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the ever-present prokopenko, or: k’s dream boy in his nightmare world

Ok but: Marcus having to radio Abby and tell her about the Ark.

He doesn’t even have the words but he’s Chancellor and it’s his responsibility to tell his people not only is their home gone but their entire backup plan with it and now all responsibility for saving the human race is on Abby and her team.

I ma g i n e that converstaion. Imagine Abby so glad to hear his voice because when they tried to reach him earlier there was no response. Imagine his hesitation because he’s so glad to hear her voice too and he just lets himself  enjoy it for a second before it all comes out.

And now imagine Abby, after hearing all this terrible news, concealing the fact that oh btw she is probably bleeding into her brain because she can’t add to his burden (and because she’s still in denial and telling him will make it real)…

The last episode of The Pit Stop where Raja asks Raven if a queen who deserves to win has never not won before and Raven just smirks and goes “Yeah, Manila.” has been SENDING me since it came out. The way Raja has a grin on her face before Raven answers because she thinks she’s going to say her own name and then her face cracking when she says Manila is everything siodnvdoinfbe why can’t I find a gifset

Clashilder (Clara Oswald/Ashildr) headcanons
  • Clara and Ashildr sometimes argue over who gets to drive the TARDIS.
  • Clara insists that Ashildr go to school, even though Ashildr insists she doesn’t need an education. She never admits to Clara that she actually enjoys it.
  • During school, Ashildr is constantly going ‘Wrong‘ and ‘No‘ during History and Science.
  • Clara discovers that because she has to die when facing the raven, she can’t be killed by anything else, giving her something more in common with Ashildr.
  • Every time Clara considers going back to Gallifrey, Ashildr takes her on ‘one last journey‘ and the two keep traveling.
  • The first time Ashildr flirts with Clara, Clara says ‘aren’t I a bit old for you?‘ and Ashildr has to remind her that she’s like infinite years old.
  • Clara assumes Ashildr is a virgin, until she reads Ashildr’s ‘R-rated‘ diary.
  • The two girls live in London present day when not traveling. While there, Clara works as a bar maid and Ashildr ‘pretends’ to be a introverted teen.
  • When Clara or Ashildr want to see a movie really badly, they just travel forward and watch it. Ashildr then posts a bunch of spoilers, some real, some fake, to watch the internet panic.
  • While traveling to Victorian London, Ashildr comes across one of Clara’s echos, and gets extremely confused until Clara explains it to her.
  • Ashildr eventually gets the chameleon circuit working, and Clara insists she make it a police box because ‘That’s just what a TARDIS should look like.‘ Ashildr makes it red because it’s her favorite colour.

I still can’t believe that Clara and Ashildr traveling in a TARDIS is actually canon.

Imagine Blue telling Ronan she doesn’t believe in God. And Ronan is just like, “Okay Sargent, but if there’s no God, explain this.”

And then Ronan just grabs Adams chin and turns him toward Blue.
“Have you seen this face? The fuckin’ elegance of his jaw? The freckles across his perfect nose? His blue eyes like the damn sky? How do you think this face could be made by anything other than the hand of God?”

And Blue is holding back laughter and Adam is looking at her like he’s daring her to let one out.

And Ronan just combats the silence with, “What? You don’t see it? Do I need to move on to Adam’s hands? Because if Adam’s hands don’t prove that God exists then nothing will.”

And Noah just pops out of nowhere and says, “I’d like to hear about his hands.”

And from across the room Gansey says, “I’m actually rather convinced by his face, but I wouldn’t mind hearing about his hands.”

And basically Blue’s stance on God doesn’t change, but Gansey and Noah become believers and Adam decides to at least try praying to God because he never wants Ronan to do that again (even if it is flattering).

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How many revisions does a script usually go through for you? And is it different based on what show you're working on - do the Who folks have a different process than the Halcyon team, for example?

The drafting process is pretty much the same on all UK dramas but the number of drafts differs every time. The treatment usually goes through a bunch of revisions, and then a script can go through any number of drafts. Then there are usually amendments to the script once it has been issued for shooting. Face the Raven had about nine or ten drafts, Thin Ice only had five. My episode of The Halcyon had seven. 

But actually those figures are a lie because I go through about three drafts myself before I hand in a “first draft” to the production. I do a zero draft just for me that no one else ever sees, then a draft that my BFF reads, then a polish that becomes my official “first draft”.

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#okay, so Doctor wanted to wipe out Clara's memory in order to keep her safe against the Time Lords. But I don't get why it's him that forgets Clara? I mean, it's not Donna scenario where it's either death or memory loss. They could do something not to have him forget like that. I think it's just pointless?

I think there are a few reasons why the storyline unfolded the way it did, and personally I’ve come to terms with the Doctor’s memory loss (N.B.: mind you this was after some serious fix-it fanfic therapy, most of which involved a Whouffaldi reunion with fat babies). 

