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Hello can we have relationship headcanons with EE and BM? It can be literally anything!

  • Ain watches Raven while Raven trains. Raven doesn’t mind while Ain is around him. He just lets him do whatever he wants as long as Ain doesn’t bother him. Ain is also intrigued by how Raven polishes and sharpens his sword later on.
  • Ain often takes Raven ’s coat so that he can wear it for himself. The sleeves of Raven ’s coat go past his hands but Ain loves the softness of the coat. He will run out to show Raven , who blushes lightly but chuckles at how silly his coat looks like when Ain wears it.
  • Raven, in turn, will wear Ain ’s coat to see how it is like to wear a Celestial’s clothing. It is just a regular coat, which surprises Raven since he couldn’t sense anything spiritual coming from it. But it does feels stiff and tight around his muscles. Raven isn’t aware that Ain is watching him from his hiding spot and when he does find Ain, he will leave Ain ’s room with a red face.
  • Ain loves to tease Raven about certain small accidents that occured between the two of them. He also enjoys seeing how flustered Raven becomes.
  • Ain shows off his Eids to Raven , who becomes amazed with how the Eids shine brightly between the 3 colors of Blue, Yellow and Red. Ain later on puts a light show with his Eids for Raven  to see and enjoy. 
New EAH and MH dolls

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Pansy reminded him of the children’s tales he stole from Dudley’s room as a child. She was like Snow White. Her hair was as black as a raven’s coat, her skin was as white as fresh snowfall, her lips were as red as his skin after mouthing off to Vernon too many times. 

He learned quickly she was not like Snow White, she was like no one he had ever met before. But then again, he had never met the real Snow White either. What was her true story? He never got to finish it, the Dursley’s never left him alone for long.

Pansy was not cold like snow. Her presence was infuriating. It made him feel warmth he didn’t know was possible. Passion would race through his bloodstream every time she spoke. Her words were not like velvet, they were like knives piercing his skin. But he figured, we all like the warmth of our own blood, right? It reminds us that we’re alive. 

Harry reminded her of the late Tom Riddle. Her parents always flaunted his photographs in her face, telling her that one day she would serve him like they once did. She memorized those photographs like it was her only lifeline. Harry had the same dark hair, the same look of determination in his eye, and the ability to talk to serpents. 

But as time went on, she realized they were in no way similar, even though horrific circumstances brought them together. Harry’s eyes were light, and they reminded her of her favorite jade pendant her mom bought her for her thirteenth birthday. His eyes sparkled the same too, but not in a way that made her skin crawl. 

Harry was also warm. He could light fires with his eyes, the kind that engulfed her body and soul. The type that made her want to burn alive. It was the type of heat she felt when her cheeks flushed, and the tingling sensation in her gut when she saw someone she loved. His passion cut through her like knives. But she figured, we all like the warmth of our own blood, right? It reminds us that we’re alive. 

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“Plants, and I don’t have a writing desk at home~” She hummed, taking one last photo before turning to Raven. “Why don’t you join me? It’s fun~”

A heat rose in her cheeks as Raven draped her coat over the back of her reading chair. “Are you sure? I’m not exactly the…best at things like that.” Selfies had never really been Raven’s thing, so this was a whole new territory.