raven on broadway

Raven Boys (& Blue) + Broadway

- Ronan loves Once. I mean obviously because he’s Irish and it reminds him of his childhood, but also because the soft intensity of the sound and the beautiful sadness of it reminds him of Adam. His favorite song is Leave.

- Gansey is a Hamilton nerd fight me on this. He idolizes Lin and memorizes all the songs so he can dorkily rap along to impress Blue who laughs her ass off the whole time. He may or may not be working on a Glendower bio-musical.

- Adam likes more traditional shows like Les Mis and Oliver but he’s also a sucker for Newsies and would kill for tickets to Waitress.

- Noah loves The Addams Family and Billy Elliot. When touring casts come near Henrietta he sneaks in and watches shows.

- Blue loves Wicked okay. She just does. She relates to Elphaba and sings Defying Gravity while dancing around her bedroom. She made Gansey sing the Fiyero part of As Long As You’re Mine with her. They do not speak of this.

are you a mint leaf gansey or a wristbands ronan type of person? madonna henry or the beatles gansey? ‘if you kiss your your true love he’ll die’ or ‘you will live because of glendower’? a henry “holy fuck we got girls” broadway or a tad “speaking of which here’s parrish” carruthers person?

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-girl bands and girl artists in general tbh

-Star Wars
songs from The 100: The Musical

Bellamy - “Responsibility” [a lament]

Clarke & Bellamy - “Let’s Do It (Your Plan Of Course)” [duet with lots of strings]

Raven - “I Got This” [cool guitar pop]

Monty - “I Was Right (Not That Anyone Listened)” [cool jazz number]

Murphy - “Fuck the Earth” [angry tap dance]

Raven - “(Reprise) I Don’t Got This” [sad guitar pop]