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“Mirrors,” Gwenllian cooed. “That is what we are. When you hold a candle in front of a glass, doesn’t it make the room twice as bright? So do we, blue lily, lily blue.”

Part 2/? of Richard Campbell Gansey III’s  journal (part 1)

(somebody tell gansey that they don’t sell erdem collections in thrift stores)

This is one of my presents from my birthday!
As you can see these are a few of my drawings of Mark, as well as Mark himself, my icon and two selfies.
Pretty simple correct?
Why am I so hyped up about 9 printed pictures?
Thanks to my friend Carol for being the best fucking fangirl to ever grace my presents and understand that I am also a huge fucking fangirl!

Some bedtime reading to get inspiration for some more tattoo flash! After the works on my sketchbook and easel are complete of course. I love Poe.

Teen Titans: Confession/Ideas/Fanfic Notes

I have said it many times before and I will say it again:

I will always believe Beast Boy should have had a villainous role in the older show. I mean, the show was great and I will love the franchise to no end, but let’s face it. I agree with our green friend. AS QUOTED:

Beast Boy: Do I hear an undercover assignment coming on? Lucky for you guys, I happen to be a master of disguise! [turns into several animals in succession]
Raven: Yeah, a green mongoose is gonna blend right in.
Robin: Sorry, Beast Boy. I was thinking of someone with a little better disguise.
Beast Boy: What are you going to do? Dress Cyborg up as a washing machine?

 Cyborg dressed up as Stone, paying tribute to his surname and giving him a somewhat obvious (and strong) power, used by a special ring. 

Beast Boy assumed the team (Robin, especially,) was going to dress Cyborg as someone he was not —- a villain. And I think washing machines and dryers are bad for eating our socks, so I can understand that.

Now, say there was an episode after Season 5’s ‘Things Change.’ I mean, RIGHT after that episode. You know how Beast Boy ran from the school. The Titans could have run right into HIVE students (Gizmo and Mammoth, maybe,) who claim to have a new leader with new plans. The Titans also learn that the villainous population —- and their workload —- has spiked. With that, they’re forced to revisit the plan of sending a decoy.

Beast Boy wants in, but Robin does not think he will fit in very will and he’ll tip the students, staff and headmaster off. Robin is leaning towards doing it himself, but Starfire is worried he will either stress himself to no end or become an apprentice again. (Masks and Apprentice pts 1 & 2, Season 1)

Raven, who is listening while meditating, is thinking back to ‘Deception,’ and what she had said. After stopping her meditation, she hears her team arguing, and she suggests they give Beast Boy a chance.

Of course, Beast Boy’s a little more stunned than the rest.

Robin’s reluctant. He KNOWS he needs help. That would be up to Raven, because this would be her project. She would be the one to dress him as the ‘Black Diamond.’

This is why I’m writing Envision. What if Beast Boy would have been the one to go to the Academy?