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Here’s the thing; in my head, Helga Hufflepuff has always been a soldier. Yes, she’s kind and fair, but she also knows when a good hex or a punch in the face is the only solution. This does not happen often. She’s friendly and accepting and patient. But when someone threatens her friends, or her family, or her students, that someone better be prepared to have her wand aimed at them. Or better yet, a sword. Use what you know and all that, and while she’s great with her hexes and curses and even some charms used in a way her old mentor would definitely not have approved of, there’s just something incredibly satisfying in meeting someone sword to sword. She and Godric spars every now and then, though it’s clear he’s more of a dueler than a soldier. But Helga. Helga joined the war when she was 15, and she never regretted it. It was grueling, and it was painful, and she watched so many of her companions fall. But she joined for a reason – to protect (her family, her little nephews and nieces and all the children of her village) and to, one day, try and change the world enough that war wouldn’t be necessary. She fought for years, rising in rank as fewer and fewer of her friends were left, and she refused to give up. This was for the children. This was for the future.

When she was 23, she became general. And at 24, the war finally ended. And then she had to find something else to do.

She went back to her village, to the little houses and fields and her family. And for a while she was content, but not for long. She wanted to do something, because that was the reason she joined the war in the first place. For change. She wanted peace, and quiet, and a place to call home. But when she had it, she realized she only knew how to fight. And she was not going to accept that.

She went to find her old mentor, an aging wizard who kept forgetting his wand in odd places but who also knew a lot of spells and had more magical books than she had seen anywhere else in her life (later, when she met Rowena Ravenclaw and saw her collection, she would stare at it for ten minutes and then just go “nope” and walk out of the room). She asked him to teach her as much as he could. What he’d taught her before she left for the army was useful, but if she was gonna change the world she needed more.

He listened to her, listened to her reasons and her dreams and then he sat her down with a cup of tea and started talking about magical theory. Most of her went over her head. She listened anyway.  And she kept coming back. And when she realized how many children he’d helped out through the years (her among them), she asked him about that. He started spouting even more magical theory. And she kept listening. And when it was over and he said he couldn’t teach her anymore, she knew more about accidental magic and magical cores than she thought possible. And she was satisfied, because this was what she needed to know. Something that could help. Something that could change a life, or two, or a hundred, if you only had the people to teach it to. This was for the children. This was for the future.

And then she met two wizards and a witch, constantly bickering and joking and everything in between. And the wanted to start a magic school. Of course she went with them. It was the purpose she had been looking for. It was a way to do what she’d always dreamt of.

They started planning how to do it, and moved into Godric’s family castle up in Scotland. As they decided to split the students into four groups, Helga started to get irritated. She had spent half her life fighting a war, she knew that you couldn’t always get the brave or the smart or the cunning. You had to use the resources that were available. Anyone could become a good soldier (or student, she supposed) if they were trained properly. 

She was a general, and she’d take anyone who wanted to learn. She was a soldier, and she’d take anyone who would work hard, because that’s all you need to change the world. She was a 15 year old girl who joined the army, and she remembered what it was like when people judged you for your bravery, for your intelligence, for your strength. She was a 26 year old veteran, and she would punch anyone who said you couldn’t learn because of something as stupid as who you are. In the face. They’d deserve it, for implying that her students weren’t good enough.

@egdramaqueen I said it “needs a bit of polishing” which apparently means I sit here and write another 700 words into it in less than an hour, so here it is. I finished it.

Zodiac Signs As Harry Potter Characters

Harry: Aries, Leo
Ron: Taurus, Pisces, Gemini
Hermione: Virgo, Libra
Neville: Taurus, Cancer, Pisces
Luna: Pisces, Libra, Aquarius
Ginny: Sagittarius, Aquarius
Cho: Cancer, Virgo
Cedric: Leo, Pisces
Dumbledore: Aquarius, Capricorn
Snape: Scorpio, Cancer
McGonagall: Virgo, Cancer, Aries
Sirius: Pisces, Sagittarius
Fred&George: Gemini, Aquarius, Sagittarius
Flitwick: Libra, Gemini
Percy: Virgo
Fleur: Pisces
Bill: Taurus, Cancer
Mr. Weasley: Capricorn, Cancer
Mrs. Weasley: Aquarius, Scorpio
Vernon: Aries
Petunia: Virgo
Lupin: Gemini, Cancer
Thonks: Aquarius, Aries
Bellatrix: Aries
Voldemort: Scorpio, Capricorn

ISFP, Ravenclaw, Capricorn ¦ Purple
Requested by @fii2 :) hope you like it!

ID #38103

Name: Marie
Age: 15
Country: Germany

Well, I love reading, writing, drawing/sketching and watching TV shows, like Sherlock, Doctor Who, iZombie, Skins, Suernatural, The Mentalist, Blacklist, Stranger Things, Riverdale,…
I’m a Raveclaw and love to learn new things about basically everything. I’m fluent in german (obviously) and english and I’m currently learning french and latin, so if you study any of those languages or are a native and willing to study with me, that’d be great. (of course you don’t have to)
Also i like about everything from Marvel Comics to Star Trek and Star Wars.
I think I’m a good listener and also like to have those random or deep conversations about anything.

