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Lok/Supergirl parallels

- Tenzin is J'onn the level headed protective paternal figure and one of the last of his kind
- korra is Kara the immensely powerful but deeply troubled with great responsibility and has a team of people behind her
- winn is clearly Bolin the sweet gullible and lovable guy who has a crush on his super powerful friend but backs down respectfully when she isnt interested
- Asami is Lena Raven haired beauty who is thrust into owning a company because her family runs a terrorist organization that tried to eliminate all benders/aliens. Her business suffers and she tries to redirect it because of her family. People are suspicious because of this and she uses electricity to protect herself like a badass and she and that super powerful friend are endgame and amazing friends and couple

Baby Paws - Inuchiyo x MC (Drabble)

Stroking her partially swollen stomach, she smiled. “Calm down dear. Dad will be home soon.” She cooed. Warmth prickled at her skin just thinking of the raven haired man with the beautiful violet eyes. Though she was sure that their child wouldn’t have his features.

This was destiny, to meet the man who became her best friend and even protected her like a father. Falling in love with your best friend, marrying him and bearing his child. The dream romance not many women of this era had a chance to experience.

The baby moved when she giggled. “You’re an energetic one aren’t you dear. You inherited your dad’s hot headedness. Ah please don’t be stubborn like him too!”

“Who’s stubborn?”
It was him, still clad in his battle armor. Three weeks ago he left for the front, fighting another of Lord Oda’s battles. She sighed, placing her hands on his exposed waist she tiptoed to peck his lips.

“Who are you talking to?”

“I missed you.” Cherry red tinge decorated his face as she trailed her hands up and down his chest.

“W..whatt are you d..d..doing?”
“I’m touching my husband.” She continued to trace the curves and contours of his toned, strong body. “It’s natural to do this since I missed being pressed against this for three weeks.”

“W..oman.” he choked. “Do you really ..want to do it now?”

“No.” She removed herself from him in an instant. “You really should cover up, we have a minor in the house.”

“Minor?” Inuchiyo’s head spun around the house. It seemed empty from what he saw.
“No child under the futon.” He checked.
“Nobody in the closet” He looked. “Nobody in the kitchen.”

Toshiie went about the house overturning all of the objects. “Baaabe there’s no minor here.” He yelled holding a vase upside down.

Sometimes she wondered about what was this creature she married. “Inu.” She made her way over to him. Taking his armored hand she put it over her stomach watching his eyes go wide.

“I..I’m about to be..”
“A father.”
Inuchiyo was silent. It amused her because Maeda Toshiie, Lord of Arako, one of the esteemed retainers of Lord Oda, silent and stuttering because he was going to be a dad.
“It’s happened so fast.” He whispered. “I can’t believe it. I married the love of my life. I’m about to have a child with her.” Gently he ruffled her hair.

“You better believe it. It was hard to keep him still.” Her hands started to undo her robes, revealing their child to the father.

A golden shiba inu puppy, tilted it’s head curiously at Inuchiyo.

Calling Doctor Takahashi


A/N: @dailyau So, this got carried away as always and it’s probably complete and utter garbage, but I like it. So, Trash it is: Please forgive me.

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It was near five-forty at night when Higurashi, Kagome stepped over her threshold.

“That was the longest shift I have had in a lonnnnnnggggg time.” Kagome groaned as she slammed her front door.

The raven-haired beauty kicked off her shoes and tossed her bag over the back of her recliner. A shower and a hot meal was exactly what the doctor ordered, no pun intended. Keade, the Chief of surgery at Tokyo Medical, pretty much demanded she rest for the next couple of days, thus doctor’s orders. She wasted no time in diving head first in a soothing lavender bubble bath and how long she lay there, well- she couldn’t even say.

Kagome sighed as she reached for the stopper. “That was amazinnnnng!” Flinging her head over and wrapping a towel around her soaking hair, Kagome noticed the flashing red light emitting from her answering machine. Her heart sank a little. Please don’t be Keade. Please don’t call me in. She hesitated to press the button.

You have one unheard message: Message one, sent today at 12:45PM

“Kagome, it’s your mother. I was just going to let you know that your grandfather has been readmitted at Metropolitan Matsuzawa. It’s nothing serious, he just has the flu, but you know how he is when he gets sick. He thought he had pneumonia. Anyways dear, call me when you get a chance. The doctor said he’ll be here for a couple of days on observation. I love you, sweety.”

