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New Illustration by Hita Shippu for the release of the fourth chapter of Raveled Tightrope Knot in the lastest issue of Qpa

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So what are some of your favorite piano pieces??

Beethoven sonate: Pathétique, Waldstein, Hammerklavier
Chopin: scherzo no. 2, polonaise ‘Héroïque’, concerto no. 1
Schumann: sonata no. 2
Liszt: concerto no. 1, La Campanella
Debussy Préludes: La fille aux cheveux de lin, la cathédrale engloutie
Rachmaninov: concerti nos. 1-2, Preludes: C#m, Gm, D, Études-tableaux: no. 1
Ravel: Jeux d'eau, Gaspard de la nuit
Shostakovich Preludes: 1-3

Music Tag

 Thanks to @studypride , @peachylearning , @inspostudying , @mittenengineer , and @lovetostudyblr for tagging me in this tag(I probably forgot to mention like 5 more people)

rules: put your music on shuffle and write down the first ten songs, then tag ten mutuals(or not whoops)

  1. 21 by DEAN
  2. Neo-Seoul by 7 Minutes Dead and Varien
  3. Modern Conversation by ZHU, Vancouver Sleep Clinic, and Daniel Johns
  4. Not Enough by Lovey
  5. Goodnight_Sequence by 7 Minutes Dead and Varien
  6. Ravel String Quartet in F Major, 3. Tres lent performed by the Emerson String Quartet
  7. I. Lento Lugubre- Moderato Con Moto from Tchaikovsky’s Manfred Symphony performed by the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra
  8. Ravel’s Daphnis et Chloe, Pantomime performed by the Berliner Philharmoniker 
  9.  Concierto de Aranjuez: Adagio performed by Miles Davis
  10. Voyevoda, Op. 78 performed by the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra

I’m gonna tag @mango-studies , @upnorthwithinspiration , and @valcanoes

Me composing
  • Me: This is a nice little theme!
  • Piano: that's like every Ravel piece...
  • Me: ...
  • Me: wait, nah, THIS one is interesting!
  • Piano: mate, that's exactly Faurè nocturne n.4.
  • Me: ...
  • Me: what about this one? Decent innit?
  • Piano: you changed two notes to Brahms 4.
  • Me: *throws hands on the keyboard in despair*
  • Piano: that's Stravinsky piano sonata!
  • I can't write anything! 😥
  • (And I actually don't hate that sonata)
Why Cage is just like Bach
  • Bach- Is Bach
  • Handel- A more religious Bach
  • Mozart- A cuter younger Handel
  • Beethoven- An angsty Mozart
  • Chopin- A less angsty Beethoven
  • Tchaikovsky- Chopin plus Orchestra
  • Debussy- A relaxed Tchaikovsky
  • Ravel- Debussy plus Jazz
  • Gershwin- Ravel plus even more jazz
  • Joplin- Gershwin plus more America
  • Stravinsky- Joplin plus atonal
  • Ives- Stravinsky plus more messed up music
  • Cage- Ives minus the music
  • calla: *reads ronan's mind*
  • ronan: adam parrish adam parrish adam parrish adam parrish adam parrish adam parrish adam parrish adam parrish adam parrish adam parrish adam parrish adam parrish adam parrish adam parrish adam parrish adam parrish adam parrish adam par
  • calla: what the fuck
  • Ravel: We all know that I cannot spend as much money on ads as my opponent, but I printed out 10,000 “Don’t” stickers and 10,000 question mark stickers.
  • Ghastly: Why don’t you just put the “don’t” in front of “vote Ravel”?
  • Ravel: …Yep, that makes more sense.
  • Valkyrie: Can I have these question mark stickers?
  • Ravel: Why?
  • Valkyrie: I want to put them on stop signs.
  • Ravel: Valkyrie, no!
The Signs As Classical Composers
  • Aries: Shostakovitch
  • Taurus: Beethoven
  • Gemini: Mozart
  • Cancer: Ravel
  • Leo: Vivaldi
  • Virgo: Bach
  • Libra: Tchaikovsky
  • Scorpio: Stravinsky
  • Sagittarius: Handel
  • Capricorn: Verdi
  • Aquarius: Schubert
  • Pisces: Rachmaninoff