rave tonight

So I went to my first rave tonight!  I was expecting to see lots of weird things - candy necklaces, grown adults using pacifiers, the dropping of crazy sick beats.  But nothing could prepare me for what I saw in that warehouse - A TEENAGER SPLIT APART INTO TWO KIDS!!!

There’s only one explanation - Steven and his friend were hiding in a specially fabricated bodysuit built by the Illuminati for the purposes of international espionage!

You might have heard of it before under the official name: Project L.I.L. R.A.S.C.A.L. 

Local Illuminati's Latest Really Attractive Spy Concealing Approximated Life-form

It’s a shame because I was totally gonna go ask them to dance… you know, until I learned it was Steven and his friend.

the signs as cool kids quotes


taurus: i only wanted to see you laughing…in the pizza rain

gemini: hey man there’s nothing LAAAME about seatbelt safety

cancer: that’s nasty. i dont like nasty stuff

leo: i’m invincible!

virgo: don’t ask me to help you with your homework, i’m at some metal concert!

libra: time is an illusion

scorpio: rave tonight….all my friends from the internet are gonna be there

sagittarius: i don’t need sleep to look pretty

capricorn: *throwing glowsticks* yeaaaaaaah!!

aquarius: everyone knows you can’t rave in a raincoat, STEPDAD

pisces: jenny time!

All over again

A Drabble Games fic requested by @maedhrosrussandol, featuring Thorin

88: “I want us to start all over again” 


The air of Erebor feels thick, heavy with silence and darkness, and even the soft pad of your slipper-clad feet on the stone floor echoes as you make your way through musty halls still littered with debris and lit only sparsely with lanterns. The mountain seems to slumber along with its inhabitants, and your lonely wakefulness draws you like a magnet to the one person whom you know also finds sleep elusive.

You find him in the throne room.

The smell of the smoldering brazier beside him reaches your nostrils, and for a fleeting moment your stomach lurches with the vivid memory of other nights when you had found him here, rooted to the throne as though sleep would rob him of his kingship, bitter and suspicious and raving about the arkenstone.

Tonight, though, he sits crownless and clad in nightclothes on the steps of the dais, his elbows resting easily on his knees. The eyes that meet yours are clear and kind, and their corners crinkle with a welcoming smile as he extends a hand to you in wordless understanding. Strong fingers close over your own, and he presses your hand to his lips before drawing you to a seat beside him, tucking you into the crook of his arm. The fur of his robe’s collar tickles your cheek when you rest your head on his shoulder.

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Singer Craig David on why he’s called his latest album Following My Intuition:

“OK, so the title, funnily enough, is something that I didn’t realise I was actually doing when I was creating. When I was 16, I didn’t really know what intuition was as a word, even. It’s one of those things you experience but you don’t really know what it is. So when my mates were calling up, when I was living on a council estate, shouting from the second balcony of my flat: “Come on! Let’s go raving tonight.” Nine times out of ten I’d be like, “Nah. I need to finish this song I’ve started, because if I go out with you guys, you know what’s going to happen: we’re gonna get drunk, we’re gonna get mash-up, and then I won’t be able to think for the next few days.” So the odd occasion I would go out with them, exactly that would happen. When I look back in hindsight, of the 90% of the time when I said no, and I look back at what the songs ended up being, it ended up being “Rewind”, “Fill Me In”, “7 Days”, “Walking Away”, the whole album basically. I’M HAPPY TO BE INVOLVED IN SUCH A THRIVING MUSIC SCENE. I’M SEEING GUYS LIKE KANO AND GIGGS RELEASE BIG RECORDS, AND THEY’RE DOING IT THEIR OWN WAY. So when we talk about intuition, there was something inside me that I couldn’t define but it was telling me to stay indoors, finish off these tunes. Fast forward 16 years to making this album, and I’ve got 16 years worth of wisdom. The reason I call it Following My Intuition is because now I actually know that when I do what’s in my heart, as opposed to what my head tries to tell me to do, it feels real and authentic and passionate. And that started from getting back to the basics of me making music the way I used to enjoy making music. Who would’ve known I’d bump into Big Narstie in 1Xtra? Who would’ve known I’d get an X Factor call-up for the finals? How does the cover I did on 1Xtra end up becoming what Radio 1 are trying to put on because it went viral? Then obviously Ibiza Rocks and, all of a sudden, I’m standing on-stage at Glastonbury. It’s been an amazing time.” 


             FALILV :  Multiple Psychedelic Colors 

                          [Awesome Colors & Great Scenes]

          Fear, and Loathing in Las Vegas Promotional Videos ~

  1. Let Me Hear 
  2. Swing It!
  3. Thunderclap
  4. Rave-up Tonight
  5. Virtue and Vice
  6. Scream Hard as You Can
  7. Ley-Line
  8. Chase the Light

Caroline, having been tasked with “babysitting” Bonnie, was doing her best to follow her uncharacteristically hyper friend through the crowded club.  She caught sight of her brunette bob through a small part in the crowd and made her way over.  She had a gaggle of guys around her.   Again.  Caroline made her way over to shoo them away.  Bonnie wasn’t herself and Caroline wondered if she should making any kind of decisions at the moment.  But she had insisted on coming to this rave tonight so, unable to talk her out of it, Caroline did the next best thing…invited herself along.