Preferences: I don’t really have preferences, the age around 14-16 maybe, but gender and all doesn’t matter, just be nice and not homophobic, racist or anything like that.
I’d prefer to talk online

So here’s one of my founders headcanons: Salazar Slytherin being a potions master is all well and good, but just because his house produced a lot of them doesn’t mean he was one. Basically, imagine Rowena Ravenclaw as a mad scientist. Imagine her working on a potion all night and almost falling asleep at the breakfast table. Imagine her with crazy hair and sooty clothing because “It exploded, Salazar! It’s not supposed to do that! Why did the hellebore have such a violent reaction to the aconite!!” and Salazar just sighs and “Rowena, I have no idea what you’re talking about. Were you experimenting with your potions again? You know that’s not my area of expertise.”

Imagine Rowena getting a pretty diadem from her aunt who thinks she should act more like a lady. And Rowena doesn’t know what to do with it because jewelry isn’t practical, what if it gets stuck in something or falls into a potion? So instead she leaves it on the table and gets distracted by her thoughts, and ´I wonder what would happen if I made a runic chain mixing sumerian and norse. Hmm… if I added mannaz there and.. but what would I use it for. It could boost someone’s intelligence if I added the hagalaz rune there but how do I apply it to a person without causing irreparable damage… what if….´ and then she remembers the diadem in front of her and grabs it, heading for her workshop.

Rowena finishing the diadem but noticing it only works on fullblooded humans, not centaurs or other similar beings. She tries to figure out why and sees the mannaz rune in her configuration. Mannaz, human. She removes it and adds some other runes for balance, because mannaz is usually used to stabilize. But she needs something to try the new rune chain on. She doesn’t really have any more jewelry. So she sneaks in and “borrows” Godric’s hat while he’s asleep, and works on it for hours.The end results are not quite what she planned. Breakfast the next morning is… interesting (maybe she shouldn’t have taken out the mannaz rune).
“Hey, has anyone seen my hat?”
“Er, about that Godric..”
“Rowena what did you do.”
“I… ImighthavemadeyourhatsentientI’msosorry!
“..did you just say you made my hat sentient? How the fuck did you even do that? Wait no, don’t answer that, just give me my hat.”
“I.. are you sure you want it? It’s just that, well, it picked up some of your habits…”
What do you mean?
“Well.. you know how you sometimes sing drinking songs when you’re bored?”
“Yes… Wait. Rowena, please don’t tell me-”
“This is your fault Rowena”

Just, mad scientist Rowena. The other founders avoiding her part of the castle because of fumes. Students forbidden from going into the labs without supervision because she might have left a potion to brew or a bit of runework unfinished or another one of those carnivorous cauldrons lying around. Mad scientist Rowena Ravenclaw. Yes.

ID #39444

Name: Ny
Age: 16
Country: Germany

So hello there, my name is Ny. I am from Germany, Berlin. I like cats a lot but I am welcoming dog persons and every other kind of persons, too. I dearly love music. Just the creation of music is amazing in my eyes. I can’t not mention twenty one pilots as I talk about music. They helped me through a freaking lot with their music. They have a very special place in my heart. (I am sorry for being corny or whatever) Exept from twenty one pilots, I love listening to all kinds of genres, which sounds so cliche but I guess it is true. I think nice lyrics are just nice.
I love love Doctor Who. I am a Raveclaw, which seems nerdy to say but I guessed it might be a nice thing to know. So there you go.
I like writing and connecting. So i figured it out it may be nice to do such things. I am very open-minded, if that’s cool to say. So I would love to get in touch with you. I don’t care about your ethnicity in terms of preference or such. I don’t really know how this will go, but i would be really happy if you would write a message. I wish you a wonderful day!

Preferences: I would like to write online with people under 20.

Ravenclaw VS. Hufflepuff.
  • Backstory: Because we're almost sisters- me and my friend were 'arguing' about who's house was better.
  • Me: But Hufflepuffs are loyal! Also we have a badger. Badgers are cute. Eagles ain't cute.
  • Her: But Ravenclaws are clever. Hufflepuffs are basically wimps.
  • Me: Cedric Diggory?
  • Her: Luna Lovegood?
  • Me: Touche!
  • Her: So I win?
  • Me: No! What about.. .......Tonks. Lupin married a Hufflepuff.
  • Her: -.- You win.
  • Me: Dang right I did.
  • ENFP / Gryffindor / Capricorn
  • INFJ / Hufflepuff
  • ENTP / Slytherin / Black
  • INTP / Ravenclaw / Taurus

I posted these separately on my other blog (x) but here they are all together! If you have a request for an aesthetic board, please just send me your Meyers-Briggs type and Hogwarts house and I’ll do my best! Thanks everyone!!

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