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Can I just say every time I see an art of Chat Noir by you I ALWAYS CONSTANTLY THINK ITS FREAKING JERICHO IN A CAT SUIT AND I NEED TO START READING TAGSsssss seriously tho your art is amazing!!!!


i probably should have done the earth-one versions since joey’s got that same sheepdog hairstyle there rather than curls, but ehhhh

honestly, i found out about miraculous ladybug in the first place from someone sending me a screenshot of chat noir’s new cgi design like “HEY DOESN’T HE LOOK LIKE JERICHO IN A CAT SUIT”

the truth is out, chat noir became my new baby because he looked so much like another of my babies. i’m like those mother swans who’ll adopt a ton of orphaned cygnets because they can’t count above four and all the chicks look the same

Image: Odin’s ravens & wolves by Louis Moe (1928)

“Odin could transform his shape: his body would lie as if dead, or asleep; but then he would be in shape of a fish, or worm, or bird, or beast, and be off in a twinkling to distant lands upon his own or other people’s business. With words alone he could quench fire, still the ocean in tempest, and turn the wind to any quarter he pleased.

"Odin had a ship which was called Skidbladnir, in which he sailed over wide seas, and which he could roll up like a cloth. Odin carried with him Mimir’s head, which told him all the news of other countries. Sometimes even he called the dead out of the earth, or set himself beside the burial-mounds; whence he was called the ghost-sovereign, and lord of the mounds.

"He had two ravens, to whom he had taught the speech of man; and they flew far and wide through the land, and brought him the news. In all such things he was pre-eminently wise.”

Visit The Norse Mythology Online Library to download the book or read it online: norsemyth.org/p/books.html

The mythological material begins on page 216.

I can’t believe we survived a hundred years just to slaughter each other.

 –Clarke Griffin

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wow christ i have a lot more to do after this but yo here you go redrendition (firestar) sed-leafstar (hattie) applefurkin (mosspelt) feathered-demon (rainflower) barlley (barley) raven-paws (stonefur; sorry if you wanted a seaweed crown, let me know if you did! i just didnt see a color in the tags is all)

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I’ve been enjoying drawing Corvus recently, sorry about that-

Haha it was fun.. I like writing up things I like.(I apologise for the ugly penmanship haha) Hmm.. My hair should be darker O^O oh wellll- I forgot to add mochimerica, pochi and sekakiku eue)b

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I’d like to know more about you people! (and I totally want to see more of your art huehuehue)
Do it if you want and if not, that’s fine! ^u^)/

The Raven II | Graphite on Paper

Deep into that darkness peering,

long I stood there,

wondering… fearing… doubting…

Edgar Allan Poe

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