rave dancer

Black Masquerade | Dancing Widow

The music that filled the dance floor was fast paced now, with a hard beat and and would not have been wrong at a rave. The dancers seemed to fully embrace it, throwing their bodies around to the rhythm, not caring if it gave them body contact with every else…or doing it on purpose.

One of the dancers seemed to not mind in particular. She was wearing a very tight, tailor made Black Widow costume. A black-fabric catsuit that clung to her curves in the perfect way only a Vampire of the White Court could pull off and revealed that she wore nothing underneath, two gleaming black handguns on her hip and a shock of red hair that waved wild as she surrendered to the beat of the music. Her chin up high, her eyes semi-closed, her mouth open in the semi-ecstatic joy of the dancing and a almost palpable aura of sex surrounding her as she simply let go her control and enjoyed herself.

And she was here to have fun. It had been ages that she was able to be on a party like that without planning to kill one of the guests. She wanted to dance herself to exhaustion, she wanted to drink enough to kill a human of alcohol poisoning and if a good looking opportunity came around she would bang people like a sexually frustrated greek goddess.

As she turned around she felt someone enter her personal space, she opened her eyes and threw one of her most seductive smiles at the newcomer.