Fic: Listen (Chapter 3)

Title: Listen
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1K for this chapter
Summary: Phil is a successful YouTuber, and Dan is a fan desperate for attention. Sounds like 2009, right? Except Phil is Deaf.
Tags: AU, Deaf!Phil, Mute!Dan, Both YouTubers, Strangers to Friends to Lovers
Author’s Note: This is a short chapter just to clarify the state of DnP’s relationship heading into their first meeting. It’s not the most exciting chapter in the fic, though, so just trust me that the next couple are MUCH better. Since I don’t like this one much, I’m expecting that I’ll upload Chapter 4 in a few days (probably Tuesday morning) to provide some higher quality content, then Chapter 5 about a week later.
Fic also available on AO3 here

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Chapter 3: What Matters

“So you’re meeting Dan tomorrow, right?” Craig used the sign Phil had long been using for Dan’s name, a “D” over his heart.

Phil nodded, smiling at his old friend over the Skype connection. “I can’t believe he’s finally coming.”

“And then you’ll both be … coming,” Craig joked, waggling his eyebrows and making the sign for “coming” exaggerated. The joke didn’t precisely translate into BSL, but Craig wasn’t deaf or a part of that community, and so his signing had always been a bit eccentric. He’d only learned from Phil when they were kids, after all—the same way any neighbor kids who’ve been friends since diapers might learn each other’s language.

Phil frowned and shook his head. “It isn’t like that,” he insisted.

Craig looked confused. “But you’re in love with this guy. You’ve been raving about him for ages. You’re finally going to meet, and you don’t plan to get some up-close-and-personal action?”

Phil glanced away, unsure if Craig would understand. Then he looked back at the laptop. “Dan’s had a rough time. He didn’t have a bunch of friends who understood, like I did at the Deaf school. He’s been alone all these years, with everybody treating him like a freak.” He hesitated, uncertain if he should reveal a confidence, then added, “He says he’s never even had a real friend before. Not since he was a little kid. Not since he stopped talking.”

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everyone at my school goes to the same new age rave church and i have no idea what’s going on. i know this kid who is so enthusiastic about church that, during hurricane irma, he went to a shelter and preached despite not needing shelter. last year we sat together at lunch and after he found out i’m not christian he invited me to church EVERY FUCKING DAY and he’d be like “it’s not like a normal church it’s a FUN church” and i’d be like yeah sounds great buddy but uh no huh.


Con Alt Delete 2015, Saturday, rave - Ravestuck Jade Harley; Homestuck Part 1 - I was even more nervous to do this at first, but we hadn’t gone to a con rave in ages, and I was really excited to see how this one came together with all the little details I had planned out for it (the god tier color scheme, the different shades of green, the bullet necklace, the goggles subbed for her glasses, etc.) and I have to say, I felt SUPER cute in this one <3

Muse Information

[Name]: Raven-Lynn Daevara

[Nickname(s)]: Rave, Ravey

[Age]: 109

[Species]: Sin’dorei


[Religious beliefs]: Unaffiliated

[Sins]: Envy

[Virtues]: Kindness

[Primary goals in life]: Raven has dedicated most of her younger years to becoming stronger than both her biological parents and wishes to exceed them in every way, including the mistakes they made.

[Languages known]: Orcish, Thalassian, Common, Some Draenic

[Secrets]: “ A girl never kisses and tells.“

[Quirks]: Short tempered, Easily embarrassed, A mind forever tainted by her Father.

[Savvies]: Hand to Hand combat, Maternal instincts, Unbendable Motivation, Dancer, Vocalist, and Guitarist


[Height]: 5'9”

[Weight]: Average

[Scars/ birthmarks]: Beyond the locks of hair in the back of her neck lies a birthmark that resembles the Eye of Daevara. She has two scars: An set of three arrow scars on her stomach and leg and a gash in her stomach.

[Abilities/ Powers]: Many styles of martial arts, energy and runic novice, Weapon Mastery.

[Restrictions]: Fear often challenges her nerve and causes her to freeze up. She is hoping to change that.


[Drink]: Vivianna’s various teas

[Color]: Black, White, And Gold

[Music genre]: Multiple genres of Metal, Rock, Orchestra, and Classical

[Book genre]: Murder, Mystery, Romance

[Movie genre]: Action, Romance, Comedy

[Season]: Spring

[Swear word]: Fuck, Motherfucker, Ass

[Scent]: Honey, Tea shop aromas, and sometimes sweat.

[Quote]: “ Yes, I’m the daughter of Duraxxor, so what? “

[Bottom or top]: ” Ummmm..“ *blushes*


[Sings in the shower]: ” Maybe..“

[Likes bad puns]: ” No.. no… okay maybe..“

[Morality]: Neutral - Good - Sometimes Gray

[Build]: Fit - Athletic

[Favorite food]: “ There’s amazing ciabatta at Viv’s.. good grief I can’t get enough..”

[Boss theme music]: Human Bondage by Straight Line Stitch

[Their opinion on the mun]: “ Oh fuck.. he’s a twisted, pervert! No wonder him and my father get along! Please! SAVE ME!“

Reasons Tumblr Should Rush To See Kingsman.

1. It passes the Bechdel test.
2. The women selected as candidates for the Kingsmen are never treated as lesser possibilities because they’re women.
3. Gazelle. The character was male in the comics, and is female in the film.
4. Gazelle is also a badass double amputee character.
5. Neither Gazelle nor Roxy are there to be eye candy or love interests. They aren’t oversexualised, they’re not shoved in revealing clothing, they’re there to do a job and they do it damn well.
6. FREE. BIRD. SOLO. (Trust me, the second that solo kicks in, you are in for one hell of a treat).
7. Harry Hart’s KILLER verbal takedown of a member of a hate church.
8. This is more a matter of personal opinion, but I personally saw Harry as a homoromantic asexual. I got a vibe about his feelings for Jack Davenport’s character, but there was also a strong ace feeling about him.
9. Puppies.

These are just the things I generally see Tumblr clamouring for in film, but on top of all this, it’s just one of the most fun movies I have seen in YEARS. I haven’t enjoyed a movie this much since Guardians of the Galaxy, and to be honest, I think I enjoyed this even more.

Are there issues with it? Well I can think of one part which might be seen as unnecessary and horrible. I personally saw it as a cheeky nod to James Bond and his womanising ways, but others may see it differently.

Basically, you need to see this movie, it is absolutely brilliant and I’m going to be raving about it for ages. It’s out now in the UK, so go give it a watch and squee with me. I believe it’s out the same time as 50 Shades of Grey in the US, and it’s a far better option for that weekend, so go see it and squee with me when you have!

phanfic advent calendar - day 2

summary: in which dan and phil go out to buy an actual christmas tree and phil gets hit on by an eager salesman. jealous dan makes an appearance.

word count: 1.8k

warnings: just a lot of fluffity-fluff

a/n: it’s day two of my festive phanfic series, or adphant calender if you like! you can read day 1 here (thanks for the love on that one omg) and i will list all 24 of them here. hope you guys enjoy xx

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Bold the music genres you like to listen to:

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