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Is the Paramore album thattttt good?

Lately, most of everyone I follow across my social media platforms are raving about Paramore’s new Album After Laughter. What is so good about it? I want to know before I actually give it a lisssen

Whatchu know about SWAY 3.0?

Last night, I went to SWAY with pretty high expectations. I knew from fellow bloggers here that it was an amazing show. And I know that people on Twitter or any social media platform have raved about it. But hearing about it and seeing it is two completely different things. You can’t describe how incredible the talent is that oozes off that stage.
This is what SWAY was all about:
-seeing Sharna in person, my god she’s even more beautiful and fierce on stage than on the tv
-watching Meryl dance with the choreographer and then with Artem and Rumer and Henry next to them(though I secretly would’ve rather seen her with Henry!)
-Tony lifting Sharna in the air with one arm. No wonder he’s the go to man for so much on DWTS
-Seeing Val in person. He’s literally something I want to put in my pocket and carry around with me everywhere. He’s also a lot younger in person than on TV.
-Seeing Jenna dance so passionately. I knew she was good but she was one of those people who I couldn’t take my eyes off at all.
-BTW Jenna and Val have quite possibly the cutest interactions and insane chemistry when they danced together. They were on fire!
- I loved all of the hip hop Brooklyn typed dances that Val did, so much energy!
-Rumer standing on the scaffold and singing- that girl can sing, I was pleasantly surprised. And her and Val doing the freestyle in person- absolutely no comparison in person to watching it on tv. It’s a totally different ballgame, different feeling, different everything but in the best way possible.
-Meryl and Maks rumba. Man, lemme tell ya, that dance was never one of my favorites but seeing it in person, it made me a fan of it. And I know I don’t have it to compare to the last a SWAY show, when their relationship was a mystery and their chemistry was too, but it was seriously such a beautiful dance it left me at a loss for words to describe it. Whatever chemistry they have, though it may not be super sizzling, hot whatever, it’s seriously a beautiful thing to witness.
-Meryl and Rumer was adorable walking out together during the bows.
But for me, the best part of the night was when they said they wanted to film the last number and that we were allowed to go up to the stage and stand there. I naturally ran up on stage and stuck myself smack down. I know people weren’t supposed to take pictures, but everyone else had their phones out and I happened to be right in front of Meryl, Rumer, and Sharna so how could I not? Only then, was I able to see how beautiful and flawless Meryl is in person and how petite she is. Her body is to die for. And Sharna is such a ball of energy up close. I touched her hand and just about died. I got SO many pictures that I will put up throughout the day just from those five minutes. When the curtain went down, people started to walk away but then it went back up and everyone on the stage was in a line and I ran back to the stage and started taking selfies. Sharna came up to the girl next to me and took a selfie and I was so mad she didn’t get one with me but its okay because I was literally a few inches away from her.
But then the curtain really did close and so did my first SWAY show.
It was seriously one of the best nights of my life and I can’t wait to go back to another one. Hands down the best graduation gift I could’ve gotten!
PS Val was such a sweetheart to his fans. Val, Meryl, Sharna, and Rumer were the people who stuck out to me in terms of gratefulness. Their happiness and gratitude just radiated off the stage and you could feel the genuine love they had for each other and us.

Just so many things to love. I’m not even gonna get into it.

Beyond Wonderland, 2017