Bellamy - “Let’s Do It (Your Plan Of Course)” [duet with lots of strings]

Raven - “I Got This” [cool guitar pop]

Monty - “I Was Right (Not That Anyone Listened)” [cool jazz number]

Murphy - “Fuck the Earth” [angry tap dance]

Raven - “(Reprise) I Don’t Got This” [sad guitar pop]

Raven Boys (& Blue) + Broadway

- Ronan loves Once. I mean obviously because he’s Irish and it reminds him of his childhood, but also because the soft intensity of the sound and the beautiful sadness of it reminds him of Adam. His favorite song is Leave.

- Gansey is a Hamilton nerd fight me on this. He idolizes Lin and memorizes all the songs so he can dorkily rap along to impress Blue who laughs her ass off the whole time. He may or may not be working on a Glendower bio-musical.

- Adam likes more traditional shows like Les Mis and Oliver but he’s also a sucker for Newsies and would kill for tickets to Waitress.

- Noah loves The Addams Family and Billy Elliot. When touring casts come near Henrietta he sneaks in and watches shows.

- Blue loves Wicked okay. She just does. She relates to Elphaba and sings Defying Gravity while dancing around her bedroom. She made Gansey sing the Fiyero part of As Long As You’re Mine with her. They do not speak of this.

are you a mint leaf gansey or a wristbands ronan type of person? madonna henry or the beatles gansey? ‘if you kiss your your true love he’ll die’ or ‘you will live because of glendower’? a henry “holy fuck we got girls” broadway or a tad “speaking of which here’s parrish” carruthers person?

anonymous asked:

we know maybe 5 things about cheng 2, but I'm still so happy to see how many people are springing up to love him

Things We Know About Henry “Cheng2″ Broadway: 

  1. he’s hyperactive and drinks energy drinks constantly
  2. his honor apparently depends on bringing henry cheng coffee
  3. he wouldn’t be caught dead driving a camry
  4. he never learned how to keep his mouth shut
  5. girls excite him!!
  6. he talks about his plans to improve economics in the southern states when he’s high

i love henry broadway