raven doll


These videos of doll repaints by Hextian on YouTube are AH-MAY-ZING and just PURE GOLD
I like how he stayed as close as possible to the actual characters but also making them look something different but really interesting and dramatic. I am in love with his skills and how beautiful the dolls turned out to be.

Links to the videos:

Raven doll repaint: https://youtu.be/JbhM1uGgAlI
Starfire doll repaint: https://youtu.be/MGnAhOB7J8M
Jinx doll repaint: https://youtu.be/naTQIP0_lIg

New Ever After High Dolls!

As all the people was thinked that Ever After High was dying, some pictures was released this morning, pictures of new dolls! We will have new EAH dolls! I was so happy that I smiled like the Cheshire Cat and I wanted to jump and dance all around the room (but I didn’t do it ‘cause I was in class and it would be weird!)

I start right now with the Wave 2 of Princess Friends, the Toddler dolls of students. This wave introduce Raven Queen and Ashlynn Ella.

Like for the Wave 1, I’m not fan of this collection but I wanna see the artworks.