End of messages.

Kagome let loose a breath she didn’t realize she was holding. Not Keade at least. She made a mental note to call her mother in the morning. Looking at the time, she decided to make her a nice meal and binge on some Netflix, after all Keade had ordered her to rest. Nearly skipping with joy to the kitchen, Kagome hummed a little tune as she rummaged through her fridge. When a small sound erupted through her kitchen, Kagome froze. What was that? It sounded like- There it was again and a frigid shiver ran down her spine. Maybe not- She turned slowly and when she caught not one, but TWO mice, eating out of a cracker box she had left opened, Kagome lost her shit.

She screeched and made a hasty attempt to run for her door, but her sock caught on the corner of her cabinet and she careened forward. When her head cracked against the side of her granite counter-top, all Kagome could remember was black.

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March 25, 2017


by Fin DAC

Something old, something new. In 2016 for the late Tony Goldman’s Wynwood Walls outdoor museum Fin DAC was one of more than a dozen artists invited to contribute a statement on the theme “Fear Less.” Originally from Ireland but now living in London, Finbarr Notte, aka Fin DAC, decided to mix things up just a bit. His exotic raven-haired beauties with dripping eye-masks are immediately recognizable but while widely appreciated are certainly nothing new. For Wynwood however he added a new dimension. On almost invisible netting, free to flutter in the wind, float a kaleidoscope of butterflies. While assembling this metaphorical piece Fin DAC spoke briefly to “Chop Em Down Films,” saying that for him personally the theme “Fear Less” speaks to his initial “fear of failing or making a fool of himself” which was only overcome later in life when his “fear of never, ever [pursuing art as a career] overtook that fear.”  @findac  @wynwoodwallsofficial  @wynwoodmurals

B.A.P Fic Masterlist

Decided to do this cause why not.



I’ve Committed A Crime…  [drabble]

Daehyun’s day had been going according to the norm.  School, cafe, cheesecake and food.  He just wasn’t expecting the intrudier in his apartment.


Thank You For Breathing [angst]

It sometimes take almost losing someone to realize just how much they mean to you. 

All I Need Is Your Loving [smut] [M]

Yongguk likes to relax and forget all his troubles while taking a long hot shower.  Himchan however has other things in mind. 

Coffee Shop Rapper [romance/smut] [M]

Himchan never thought of himself as the type to be obsessed over someone.  That wasn’t until he laid his eyes on a certain underground rapper.  That was when he became an obsessed fanboy.

Americano (Coffee Shop Rapper sequel) [romance/smut] [M]

Yongguk never believed in fate until his eyes fell on a raven haired beauty.  Since he laid eyes on the beauty his life revolved around the boy and became one of a secret admirer.  He was a victim of ‘love at first sight’.  Living for the daily glances of the beauty but he never once had the courage to say anything to him.  But his love soon turns into pain when he finds out that his raven haired beauty is in a relationship.  As much as he tries to forget about him, fate has different plans of her own.  

Give In [angst/smut/werewolf] [M]

Himchan just wished that he could live a normal life as a Beta instead of one as an Omega.  Being an Omega was nothing but a burden for him.  It was a curse.  He had to live hidden away from other packs and could never mate with anyone, not even with the one person he loved.  But lately his body has been wanting a mate more than ever.   

Pooh, Tigger & Rabbit [fluff]

The last two years for Himchan and Yongguk were bizarre to say the least.  They became parents within months of meeting one another.  The year and seven months after they first met, they were celebrating the first birthday of their son.  Yongguk had a present for both his son and for Himchan that would take their relationship to the next level.

On Your Knees [smut] [M]

Day in and day out, Yongguk was busy being B.A.P’s leader.  He had 5 other souls looking up to him for guidance.  He didn’t mind being in charge.  He liked being in control, whether it was in the group or in the privacy of his and Himchan’s bedroom.  But once in a while, he loves losing control to his boyfriend.  To submit to whatever Himchan’s naughty mind wanted.  And right now, it was on his knees, naked with his hands cuffed behind him looking up at the devilish smirk on Himchan’s face.

Tigger Chan [smut/drabble] [M]

Himchan knew he had made a mistake when he promised his boyfriend of 5 years that he would cosplay as whatever he wanted for his birthday.  He should have seen this coming.  Yongguk was predictable sometimes but Himchan promised before he realized what he had promised. 

