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the bisexual aesthetic:
having someone light for you
“I just really like frank ocean, you know?”
thirst trap bathroom mirror selfies
needlessly upgraded basics i.e. gold-plated lighters
having a scene phase
hair dye
name-plate necklaces

Beautiful Glow

Request- Hi can you do an imagine. Where Crowley is your dad and you are the princess of hell and one day you catch your dad talking with Castiel in hell and you finally Meet him and fall for him

A/N- I had soo much trouble with the title on this one. I wanted to call it soo many things that all fit. It was a tough decision but I finally settled with the one it has. This was kinda cool to write. I had fun with it. Any who! Tell me what you think! x)

Cas x Demon!Reader
Crowley’s Daughter!Reader

Word Count- 2087

You were roaming through the halls of hell. It was boring and you really had nothing to do. Your dad, the king of hell, doesn’t really let you out much. ‘It’s too dangerous out there for the princess of hell” was his excuse. All your father’s lackeys straightened or bowed as you passed them. That in itself was amusing at first but it grew to be annoying over time.

You were headed toward the throne room to “discuss” the whole not going upside. You were just outside the door when you heard him talking to someone. By the looks of it, an angel. Your intent was to listen in but your eyes focused on the angel. You couldn’t hear what they said, not that it mattered. Though you did manage to hear small bits of it.

“Crowley, I don’t appreciate having to come down here.” the angel said as he looked around.

“What you don’t like my palace?” your dad sarcastically inquired.

“What did you call me down here for?” the angel questioned, getting straight to the point.

“Ah yes about that. I want you to play escort.” Crowley said.

“Escort? I’m not guarding a demon.” the angel growled.

Crowley rolled his eyes, “Just for a day.” he sighed.

The angel looked at him curiously, “Why don’t you ask Dean and Sam to do this? Why me?”

“Castiel. Castiel. Castiel. You think I trust them with this? I don’t. Especially not Dean. I don’t want his filthy hands all over her.” he responded.

“Her?” Castiel asked, his head tilting slightly.

“My daughter…” Crowley whispered. Cas stood there as if he hadn’t heard. “What? Can’t hear now? I said MY daughter.”

“You. Have a daughter?” Cas questioned.

“Yes I have a daughter.” Crowley sighed. “She’s been wanting to go… out.”

“Why not let her? If she’s your daughter, then I’m sure she can handle herself.” Cas responded. You nodded your head silently in agreement.

“Yes. She is my daughter. That’s the bloody problem. She’s too much like me. I’m… concerned, that she’s… too cocky. She’ll get into trouble. I prefer it if she had… back up.” Crowley snapped his fingers beckoning a demon, “Fetch the princess.” he said.

The demon bowed before disappearing. He soon reappeared, “E-excuse me sir, but the princess isn’t in her room.”

Crowley sighed and brought a hand to his temple, massaging it. “Of course not. Seems I must find her myself.” he said before leaving the angel alone.

You took this chance to talk to the angel. You walked up to him “What’s an angel as bright as yourself doing here?” you ask. You walk around him with a smirk on your face, giving him a look over as you do.

“Doesn’t matter to you.” he replied curtly.

“Well at least tell a girl what your name is.” you say softly.

“I am Castiel, and if you must know, I’m here on business with Crowley.” he responded.

“Crowley ay? What kind of business does an angel want with the king of hell? Especially an angel such as yourself.” you inquire.

“What exactly do you mean by that?” he questioned.

“Mm” you hummed as you thought of the right words. “You don’t look like an angel that hangs around with demons.” you answer.

He stood still, no emotion showing on his face, even when you were inches away from him. He said nothing in return.

You stared at his blue eyes that shined just as bright as his grace. Your lips ghosting over his. You don’t know why but something about him captivated you instantly. Whether it was the fact that he was the first person who didn’t see you as the princess of hell or maybe it was that grace of his that seemed to illuminate the dark prison you call home. As you stare, you catch his gaze waver, and his eyes flicked toward your lips.

‘Y/N!’ you could hear your father call in your head.

You try not to sigh out of disappointment and managed to smile mischievously. “I’ll be seeing ya.” you say with a wink and disappear.

Cas, who was leaning in, almost fell forward. Which confused him. He never realized he had leaned in. He didn’t understand why. One thing for certain, you peaked his interest.

You reappeared in your room, “Yes father?” you say as you sarcastically curtsy.

“Oh please, drop the sarcasm.” he said while rolling his eyes. “I’ve decided to let you go up.”

“What? Really?” you ask.

“Under one condition.” he responds, serious expression on his face.

You sigh, “What’s this condition?” you ask.

“You’ll have an escort at all times.” he says.

“Oh? Am I finally going to meet those Winchester boys you keep raving about?” you joke.

“No! Of course not. Not going to let either of them anywhere near you.” he said. “Come. I’ll show you.”

“Fine. Fine. Let me just change. I’ll meet you in the throne room.” you wave him off and walk over to your closet. Your father, scoffed and snapped himself away. You looked through your closet, looking for something comfortable yet appealing. Of course, your favorite outfit was the best choice. You change into it and head to the throne room.