Bonnie had been excited about Caroline coming along, and Caroline had to admit it was nice to be spending time with her friend again after so long, even if she was somehow different now.  Who wouldn’t be after what she went through?  Although while they got dressed and rode together, everything felt the same as always somehow.  Caroline smiled as she watched Bonnie throw her head back in laughter as she danced, her short black velvet dress twirling around her legs.  This is what it looked like to have a second (third? forth?) chance at life and having no intention of wasting it.  And so Caroline decided to ease off and let Bonnie have some fun.

She walked to the bar and ordered a drink before looking back to check on Bonnie.  She had yet another guy dancing against her, but this one seemed particularly engrossed in conversation with her from what Caroline could see from the back of his head.  Caroline tried to listen to hear what they were saying over the crowd.

“Buy you a drink?” came a voice from much closer.  Caroline, whipped around to reject the proposal, but stopped when she was met with a familiar pair of green eyes.

“Stefan?!” she said, with a smile, “What are you doing here?”

“It was Damon’s idea,” Stefan replied, “He insisted on coming to help keep an eye on Bonnie.”

“I’ve got it under control,” Caroline said, crossing her arms and sulking at their lack of faith in her.

“I didn’t even know you were coming here,” Stefan said, “Why didn’t you tell me?”

“Why didn’t you invite me?” hung unspoken in the air.

“Well, I’m the troubled orphan child now,” Caroline said, sipping her drink, “What else am I going to do besides sneak off to a rave?”

Stefan looked at her, his eyes softening.  He reached up to tuck her straightened hair behind her ear.  It was their thing.  She appreciated it.

“It’s okay, Stefan,” she said, sincerely, “I’m okay.”  She smiled to show him.  She was okay.  She had to be.

“Besides, Bonnie didn’t want anyone else to know,” Caroline added, “So how did you find out we were here?”

“Damon had Kai do a locating spell to find where Bonnie went,” he said.

“Why?” Caroline asked, genuinely confused.

“I don’t know,” Stefan answered, “Damon just seems really worried about her since she’s been back.  And apparently they had a big blowout a few days ago and now she won’t talk to him.”

Caroline looked back to the dance floor and it suddenly made sense.  Damon was the new guy caught in Bonnie’s little trap out there.  Bonnie had looped her arms loosely around Damon’s neck and was whispering something in his ear.  Damon had a gentle grip on the velvet encased curve of Bonnie’s waist.

“Looks like he found her,” Caroline said, before sipping her drink, “They look good together.”

Stefan watched them for a second before nodding.  

“Elena isn’t going to like that,” he said, leaning against the bar and holding back a smirk.

“No, she really isn’t,” Caroline said, with a laugh, her eyes sparkling in the flashing lights.

Stefan shifted his focus back to her.  She smiled shyly as he, not so subtly, looked down her body.  Caroline had let Bonnie dress her in a bright pink cropped tank top and tight black shorts.  It was as daring as she felt like going, but was much more conservative than the rest of the crowd.  And it had kept a lot of unwanted attention off of her.  But not, apparently, the much wanted attention of Stefan Salvatore.

His eyes finally met back up with hers, darkened.  Caroline felt her cheeks heat up.  Their current relationship was a powder keg of sexual tension that they fueled with lingering hugs, faux-casual hand-holding and a handful of soft stolen kisses.  It was the most glorious torture of her life.  And seeing as how she was currently living a few rooms down from him, it was pretty much constant and unavoidable.

She kept her eyes on his as he moved closer to her.  His hip grazed against hers as his lips brushed her ear, “You look really hot.”

Caroline shivered and looked up at him from beneath her pink false lashes. 

He pulled her against him suddenly and covered her mouth with his own.  It was firm but soft and the boldest move that either of them had yet attempted.  Caroline responded immediately.  Throwing her arms around his neck and opening her mouth.  His tongue slipped against her own in a way that made her brain fuzzy and her legs weak.  She threaded her fingers through his thick brown hair and enjoyed the way that he growled against her mouth as she scratched his scalp gently while softly sucking his plump bottom lip as she pulled away.

He looked at her, amazed.  Their desire was undeniable at this point and something had to give eventually.  The tension and waiting was suddenly unbearable and it was clear to both of them.  Caroline smiled as Stefan placed a lingering kiss on her cheek and threaded their fingers together.  He placed his lips to her ear again.

“Listen, when we get home…” he started, about to propose to her something that she really wanted say yes to.

Suddenly, the sound of Damon groaning in pain echoed throughout the club. 

Stefan and Caroline turned to see that the crowd had spread to make a wide circle around Bonnie and Damon.  Damon was on the ground, holding his head, in the midst of a famous Bonnie Bennett aneurysm.  Bonnie looked down at him, holding out her delicate but deadly hand.

“Looks like she’s not quite ready to forgive him yet,” Stefan said, taking in the scene but doing nothing to stop it.

Caroline watched as Bonnie stormed off toward the bathroom.

“I’ll get Bonnie,” she said.

“I’ll get Damon out of here,” Stefan said, disappointed that the direction their night seemed to be going was now probably at a dead halt.

“I’ll probably stay with Bonnie tonight…” Caroline said, disappointment also evident in her voice.

Stefan nodded sadly, squeezing Caroline’s hand before letting her slip free to go after her friend.

Caroline smiled as she felt Stefan’s eyes watching her walk away.  She let out a shaky breath she didn’t realize she’d been holding.  She was disappointed, but also excited. 

There was always tomorrow.