rave wander

BABE. She’s looking so gorgeous in this photo! I’m obsessed with the top. It’s so fun. The long arms with the lace up and the scrunch tube top is so cute. I also think this color is flawless. Ruby red! This would look cute with some pants or leggings as it gets colder. 

Don’t forget, this doll makes all sizes, small to 2x, plus any other size you might need!

Long Sleeve Crop Top: Wander and Daze on Etsy, $55, Buy it Here

tri. Chapter 5 - Recap, Analysis, Review [part one]

This is me trying to make sense of of a dense, multilayered chapter that for once brough us more answers than questions. My notes got very long and I ended up taking dozens of screen-caps, so I decided to split this post into four segments (one for each part of the movie). You can expect the others soon, over the next few days.

I hope you survive this!

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Part two for killer calum :)

AN Click here for part one (on tumblr). Thanks so much for all your guys’ support. Share with your friends if you like what you see, I really appreciate all the feedback, good and bad. Thanks so much guys, enjoy killer Calum :)

Your POV

I woke up from what I believed was the weirdest dream I’ve ever experienced except for that one with the unicorns. I was just about to get murdered, but all I remember is a face. I don’t have a name. It was a pretty fucked up dream though.

I sit up in my bed, and my head is swimming like crazy. I could have sworn I didn’t have that much to drink. I don’t even remember coming home last night. Just some weird encounter on the street. That was about it.

I catch a glimpse of movement outside and whip my head to see if I noticed anything. My trees were just the same, except for the moving of them by the morning breeze. Is it even morning? I glance at my clock. Afternoon, morning, what’s the difference.

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