“There she is. Castiel meet my daughter, Y/N.” Crowley announces, throwing an arm out as he presents you.

Cas’ eyes widen when he sees you. “Castiel. Nice to meet you.” you smirk.

“Yes.” was all he said, half smiling.

“So this guy’s gonna take me topside huh? Fine. Only condition though, right?” you question him with a stern look and mischievous smile.

“Yes. Now go before I change my mind.” he responds.

“Right,” you say walking up to Castiel. “So Castiel. You’re gonna have to take me up there since I’ve never been.” You link your arms with him and turn towards your dad. “See ya pops.” you say with a wink.

“Wait!” Crowley’s voice echoed throughout the room. He looked you in the eye, “Don’t… Don’t die.” he said finally.

“Aw Dad. I love you too.” you smirk.

Next thing you know you where top side. The sun was high in the blue sky and there were a few clouds scattered all over. Castiel had brought you to a small quaint town. Nothing too special, not for Castiel at least. For you, it was amazing. You’d never actually seen anything like it before, not the style of buildings, not the humans. You’ve only ever seen damned souls or other demons. You tried not to look too enthusiastic and you hid it pretty well, but Castiel could see it in your eyes.

“Why didn’t you tell me you were Crowley’s daughter?” Cas asked curiously.

All joy that he previously saw in your eyes, gone. “The name is Y/N. That’s all you need to know. Whether I’m the king’s daughter or not. It doesn’t matter and honestly I’m fucking tired of being called that.” you fumed and a street lamp burst. You sighed, “My name is Y/N, let’s keep it that way, alright?”

“Sorry.” Cas whispered.

Seeing the genuine look in his eyes, you smiled, “it’s okay.” You grab his hand and move forward, asking many questions as you pulled him along.

For the rest of the afternoon you walked around arm in arm with Castiel. He, to the best of his ability, explained things to you. You were having a great time and from the looks of it, so was he. The sun was setting as you finished going through the town. The funny thing was that you already knew what everything was, you just wanted Castiel to explain everything.

As you walked passed an alley, you noticed that a group of demons were hanging around there. You asked Castiel if he could buy you some food while you rested. He was hesitant at first but you managed to convince him to leave. Was he was inside the diner, you slipped into the alley. You pinned one of the demons against the wall with your knife on his neck, while you held the others in place with you powers.

“P-Princess. What can I do for you?” the demon muttered in a panic.

“Are you following me?” you question angrily.

“Of course not Princess.” he answered.

You smiled, “I. Don’t. Believe. You.” you say, pouring your blood lust into your words.

“He’s not lying Princess! W-We were tailing the angel.” another demon shouted.

“You shut your mouth!” you growled at the demon who spoke. You turned back toward the demon in front of you, “Why are you tailing him?”

“H-He killed my brothers.” he tried to sound brave.

“So you’re retaliating?” you question and he nodded yes. “Well guess what? That angel is with me now. If you hurt him or even try to, you won’t be let off easy. Not a quick death but a prolonged torture by yours truly. Now wouldn’t that be an honor.” you whisper.

He didn’t say anything in return. He was too scared too. Though the others weren’t so quiet.

“Are you in bed with the angel?” one questioned, anger more than present in her voice.

You glared at them, “That is none of your business. You either leave now or be sent to my personal torture chamber.”

You let them go to see what their point of action would be. One bowed asked for forgiveness and left. The other two were silent and stared at you. The one you had pinned down with your knife brought out his knife and charged at you. You didn’t bother bringing out your own knife. He swung at you and you swiftly dodged, grabbed his arm, sending his toppling over you. His knife scattered away from him and just as he was going to reach for it, you stomp on his hand.

You snap your fingers and your personal demon appeared. He bowed, “What may I do for you Mistress?”

“Take this guy to my torture chamber. Have him be tortured for a couple hundred years and don’t let the old man know until I get back. I’ll be killing him myself.” you ordered.

“Yes ma’am.” he said, disappearing with the rogue demon.

You sighed and turned toward the last demon who hadn’t moved. You stared her down. She decided to throw her knife at you while charging with another blade in hand. Just before the knife reached your face, you stopped it and sent it back to her. It landed between her eyes. She flashed orange before she fell to the floor.

“Idiots,” you whisper.

You heard someone shout in pain. You turned around quickly and saw the demon you let go earlier flashing orange, holding a knife, and Castiel behind him with his blade embedded on the demon’s back.

“Are you okay?” Castiel asked, slipping the blade away from the demon’s body.

“Yeah, I’m just great.” you smile.

“Did you send me away because you noticed them?” he questioned.

“That doesn’t matter.” you say, matter of factly.

Castiel sighed, “I dropped your food, when I saw this come up behind you.”

“It’s alright.” you say and then whistle. Appearing at the sound of your whistle was your hellhound. Seeing the angel, he growled. “Hey be nice. Castiel here is a friend, you got that? No growling.” you tell it. He whined a little and went up to Castiel, sniffing his shoes and wagging its tail. “Severus, come on that’s rude. See that bag over there? You can eat that and as a treat I’ll let you eat these two traitor kay? Those are your favorite right?”