Rainy Day [smut/fluff] [M]

This wasn’t exactly the way Yongguk and Himchan expected to spend their Saturday but what else were they to do when the rain decided to spoil their plans?  Although they couldn’t complain about their sudden change of plans.  Spending the entire day with each other cooped up in their small apartment; sleeping, making love, reading, making love, watching television, making love.  What better way to enjoy a rainy day in their opinion.

The Boss [smut] [M]

It was supposed to be a causal thing, nothing serious between them.  It couldn’t be.  It was taboo for them to be together, the boss and the assistant.  Himchan didn’t want to be seen as someone who was sleeping his way to the top because that’s not what he was doing.  He worked hard for that he wanted and that’s why this was a secret to all.  Their causal relationship is suposed to be a secret with no emotions.  At least they tried not to let emotions become involved.

Coffee Prince [fluff/coffee shop au]

Himchan’s life was great; his dream of being a professional musician came true, he had a great group of friends, and a comfortable life. But something always felt like it was missing. When a new cafe opens up in the neighborhood, Himchan quickly finds himself drawn to the cafe’s owner Yongguk. As a new friendship forms between Himchan and Yongguk, Himchan can’t quite shake the feeling that there might be something more to their relationship.



Your Shining Light [angst/romance] [M]

Daehyun knew his life would change when him and his family moved from Busan to Seoul.  He just wasn’t expecting to save a boy’s life on his first night in Seoul.  Youngjae’s life isn’t one that he’d wish on his enemy.  Sure he’s smart but that doesn’t stop his parents from pushing him to be the best in his class everyday.  His school life isn’t better with the constant bullying.  

There lives both change after being on the rooftop one summer night.  


The Awakening [smut/vampire/werewolf/supernatural] [M]

For centuries the vampire race has been ruled by the Kim family. Their peaceful reign however didn’t last for too long. A once exiled clan has returned to dethrone the Kim family. Their target is the sole heir to the crown, the prince who has been in hiding for 15 years. With the prince dead they will be able to take the crown and rule over the vampires.

Himchan has lived his life constantly sick but he was happy living in the small house with his mother, father and little brother. There is just one thing that always bothered him. He felt that something was being kept from him, something that was big enough to change his life.  He felt as if his happy life was a lie.  His 21st birthday was a day he would never forget.  His entire life would change when he meets a mysterious boy his age named Yongguk.


Life As We Know It [drabble/fluff/slice of life/parenthood]

First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes 4 babies?  Yongguk and Himchan always wanted a big family.  They couldn’t be happier with their 4 bundles of joy.  From their first born to their fourth born, everyday was something new and unexpected. 

Sea of Love [fluff/romcom/merman]

When Yongguk decided to go back home to the small island he grew up on, it was to relax and get away from the hectic life he has in Seoul. His plan was to stay in his childhood home for a week then back to his life in the big city but all that changed the day his nearly drowned while swimming in the sea. He would learn that the ocean was filled of mysterious creatures when one of them saved his life, a merman.

Himchan was one of a kind. The beautiful merman had spent most of his life alone swimming the ocean. He never dared to venture so close to land in fear of getting caught by the mysterious land creatures until he spots one of them being dragged into the rough waters of the sea.

Curiosity would bring Himchan and Yongguk together but for how long?

Oswald x Reader- Good News (Rated M Fluffy Smut) OOC

This was a Birthday request for @lilithslendergirl (sorry it’s so late my dear!!)

‘I was wondering if you could write and smut/fluff fanfic of Oswald x Reader where they make love for the first time and they are both really nervous but adorable then a few weeks later the reader has some big new that she’s pregnant, you can finish however you want’

Im sorry I didn’t make Oswald as nervous as the reader, I just felt he needed to take the lead for this particular moment :)

Warning- Sexual content, fluffy smut, pregnant reader, OOC

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The Five Things Barry Only Says to Iris - CrazybyChoice - The Flash (TV 2014) [Archive of Our Own]
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Barry Allen is a superhero in love.Truth be told the lanky speedster has been in love with the same raven haired beauty for eighteen years. Long before he obtained the super speed that enables him to fight dangerous criminals and help those in need. Long before he was a respected forensic scientist for the Central City Police Department. By Barry’s account he has been in love her since before he knew what the word love meant.