I wouldn’t say it was pointless - it 1) was dramatic as fuck, 2) allowed JLC to leave the show with the option of a return appearance and 3) allowed for Clara’s exit without killing her off. All in a very, neat package, with a nice parallel-ing nod to what happened with Donna.

And it is a very neat package indeed, because it achieves all of the above and still manages to make it conceivable that the Doctor could then move on with his life and be the character we see in Series 10. Now that some time has lapsed since Face the Raven (both for the Doctor and the audience), and especially in light of how seemingly angst-free the Doctor is so far in s10, it may be difficult to recall just how much pain the Doctor was in (and how much pain we were in) after Clara died. Like, I couldn’t get out of bed the morning after FtR and was completely out of it for a week and he punched a wall for 4.5 billion years. So there was no fucking way he could have just let her go at the end of Hell Bent short of a complete memory wipe. Or he could have let her go with his memory intact, and then spent the rest of this regeneration (and possibly the next few) brooding over her.

That’s how I see it anyway.

6122. One of the worst threats Raven has ever faced is a dark version of Beast Boy. This version of Garfield was responsible for assassinating different versions of Raven with the excuse of releasing their respective Beast Boys, believing that the versions of the sorceress only humiliate their Beast Boys and had to be freed from their diabolical claws. Before being finally stopped with the help of all Titans and Doom Patrol, this version of Beast Boy got to kill about 300 versions of Raven. Among those versions the most outstanding is Red Raven, Raven from a universe similar to Injustice, a version genderbender and one where he was Slade’s apprentice.

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most ardently- chapter one

Clarke Griffin has been forced to abandon her name and her family. She is desperately hiding in her new role as lady’s maid to Lady Lexa, fumbling through her duties and hoping to become invisible, when she realises that her heiress mistress is caught firmly under the thumb of her overbearing uncle. As Lexa suffocates under the expectations of her remaining family, she and Clarke slowly realise that they may be each other’s safe haven.

or: Clarke is hiding a secret while struggling to seem like an experienced lady’s maid for Lexa, who is painfully glad for a friend.

1/6, 5.7k words

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“You’re going to be a terrible lady’s maid.”

Octavia’s voice echoes over the tiles of the kitchen from behind her, but Clarke is too busy balancing the heavy tray in her hands. The china clinks softly under her trembling grip, evidence of her inexperience, but she grits her teeth and clenches her jaw so tightly that it hurts even as her arms shudder under the unusual weight.

“Here, let me.” Octavia scoops the tray from her hands just as her arms begin to fail her and dumps it on the table with a clatter of silver and crockery. The delicate rose patterned cup shivers under her rough treatment, but Octavia doesn’t spare it a glance. Instead she turns her attention back to where Clarke is running her fingers over the skirt of her dress, trying to iron out any wrinkles and hide her fear. It’s borrowed, dark and patched in places, a little too small so that her ankles and dark stockings show, and despite the pristine white apron over it, Clarke feels almost bare in the scratchy, foreign fabric.

“Clarke, calm down.” Octavia’s fingers on her arm are reassuring and grounding and she centres herself around the feeling, letting out a soft sigh.

“I’m sorry,” Her voice is quiet but steady.

“It’s alright.” Octavia’s fingers tighten and Clarke can see the worry in her eyes when she continues, cautiously, “Are you sure you want to do this? There’s no obligation-”

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Vanessa + smiling because of Ethan

so have we talked about daemon au yet

tw: child abuse (mentioned), death, essentially sexual assault (both mentioned and explicit), animal abuse