Severus barked happily, ran toward the bag, carrying it over to the two bodies, and disappearing with his new lunch.

“Severus?” Cas inquired curiously while tilting his head.

“Yeah, uh- movie reference.” you answer, smiling sadly.

Cas nodded, “You know… you were right.”

You were taken aback, “Right about what?”

“I won’t be hanging out with demons.” he paused, “Just the one.” he added with a smile.

You couldn’t even try to suppress your own smile, “R-Really?” you say trying to not make it sound like a question.

He smiled and nodded, “Come on. There is still so much I must show you.” he said, taking your hand in his.

You let yourself be taken, admiring and wondering about his grace. That seemed to grow brighter than the moment you had met him. You wondered why but at the same time you didn’t care. You just followed along as you were entranced by the beautiful glow.

Hope you liked it!

Celebrity Matchmaker (Part 4)

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 (here) / Part 5 / Part 6 / Part 7 / Part 8

Weiss watched as the blonde took her spot, greeting both Blake and Pyrrha with hugs and a quiet little quip that made the former smile and the second give a surprised laugh. It brought a smile to her face, watching them interact like good friends who’d been together years rather than effective strangers a mere four months ago. Meals throughout the past week had the same air of familiarity hanging about them, all four trading jokes or raving about the food- Yang and Pyrrha had a knack for cooking, surprisingly, and they were more than willing to teach Blake and Weiss- and it had quickly turned into perhaps the best week the movie star had ever experienced. Aside from one-on-one segments and the aside interviews, the four spent the majority of their time together, watching movies or sporting events or reading.

Well, not reading together; Blake, Pyrrha, and herself would each be engrossed in their chosen literature while Yang idly picked at her guitar, pulling a melody from thin air to fill the room. Every now and then, Weiss would join in with humming, weaving a counter melody between the notes, and once or twice the Faunus had chimed in with a soft poem. The redhead sometimes joined in as well, tapping a beat with her fingers, but more often than not preferred to remain silent and simply bask in the impromptu accompaniment to their quiet time spent together.

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You wanna know what I find really rude?
  1. When people demand new content. Like, I’m not talking ‘cant wait for a new video’, because that’s actually quite nice to hear. It’s when people say 'post something’, 'we deserve a new video’ or 'you said you’d post!!11!1!’. Trust me, I’m trying my hardest, and I feel bad enough when I can’t post. It’s just very exhausting to hear these things being said and makes me feel like all my efforts are for nothing.

  2. People expecting me to listen to their life story/help them transition/give them advice. As much as I’d love to help you all, I can’t. Physically and emotionally, I cannot handle it. There are a lot of you out there who need someone to help guide them, but I’m not that person. I give you as much as I can through videos and I know it’s not personal or enough but there are plenty of people out there who are willing to sit there on Skype and talk to you about your feelings.
    I’ve got my own shit… transition is hard enough. It’s harder when you have people constantly talking, in detail, about dysphoria and rejection and depression. The more you’re exposed to these things the more susceptible you are - and I can’t deal with it 24/7.
    Don’t get me wrong, I care about who you are and I care about your story, but I can’t be there for everyone.

  3. Spamming me on twitter. This is above all the number 1 way to get me to block you. Do not spam me on twitter. This is a social network I use to communicate with people - business and casual - please don’t make me get a private twitter. If you respect me at all don’t spam me on twitter.
    I love hearing from you guys and I love getting @ tweets with cute pictures of pugs and Larry and stuff, but went you tweet 'please follow me x1’, 'please follow me x2’, 'please follow me x3’ etc etc etc 100 times all it does is clog up my feed, make me angry, and make me want to remove those messages by blocking you so I can see the rest of my tweets.
    It’s not cute, it’s not funny, it’s not how you express nice emotions of any kind. It is extremely disrespectful, childish, and dehumanising. I’m just a dude with a Youtube, ok? I am an every day, average, 'walk to the shop for milk in my trackies’ type of guy. I’m not a mega famous super star who has someone running my twitter for me. I see 99% of tweets and messages online. I will also follow people when I choose to, not just because people ask.

  4. Having conversations whilst I’m still tagged. So you’ve met someone new or you’ve seen a friend @ me on a website. You start a conversation. Radical! Just please, before you get excited and start raving about an in-joke or discussing how in love Liam is with Zayn’s beard, please untag me? I’m glad you’re having fun, but I don’t wanna be nose-ing in on everything you say.

I’m just a person, okay? I’m not a show dog. I can’t jump through all these hoops and reply to everyone and post video every other day. I have college and a relationship and hobbies that are very important to me.

Can we all just agree that from this point on we’ll be nice? I’m not blaming anyone/shouting/having a go/angry. From this point I’ve forgiven and forgotten, you don’t need to apologise or feel bad. I just want us to get along nicer.

Thanks for reading my ramblings. I love you all so very much. Keep your chin up and have a wonder day!