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Our Annecy opening short film #Ripaille is now available! I co-directed this film with the amazing @marionoir, @joel-durand, @mariposa-nocturna, @yonatantal and @mairithetree at Gobelins. It was a hard but huge journey for all of us. I hope you enjoy it!

“Ok… but what if Bucky told Tony about his parents? The last fight could’ve been completely avoided.” Cas’ methodical tone crackled through the phone.
It brought a curl to Dean’s lips imagining his angel, tucked away in the bunker, watching the Marvel cinematic universe and contemplating every scene. “Babe, that’s the most intense fight. It made the movie.”
“Hm.” A few calculated breaths before Cas had his rant back. “I don’t understand why we needed a movie of them fighting. And why each time was split right down the middle. They shouldn’t have been fighting! They are the Avengers!”
Snorting, Dean glanced over to the passenger seat to make sure Sammy was still sleeping. “The three of us fight, right?”
“Well, yes, but-”
“Any team is gonna have their arguments. It just happens. Don’t worry about it to much, sweetheart. We are gonna be home in a few hours and we will watch the next movie together.”
“I really enjoyed Antman, Dean. It was a very compelling story of a man who was raised by ants.”
Not being able to keep his laugh from barking out of his lungs, he heard Sam shuffle a bit. “He wasn’t raised by ants.”
“Dean. How can you watch these movies, claim to love them, but know so little? It’s astounding.” Cas gasped softly. “I ‘goggled’ it and he wasn’t raised by ants!”
Now the laughter was bringing tears to Dean’s eyes but he worried he might crash the car if he kept it up. The last thing he wanted to do was silence Cas’ voice in his ear but he knew he’d be seeing his angel soon. “I gotta go, honey bee. I love you.”
“I love you, too, Dean. Please drive safe.” There was a click and then static.
Placing his phone on his lap Dean eyed the road ahead of him. What he didn’t tell Cas about this hunt was that he made a small detour to a local jewelry store and bought a ring. The ring was nestled in his jean pocket, shining like nothing Dean had seen before. All he wanted was his angel every day for forever. Especially when the goof thinks things like Antman was raised by ants.

Sour Cream & Onion Headcanons

Because the Onion brothers need some love as a family unit. This is taking the assumption that Onion is in fact human and just a creepy little hellspawn with bizarre intentions and habits. Poly Cool Kids included.

  • Onion often rides piggyback on Sour Cream when Sour Cream is practicing the short circuiting raves in his room, and Sour Cream is very impressed with Onion’s ability to rave and is considering making him his Rave apprentice.
  • Onion once ate one of Sour Cream’s glowsticks and they had to take him to the ER. Onion was trying to impress Sour Cream by having a glowing tongue, because he knows that Sour Cream likes bright glowy things, but he ended up puking glowstick fluid onto the carpet of Sour Cream’s room. It took weeks to scrub it out.
  • Sour Cream can’t really tell if he should be afraid of Onion or not sometimes. His little brother is really weird and gross sometimes, and really creepy too. But he’s trying to be the cool dude and be an older brother.
  • Onion’s little mouse is actually Sour Cream’s pet, and that’s why he never feeds it to his snake. He just likes keeping it in his mouth for some ungodly reason.
  • Sour Cream has tried to keep his brother from ‘eating’ little Deadmau5, but it’s kind of hard. He has no idea how he gets Deadmau5 out of his cage after he started locking it, but since his little buddy isn’t dead, he’s really trying to just forget that it happens.
  • Onion has this habit of hiding in cabinets in their house, to the point where Sour Cream no longer notices, and Onion actually hands him whatever he wants.
  • Onion likes to play with Sour Cream’s DJ booth and has created many loud thumping and screeching dubstep noises that are terrible to actually rave to, but Sour Cream does want to encourage his little bro to be a DJ, so he warns the ravers about it.
  • Onion once tried on Sour Cream’s jacket and he face planted immediately. He proceeded to lie on the floor like that for an hour, and Sour Cream was too weirded out to do anything.
  • Sour Cream has worn Onion’s snake as a scarf to freak out Jenny and Buck thought it was fucking awesome.
  • When the Cool Kids have a dumb cuddle pile and dorky snuggles, Onion has on multiple occasions dropped in on them, then climbed up on top of Sour Cream’s shoulders and refused to move. Cuddling ceases and it is incredibly awkward as Onion refuses to either move, or do anything. He just sits there, staring at him, not saying a single word. Sour Cream thinks he’s just jealous, but Buck and Jenny are convinced that Onion is some kind of demon.
  • The first day that Onion and Sour Cream’s boyfriend & girlfriend met, Jenny thought he was cute until Onion tugged on Buck’s pants and when Buck leaned down to say hi, he took Buck’s glasses and ran off. Onion still has those glasses, and wears them whenever Onion sees Buck.
  • Jenny has tried to take them back, but he took her jacket, and then hopped on that scooter and Jenny, Buck and Sour Cream all had to team up and get in the Pizza car and chase after him. The tense, high speed chase ended with Jenny getting her jacket back, Buck unable to retrieve the glasses, and all four of them grounded for a week.
  • Jenny once tried to say hi to Onion as a peace offering, only to have Onion hand her Deadmau5. She shrieked, dropped it, and then Onion picked it up and ‘ate’ it. Buck refuses to believe her on that last part, and Sour Cream doesn’t like thinking about that.
  • Buck has to admit he feels a certain amount of respect for the little dude, what with his scooter and crazy creepy act. It’s weird, but it’s a bit cool. Mostly creepy, but cool.
When Snape saw Lily in the Mirror of Erised