-neil, his daemon settling late, constantly forced to adapt to new identities, small, safe, harmless daemons, mice and songbirds, squirrels, frogs (but rusalka never lets herself revert to insects or arachnids she will be seen she is real she is here) until he has to burn her body, smoke rising to join the last remnants of gold dust
-in millport rusalki starts taking on bigger forms
-he doesnt think anything of it until the plane ride when the lady at check-in puts him in the large daemon seating and he’s like oh no actually you dont need to charge that im not settled yet and rus is like um actually about that. the lady just looks at the moose whos like 7ft (its possible tho rare for cow moose to have antlers). back at neil. who is five fucking three. finishes checking him in. she’s seen worse tbh.
-as funny as it would be to see a giant fucking moose fuck up riko, sport stadiums have a sublevel so people’s daemons can follow them underneath as they compete, aquatic daemons have aquariums on wheels and there are similar mobile perches for birds since most birds depend on things like thermal updrafts and wind currents to fly for an extended period of time and also terrariums for basically everything else that isnt able to keep up with the speed of high contact sports
-his daemon is a moose bc neil is so fucking done w hiding despite whatever he tells himself and rusalka is also ready to fight everything and everyone and also moose, like neil, are surprisingly fast
-actual angel jeremy sunshine knox w a golden retriever her name is aurora
-jean’s daemon is a sunflower seastar. hear me out ok. starfish keep growing, they heal themselves over n over n over. like they’ll survive almost anything. including rikos knives which isnt to say its not painful it just means riko had alternative torture methods he could employ without killing the daemon/Jean or resorting to touching the daemon (for those who havent read hdm its a hugely personal thing to touch a daemon since theyre basically a physical manifestation of the soul
-allison’s daemon is a mute swan: graceful, lovely, will snap ur fucking neck without blinking if threatened, extremely protective
-kevin also settled rly late when he went to wymack and made the deal w andrew
-her names deidre, she’s a fennec fox bc Irony and also bc do not let pop media fool u; foxes and most other predators are the opposite of fierce they prefer most reward for least effort simply bc thats the most efficient way to survive and foxes are pretty cowardly
-also fennec foxes in particular are a desert species (evolved to survive harsh conditions) and have a lifespan of 14 yrs which sounds about right considering the state of kevin’s liver and they have eagle owls as predators
-which brings me to riko, who has a golden eagle. and as anyone who’s read animorphs know, they are the bullies of the bird world, they hunt other birds, it would be incredibly fucking funny if isonade was a raven but at the end of the day riko has to face it, he’s just not a team player
-do you think smol kevin & riko with tiny lil fluffy not-yet-settled raven babs would be cute? yeah well so does edgar allens PR team and since they have matching daemons, riko torments kevin by making their daemons switch, isonade pretending to be deidre and deidre pretending to be isonade and riko stroking her glossy black feathers while kevin tries not to throw up
-nathan has a shrike nicknamed a butcher bird due to the way it eats, in certain social circles shes called the butcher’s knife
-nicky’s daemon is a san blas jay: social, omnivorous, and fairly colorful birds that have been observed to show homosexual tendencies (which isnt saying much tbh wikipedia had like 200 birds and thats not counting mammals, fish etc)
-matt has a st bernard they are so damn pure honest to fucking god dan is so blessed they give the best hugs
-renee has a mongoose and in like retrospect the guy who assaulted her shouldve known because his was a cobra and she fucking destroyed him
-after she converted to christianity she was conflicted about this intrinsically violent manifestation of her soul and when she expressed this to stephanie, she asked: would you do it again if you were in the same position, and renee said yes, and stephanie said: good. god would not want you to allow harm through passivity
-it took her a while but she worked through it
-andrew’s daemon is a cat, american shorthair, really dark tortoiseshell, this isnt just cuz of the extra content okay imagine tiny andrew needing the ability to defend himself, but if wistry (short for wistrelyn) goes for something big like a wolf or a lion his abusers really wouldnt hesitate to touch her so she has to pick something that seems defenseless
-but at the same time this way he knows he could fight back if he ever really needed to, he has the option he’s just choosing not to
-the first time wistry claws drake, he declaws her slicing off the tips of each toe with an x-acto knife while andrew retches into the corner
-there’s no evidence; daemon parts dissolve into rusokov particles
-the second time she waits until drake shoves his pants down and clamps her teeth in the soft flesh of his groin, aiming for the femoral artery, but then his hand twists in her scruff and even though theyve lost count how many times this taboo has been violated its never any better to have someone else touch your daemon
-and it just makes things worse anyways so wisty just stops fighting it
-and she cant switch to another form to regain her claws; whether it’s because they’ve settled on identity or because of dismemberment they don’t know (mostly bc i feel like it would be Bad disabled commentary to just. regrow bones. but lemme know if i should stay in my lane)
-dan’s daemon is a black mamba and for the longest time a bunch of shitheads would be like ooo how sexy how exotic~~~ but hey it brought in money and when she started dating matt he totally made a bunch of “heartstopping” puns
-wymack’s daemon is probably like a beagle
-aaron has a california red-legged frog
-he’s like the kind of person who knows 5000 facts about every form his daemons taken
-that kid who went to preschool with a goddamn velociraptor bc no one told him it was impossible for daemons to be extinct species
-like, yknow, before his mom gave up on him and crushed his dreams lmao
-i feel like. a bat would also fit aaron
-probably he went through a phase trying to get his daemon to be a pokemon

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Water and Time.

Husbands of River Song take aways.

So many God Damn good moments. I’ll edit as I think of more. Where should one begin? We need many GIF sets.
[I’ll just describe them, maybe someone else will make them?]

