on a tree in the garden i carved your name and the word is spelled desire

summary: gansey and blue and all-nighters and working on his henrietta model and movie marathons and cuddling

Slender beams of moonlight filtered in through Monmouth’s floor to ceiling windows, illuminating the outlines of Gansey’s miniature ghost town. With the light of the desk lamp he’d placed on the ground, he was able to see every detail with precise accuracy. Gansey was wide awake on the floor at two a.m., working on his Henrietta model, but that was so far from unusual that the strange thing would have been if he was sleeping. His glasses sat on the top of his nose, crooked due to an unfortunate accident of breaking and trying to fix the bridge of it with duct tape, and he was forced to adjust them every two minutes when they shifted too far right. It should be frustrating but Gansey welcomed the distraction tonight. He knew he ought to go and have them fixed properly, or at the very least, buy a new pair, but with his life speeding up around him, threatening to rush by if his attention slipped just for a moment, glasses always seemed to be stuck on the bottom of his list of priorities. And frankly, he never failed to forget he’d broken them until he put them on his nose at night and ah, of course.

Gansey adjusted his glasses again, for the umpteenth time that night, and focused on gluing a miniature cardboard roof for the post office in place. This was like every other night. This was normal. Except it wasn’t.

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