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Interview: Denzel Curry of Raider Klan
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A couple of weeks ago at Wood Tavern in Downtown Miami, we got to chop it up with Denzel AK Curry about his upcoming project thats still in the works, some of his favorite verses, who he has the most chemistry on wax with and more. Check out a short clip above and read the full interview below.

What part of Miami do you represent?
Blackland, Carol City you know, 32nd ave. Zone 3

When did you first hook up with the Klan?
Ahh shit, Mike Dece gave me Spaceghost’s number and then I talked to Purrp and I ended up getting myself and Dece into Raider Klvn before he got kicked out or whatever happened between them.

Who would you say you have the most chemistry with in Raider Klan?
To be honest its out of the dread head niggaz, you know like, Yung Simmie, Soulja Mook and N3LL

And just to clarify you and Mook are brothers?
Oh yeah, hes a Curry too. Older brother.

When do you plan on dropping Nostalgia 64?
No date right now, at first I had a date, but I dont now when its gonna be ready

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Do you have any features you could reveal?
Well you already heard N3LL and JK the Rapper, but we’re talking about some Odd Future x Raider Klvn shit, me and Mike G we talked about it and yeah thats how it is.

So far whats your favorite verse that you’ve put out?
It gotta be out of Nigga Like Me with Yung Simmie (produced by Lil Ugly Mane) or Trippy Phonk with me, Yung Kane & N3LL.

Favorite movie?
I watch too many of em, damn! I was thinkin of Pulp Fiction [laughs] that shit is crazy, that shit is raw though.

Favorite producer in the game right now?
Whoooh… Mr. B!

Who’s someone you want to collab with that you haven’t yet?
Shit, probably Joey Badass

For more from Zel, download S4MR here.