  • River Song as all things a woman can be, sexy, smart, conniving, passionate, socially aware, complex, and strong as hell. She knows what she’s taking, and she knows who it was from, and to whom it belongs. She five steps ahead of everyone in the room. [insert FLAWLESS GIF] She also manages to destroy an entire ship of horrible people in the process — oops, or not. 
  • “Cleopatra!”/ “Same Thing!” LOL. Cleo got some skills: They both married her.  I knew Moffat proclaimed River was bisexual but it’s one thing to exploit the concept for a throw-away giggle or something off-screen and quite another to use this as part of her actual character development in story. It works here for me, because it further demonstrates that River has lived and loved on her own terms. Multiple husbands for multiple reasons and at least two wives, one being an Egyptian Queen. I’m okay with that. Furthermore, the fact that River has so much going on parallels the Doctor’s own level of ‘need’ for companions.  Neither one could be satisfied by one person their whole lifespan. (Do we even know if Time Lords have sex they way humans do?)  The fact that they’re there for each other when it most matters is what truly matters. 
  • FINALLY we see The REAL Married Couple. Seamless, working in sync, finishing each other’s sentences. This was the fan’s dream. Everything this pairing was meant to be. No nose boop, but I suppose that’s Smith’s property. 
  • THOSE LOOOOKS. OMG. “Hello Sweetie” I’m sorry Alex but Peter took your line and killed it.  Attack eyebrows, my ass, those are EyeSex-machines. Keep your flammables away from the screen. Capaldi can melt candles with that stare. No Kiss, damn it, but we all damn well know what happened after that last shot. (ETA: And notice that he did kiss her back on the cheek) Probably better that we didn’t see it. Our imaginations will always be better.  Besides, Moffat didn’t want to contribute to global warming  trends by setting all those Whouffaldi shippers heads on fire at once. 
  • River as the Mirror: Much ado was made about The Doctor seeing River as she “truly” is when he’s not around, but what he really gets to see is himself. What he is to her, reflected in her emotions, her diary, the Faces in her ‘spotter’s guide’ and her own words. She holds up a mirror to him for better and for worse. He learns from this. 
  • How River looses her shit when her diary is taken. Grrrrl
  • The Doctor and The Diamond: “Indestructible as ever,” as his wife lies there sparkling. “(He) MARRIED the DIAMOND”. Note also, that he didn’t pick her up and put her in a comfy blanket.  He knew she was fine and she can and will pick herself up off the floor. She is NOT the Damsel. Mr. Song is not her patriarchal savior
  • “I saved her!”  [Insert gif set with Ten saying that along side this moment] Blink and you miss it, Twelve runs the Sonic over River’s face as she is smiling. This is the moment he ‘saves’ her. Making a data-copy in her happiest moment. He does it without a blink. 
  • The Doctor is The Architect: He builds a restaurant for the Towers. He uses a Time machine to make a reservation.
  • Water and Time. The Towers are rock formations.The wind makes them sing but what makes these kind of geological monuments happen? Water and Time. Capaldi’s faltering, emotional speech of how they sing is priceless. The Towers are a metaphor for his two hearts but they’re also a metaphor for their relationship. Two powerful ‘monolith’ entities, standing parallel but independent of each other. This, IMO,  is what a healthy relationship metaphor is supposed to look like. A marriage is not two people enmeshed, absorbed into each other, but two individuals standing strong and parallel, complementing each other, creating something together. In Universe, these two characters are flawed and they both have come a long way to get to this point. As a metaphor for a Marriage, in the end, the Towers are spot on. 
  • Every Christmas is Last Christmas. Danny Pink said this to his fiancé Clara, surrounded by golden lights. Here we see the Doctor say the same. 
  • River is wearing a Raven shawl; I’ve written about this before and my thoughts were validated by this last speech. It’s not River who has to ‘Face the Raven’ it’s The Doctor.  He says as much. He admits he’s been trying to avoid this event for as long as possible, but here they are.  They literally crash into Darillium. Capaldi’s speech to River about facing the inevitable is award-worthy. Twelve is grown up now. The Mantra of Ten and Eleven were “Run” and “Lie”, Twelve does neither well. He does what has to be done, but with a catch.
  • “Spoilers” She knewAgain, Alex I’m sorry but Peter stole your flame. That’s okay though- what struck me here is that River brought up the subject. The look on her face when she saw where the ship was headed. She knew. She said there had been “stories”… She knew this was their last night. This means at The Library she knew it was over for her before she walked on screen. The irony here of course is River Spoiled it. SHE peeked ahead. But of course she did, she’s River Song. 
  • This episode made me think what it must be like for someone who can use a time machined to escape pretty much any major or minor inconvenience. The final sequence leading up to the final scene hammered home how easy it is for him. The Doctor can hop past a 12 hour burning wreckage to lay the foundation for his own perfect date at his own perfect restaurant. Then he can skip over a four year reservation wait. Endings, aging, illness, or goodbyes; think about how our lives are built upon and grow from dealing with inconvenience and inevitabilities. Learning to go analogue, the long way round, in Heaven Sent, brought The Doctor to this moment. This time he skips ahead in order to stop running away and stay…. 24 years.