In Order of the Phoenix, Harry goes to Snape for Occlumency lessons.

It starts poorly:  

Snape is his usual difficult self, whilst Harry borders on impertinent.  Snape is cold and malovelent, whilst Harry is terse and insubordinate.

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Interestingly, despite their bitter feelings towards each other, there’s more at play in this scene.  When Harry addresses Snape in a way he deems suitable, Snape answers Harry’s questions.  Granted, some of his answers are laced with his usual acerbic charm, but it’s a much more pleasant encounter than the two ordinarily share.

But Harry forgets himself, forgets to refer to Snape appropriately, interrupts him, and asks a question too many:  

“And Vol — he — realised I was there?”

“It seems so,” said Snape coolly.

“How do you know?” said Harry urgently. “Is this just Professor Dumbledore guessing, or — ?”

“I told you,” said Snape, rigid in his chair, his eyes slits, “to call me ‘sir.’ ”

“Yes, sir,” said Harry impatiently, “but how do you know — ?”

“It is enough that we know,” said Snape repressively.

Snape would be sweating a little at this point.  

It’s a little too close for comfort;  if the Dark Lord does have a connection to Harry’s mind, Snape doesn’t want Harry to be aware that he was the one who reported back from Voldemort to Dumbledore. Voldemort knows Snape is a double agent, but he wouldn’t expect him to report back something of such worth to Dumbledore. Therefore, it’s much safer for Harry to believe that it’s a lucky guess from Dumbledore.

The lesson continues, with Snape attempting to break into Harry’s mind.  Snape is cool and full of contempt; Harry is bitter and angry.  Snape’s barb about the dog is certainly uncalled for, but he then gives Harry a compliment (well, in Snape speak) and when Harry complains that Snape’s directions are lacking, he elaborates.

For instance, here’s Snape initially breaking into Harry’s mind:

“And what are you going to do?” Harry asked, eyeing Snape’s wand apprehensively.

“I am about to attempt to break into your mind,” said Snape softly. “We are going to see how well you resist. I have been told that you have already shown aptitude at resisting the Imperius Curse… You will find that similar powers are needed for this… Brace yourself, now… Legilimens!”

Snape had struck before Harry was ready…

Snape merely tells Harry that he’s going to break into his mind, and he needs to resist it like he did the Imperius Curse.  It’s possible that Snape assumed that due to Harry’s competency in resisting the Imperius Curse, he’d be a natural at Occluding.  But worst of all, he launches in before Harry is ready.

