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Atlas' pet (Part Seven of ? )

“Woah, those two are the ones who pinned Machoke…”

“I heard they’re going after Lucario next…”

“I think the green one is kinda cute…”

“Dude, shut up! You don’t wanna end up like Machoke.” Mienfoo clamped her paws around Pancham’s mouth as Atlas and Bulbetta walked past, heading deeper into the forest. The two pokemon watched anxiously, desperately not wanting to tussle with these two pokemon. “I think the big one is a Keldeo, but I’ve never seen one with those colours…”

Their voices faded away as the moved out of earshot, although Bulbetta doubted Atlas had been truly listening. He was nose-deep in his book, reading intently. Occasionally he’d look up to check their heading, but otherwise he remained silent.

“So, what’s up with that thing?” Bulbetta broke the silence, kicking a stone in her path. (The stone flicked off into a bush and hit a Meditite, giving rise to rumors of these mysterious combatants having extrasensory perception)

Atlas looked at her, raising an eyebrow. He then lowered it, letting out a small chuckle. “It’s my spell book.”
“Spell book? Don’t Unicorns cast spells naturally?”

“Well, my spells are a bit different… Let’s just say there’s a lot of them, so I keep them all in this book so I don’t forget them.” He closed the book in question, tucking it away in his bag. He retrieved a small bottle of water, taking a sip and offering some to Bulbetta.

“So, what spell were you reading?” She asked, between drinks. Atlas grinned at her, nodding his head back a bit. “Just a little soul-detection spell. Kinda like Raven’s eye, but I actually have to cast it. A pokemon has been following us since before we entered the forest.”

“The one that threw the rock?”

Atlas nodded, taking the water bottle back and putting it away. “They’ve kept a good distance, so I can’t tell much about them. But that in itself gives us some information.” He continued to walk, occasionally looking down at the bulbasaur.


“Well” Atlas began, smiling. “They obviously have a good aim, knocking out that Poliwrath from a distance with one shot. The fact that they haven’t attacked us shows they’re likely not-hostile. They’re just watching us for now, I think. Trying to figure us out.”

“I hate being watched.”

Atlas just chuckled again, as they got closer and closer to the large tree. If he knew anything about Lucario, it’s that he could see then coming already. Like Raven, the pokemon could sense the life energy of others around him. There were two pokemon watching them.

Indeed, sat on a thick branch overlooking Beatdown Forest, Lucario meditated. He could feel the energy from the two approaching beings, and their careful pursuer.
“Maybe… These are the ones who can help…”


Fairly Dialogue heavy this time, although I feel it’s important to balance out my combat writing with some story stuff.

Here, we learn of the power of rumours, and of a Pancham with a forbidden crush.

Plus, some info about their mysterious tailer, and a new mystery from Lucario.

Thank you to @askmisspikafu for allowing Bulbetta to keep Atlas company on this adventure.

Keep an eye out for more soon!

A night off

The Artful Dodger was filled with colour and light as Atlas walked in. He looked around at the ponies drinking and laughing happily, their conversations as colourful and individual as their drinks and coats. Taking a deep breath in, Atlas smiled to himself. It was odd, for a pony as antisocial as Raven to enjoy this place.

The dark turquoise Unicorn was sat in a booth in the far corner. Before him, a stone mug that no doubt contained a simple cider was sat. The pony’s eyes were closed, and to the untrained observer he’d look lost in thought. To those that knew him, however, he was merely observing the colorful magics around him.

Raven was gifted in a few ways, although he rarely saw them as gifts. The first was his eye. Kept behind a snug black patch, his eye was greyed and drained of colour. He was blind, technically, but the tradeoff for his missing sight was worth it.

The entire spectrum of magic was open and visible to the pony. The energy that dwelled within every pony, every object in the universe was bared for him to peruse. With focus, the pony could even follow single threads of magic, and determine their cause and caster.

The second of his gifts was much less understood. It rarely happened, although with such an effect it was easy to understand why. Raven was incredibly magical, but he was usually unable to fully use it. He truly had to believe in himself before he could access the strength behind his quiet demeanour.

“Haven’t seen you in a while, Atlas.” Raven spoke quietly and softly, barely heard over the other conversations inside the walls of the bar. “Haven’t been on any trips lately, huh?” He added, opening his eye and taking a sip of cider. Atlas shook his head, grinning a little.

“No, no trips for a little longer. I’m still settling into the library.” Atlas ordered himself a cocktail, sitting back and smiling. “Those Roses you gave us are really useful. How did you make them, anyway?”

“I wouldn’t want to bore you with the details… Oh, hey Juicy.” Raven suddenly changed the subject, bopping his head up a bit. Atlas turned his head, looking for the candyfloss mane of Juicy Dream, but not spotting her. He raised an eyebrow, and nodded at Raven.


The two watched as the plump mare stepped in, and made a beeline for their corner.
“Hope you two don’t mind if I join you?” Juicy hopped into the booth, rubbing up against Raven and laughing as she saw him blush. “Oh, Raven.~ You’re so cute when you turn red.”

Raven said nothing, as he retreated into himself and took another drink, leaving a short silence in the air.

“So, Juicy. You turning tricks tonight?” Atlas paid the griffon who brought him his drink, and took a sip. Juicy shook her head, making the bell around her neck jingle a little.
“Not tonight. It’s my night off, and I was hoping to find another kind of fun.~”

The evening passed quickly, between drinks and laughing conversation, until the three were more than a little liquored up, and the bar was empty aside from them. The moon was high in the sky when Raven decided to stop himself.

“You four…” He began, slurring a little. His one eye glanced around woozily, apparently struggling to focus on anything in particular. Juicy and Atlas laughed lightly, rolling around a little. They were both red-faced from drinking, not a single thought paid towards their hangovers the next day.

“Youknow… You two are really, really funnyy~” Juicy slurred a little as well, looking between the two of them with a floaty head. “I wanna take one of you home~” She giggled.


A small little thing I’ve had rolling around it my head for a while. Who goes with Juicy, Atlas or Raven? You decide!

Thank you to @ask-louvely