raven haired princess

kid discussing splitting his soul early so he and liz can raise his heir side by side and live a semi normal human lifespan with his friends

liz being pissed off when he refuses to tell her what actually goes on when a shinigami splits their soul to have a child because “That’s kind of an important detail, Kid!”

the gang throwing them a mock baby shower

liz holding her daughter for the first time, her daughter because she already loves her mind, body and soul completely

black☆star tries to hold up the baby and starts singing the lion king. everyone is not happy because please don’t drop her oh my god.

kid and liz spend the entire night after she’s created just…staring at her. they think the face she makes when she poops is the cutest thing in the entire world.

tiny raven-haired princess batting her spoiled rotten eyelashes and having 5 aunts and uncles and an entire crew of deathscythes at her beck and call

the most intimidating family to whoever decides to become that little girl’s datefriend 

kid sitting in his office with his daughter on his lap telling her all about what he’s doing and her wide-eyed dreaming of the day she gets to become like her dad

when some little boy teases her and pulls on her hair she pushes him into the sand and makes him say sorry. liz and kid take her out for ice cream.