However, the second time, Snape has improved:  

“Well, for a first attempt that was not as poor as it might have been,” said Snape, raising his wand once more. “You managed to stop me eventually, though you wasted time and energy shouting. You must remain focused. Repel me with your brain and you will not need to resort to your wand.”

“I’m trying,” said Harry angrily, “but you’re not telling me how!”

“Manners, Potter,” said Snape dangerously. “Now, I want you to close your eyes.”

Harry threw him a filthy look before doing as he was told. He did not like the idea of standing there with his eyes shut while Snape faced him, carrying a wand. “Clear your mind, Potter,” said Snape’s cold voice. “Let go of all emotion…”

But Harry’s anger at Snape continued to pound through his veins like venom. Let go of his anger? He could as easily detach his legs…

“You’re not doing it, Potter… You will need more discipline than this… Focus, now…”

Harry tried to empty his mind, tried not to think, or remember, or feel…

“Let’s go again … on the count of three … one — two — three — Legilimens!”

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Breaking it down, we can see that Snape starts with a compliment (in Snape speak).  He then explains what Harry needs to do, and tells himto close his eyes.  He recognises when Harry hasn’t focused, and instructs him - and finally, importantly, he counts him in.

This is a huge improvement in his teaching style.

But then the whole thing falls apart:  

“Get up!” said Snape sharply. “Get up! You are not trying, you are making no effort, you are allowing me access to memories you fear, handing me weapons!”

Harry stood up again, his heart thumping wildly as though he had really just seen Cedric dead in the graveyard. Snape looked paler than usual, and angrier, though not nearly as angry as Harry was.

“I — am — making — an — effort,” he said through clenched teeth.

“I told you to empty yourself of emotion!”

“Yeah? Well, I’m finding that hard at the moment,” Harry snarled.

“Then you will find yourself easy prey for the Dark Lord!” said Snape savagely. “Fools who wear their hearts proudly on their sleeves, who cannot control their emotions, who wallow in sad memories and allow themselves to be provoked this easily — weak people, in other words — they stand no chance against his powers! He will penetrate your mind with absurd ease, Potter!”

“I am not weak,” said Harry in a low voice, fury now pumping through him so that he thought he might attack Snape in a moment.

“Then prove it! Master yourself!” spat Snape. “Control your anger, discipline your mind! We shall try again! Get ready, now! Legilimens!”

Snape’s mood abruptly shifts; he’s no longer cool - he’s fuming.  

He’s lost control.  He speaks sharply, savagely and spits out his words. He doesn’t sense the irony in telling Harry to control his anger whilst ranting and raving at him in short, staccato exclaimations. He doesn’t even pause before embarking on the next bout of Legilimency - there’s barely a 'get ready’ before he launches in, let alone a countdown.

…and whilst we can understand Harry’s strong reaction to seeing Cedric’s lifeless body, it seems strange that Snape is described as: 

Snape looked paler than usual, and angrier.

Why would that be? Sure, Snape would regret Cedric’s death, but would it bother him so much that he’d turn on Harry so quickly when they were getting on passably? Just a few moments ago he was much more encouraging.

Well, the answer is in the set of memories that Snape breaks into:

A great black dragon was rearing in front of him… His father and mother were waving at him out of an enchanted mirror… Cedric Diggory was lying on the ground with blank eyes staring at him…

Can you see it?

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His father and mother were waving at him out of an enchanted mirror…

Snape saw Lily - happily married to James - waving to their son, as if she was still alive.

(As if this isn’t hard enough for Snape, it’s entirely possible that he’s visited the mirror himself. He may be used to seeing 'his Lily’ waving back at him, and that’s now been ruined by Harry’s vision. Try as Snape might, he won’t ever be able to see the mirror in the same way again; Harry’s broken the illusion.

Additionally, it’s entirely possible, given Snape’s actions of tearing the photograph in Grimmauld Place that he didn’t have any pictures of Lily - so Harry inadvertently destroyed the only way Snape had of 'seeing’ her.)


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