rave moth

upcoming coolstuff

i was in a rough funk for a while but now i’m startin to find my groove again… so here’s what’s on deck for the coming months:

1. the blacksquares x 4lung collab EP will drop
2. a big ass compilation of collab tracks done with various web friends will drop
3. the 3rd Gay Aunt Jane album will drop
4. the 1st Ping-Pong album will drop

and then,
In the far away months after that:

5. the 1st Summertime Sodababy album will drop
6. the 8th Four Lung album will drop
7. maybe Drama will be released on bandcamp?? maybe probably not
8. 4lung x ?????? top secret ultra sugar rave madness

stay TUNED moth fuckr

moth: *scares the crap out of me*
me: whoa hey
moth: *lands on my poster of natasha romanoff*
me: well now I know you’re gay. same.
me: *gently tries to catch moth*
moth: *sits on my hand*
me: aw dude you’re chill as hell
me: *tries to toss it out the door so I can go to sleep*
moth: *refuses to let go of my hand*
me: gay moth you gotta go buddy!