raven kingston

  • River in "The Name of the Doctor": How are you even doing that? I'm not really here.
  • Eleven: You're always here to me. And I always listen.
  • ---
  • Clara in "The Magician's Apprentice": How did you know I was here? Did you see me?
  • Twelve: When do I not see you?
  • Me: An emotional wreck

Raven Kingston.. she always knew she was.. off.. odd.. special.. something. Weird things happened when she was around, when she was mad, or even really happy. Her and her family grew up in a crowded apartment in downtown Bridgeport. Raven never had many close friends, until she met Dahlia. Little Dahlia, so small for her age, was being bullied by some of the older kids. On many occasions when Raven hadn’t had lunch money Dahlia would quietly pay for both of their lunches, they would sit together, but not talk to one another. When Raven saw the kids picking on her, something fierce kicked in, she stepped in, stopped the nonsense, took Dahlia by the hand and led her out the doors and off to her overcrowded little apartment. The two stayed very close throughout school. Eventually, at one of their two person sleepovers, always at Raven’s house, Dahlia showed Raven her wings, told her she was a fairy. Raven was amazed, and told her friend of the strange things that happened to her sometimes. But Dahlia knew what Raven did not. She could sense it. Slowly Dahlia helped Raven discover what she was, and helped her become the witch she is today. Raven might be shy, and a little hot headed, but she loves deeply and would do anything for her close friends, and of course, her kitty, Jazzie. 

Eventually both girls became comfortable with who they really were, and when Dahlia turned 20 and stopped aging, she made sure to study every spell, enlisting her brother and sister’s help, until they found a way to keep Raven from aging, too. After the two girls traveled around for a while they met Aidan and the three moved in together in a town called Moonlight Falls. A place they could be themselves. Different people have come and gone, some staying longer than others, but in the end its always the three of them. But, how long can it stay that way when Raven might be falling for the same guy Dahlia has?